ompanies claiming Pattern designed iphone cases radiation-induced cancers

July 04 [Thu], 2013, 11:52
The only catch with free cellular phones is that many are not free until the customer sends in the mail-in rebate form. So the customer pays the upfront cost for the wireless phone and then receives that amount back if the rebate form is sent in. Because this is a hassle, many people never send in the rebate form. The only way to avoid all the hassle is to purchase a cell phone that has an instant rebate.

A free cellular phone is not actually free if you look at the other costs of getting the wireless phone. For example, most service providers will charge an additional amount to activate the cell phone. This can cost anywhere from $25 up to $50 depending on the service provider. Additionally, when you receive your first bill you will notice all of the fees that are attached to the cell phone plan. These include state and local taxes, 911 fees, and other outlandish fees.

So, in the end, a free cellular phone is not actually free. Be sure to shop around to find a service provider with a low activation fee. Additionally, don't be afraid to ask questions about the additional fees you will be paying on your free cellular phone. And don't forget to mail in the rebate form for your wireless phone if you don't get a Pattern designed iphone cases that has an instant rebate.

Linking cell phones with cancer has been a hot topic for some time, said Rob Denell, director of Kansas State University's Terry C. Johnson Center for Basic Cancer Research. "This has been a very controversial area for some years now and a number of people have tried to file suits against cell phone companies claiming Pattern designed iphone cases radiation-induced cancers," he said. "The consensus in the field has been that there is no credible link between cell phone usage and cancers."

Studies have been conducted in various countries around the world exposing lab rats to radiation levels similar to the microwaves found in cell phones, and upon examination, were found to have brain cancer. This study has never been replicated however, and has not been published in any mainstream cancer journal.

In the United States alone there are an approximate 97 million users. In other countries the actual percentage of cell phone users is even higher, as high as 95% in Finland, with no health officials in any country having any evidence that cellular phones are in anyway a risk to human health. With the exception of driving and talking possibly.

In our research, the constant recommendation for those experiencing concern for their health? Use a hands free set if it makes you feel safer, particularly while driving, but that their is no conclusive data to link cell phone use to disease of any kind.
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