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January 15 [Fri], 2010, 14:42
NAXX Sarah joined the transmission, so that players can skip directly to the four areas BOSS to fight ice dragon and the old g in WOW.

The skills of all the cooling time more than ten minutes can not be used in the arena, formerly fifteen minutes. Players no longer need wow gold to kill the final BOSS of four regions can be sent to Sapphiron. Added a transmission treasure, it can make players enter or return Sapphiron's lair.

Death Night: Now you can reduce the extent of damage your pet suffered by forty five or ninety percent in WOW. However, it no longer act on the scope of damage that other players caused. In addition, this talent now reduces the cooling time of the deceased army of two or four minutes, the original is five or ten minutes.

The skill of Druid’s quiet can reduce the cooling time from ten minutes to eight minutes. Deep freeze: this ability can cause a large number of damage for immune permanent coma target. In addition, if the Master points the ice- talent, this skill can cause damage and it no longer consume two layers of fingers of frost.

Talent of divine light now also has thirty three or sixty six or one hundred percent of chance when San therapy surgery cast on others cheap wow gold to prevent the Saint lead to self-treatment and surgery in WOW. The control effect of confession will no longer broke the harm caused by revenge early. The cooling time of sacred hymns can reduce from ten minutes to eight minutes. The skill of opportunistic travel is the same case. Vicious tricks: this talent can shorten the cooling time of waiting for shooting one point fifty three min instead of two point five or five minutes.

Some part of the user interface is translated by in the User, the original posted has got one hundred WOW gold, more than one hundred awards to play grass.

Task tracking features:

Now players can track the mission objectives on the map by pressing "M" key.

Task log
A button that can show the map has been added to the task log in WOW. Select a task, then click this button and contact with the mission objectives of the location of the map area. In players'task log, any other currently active tasks will be displayed in this region.
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