November 01 [Wed], 2006, 15:06
Dear Fds,

I have moved to a new blog coz here is toooo ERROR!!
cannot upload pix and always disappear after typed the dairy!!!
so i decided to say GOOD BYE to this~~

i will use my new blog


October 31 [Tue], 2006, 22:36
this web pages is really terrible!!!!!! Always not able to upload pix and cannot post wht i have typed out !!!!! wht da hell is it?????????????????? how come sooo terrible!!!! See!!!!! even now i wanna type seperate line! it also appears in same line!!! DAMN IT!!!! i wanna move to new blog!! let me find a day to move all to new one instead!!! i hate this blog sooo much!!!!!


October 30 [Mon], 2006, 0:42
10/29 & 30 @ HK Disney For Halloween ! hahaa Crazy ~ nothing to buy but took many pix w. the special costume characters!!! and... i got their sign as well!! I think i am a bit crazy~ but i am super happy and enjoy!! all we do is Line up... line up and line up.......... here a few pix New and funny Evil characters ~~ i super like this ~ esp the Green one! Pretty Donald !! yeah~~

What will be my next stop.... 

October 27 [Fri], 2006, 16:32
Tired the present life.... for long time.... i wanna stop and think wht should i continue

Next year will be coming soon, i have to plan wht should i do....tho i am not a kinda person will follow the Plan!!!! hahahaa~~~but have sth want to looking forward will be very nice.

Crazy idea in my mind again~~ i wanna go sth new and special~ i cannot jux go to Jap all the time!!!

So in 07, i hope i can go to TW, Singapore, Thai, and also a new place that i would lov to see!!

hahhaa ......Guess where is it?
here you go...

The answer is Brunei

hahaha~~~ very lov to see the real one!
to take many many pretty pix

"The Prestige" 

October 26 [Thu], 2006, 23:32
Tonite watched the movie -"The Prestige" with Step. All I knew of this movie is about magic~!! After i saw this movie, wht i feel is terrible! Not comfortable~ This story is unusual~ you have to think about it. Ppls need to sacrifice / to pay for wht they want~~~ Give = Get Is that worth?? What do u mean by win?? no one can answer but yourself!! I am tired after seeing this movie, very tired of using my brain after work. Did i pick a wrong one to see?? Ummm... i think..... at least i should receive some message from this movie. A special movie to let you use your brain~

Disney TYO 

October 26 [Thu], 2006, 17:20
YEAH~~~~ my colleague 's friend help me bought the special goods from JP - Disney~~ They are during the Halloween festival

So happy and very nice!!!! Thou i will be there soon, but.... the time i went shd be Xmas instead~ hahaa~~~

Happy to bought cutie stuff~~ yo


October 25 [Wed], 2006, 22:03
這次是九把刀的 (我最喜歡的台灣作家) ~~

書裡面有他寫的詞: (有點想不到....)


原來他不只寫奇幻系列~~ *-*
他寫的青春~讓別人也有共鳴~~~ 很イ直得看

really that strange??? 

October 25 [Wed], 2006, 21:17
hm....... my colleague think i am strange again!!!
why ??????

today i am searching the web to study language!~ (the only things i like for study) they ask me wht i lov to learn~~ Arabian / Russian/ TW ....
i am serious ka ma!! why so strange

i don't want to study those language that ppls all want to study ma.....

today they also bring the Fortune telling 07 ~ next year is my LAZY years~hahhaha~~~ and wht is good for me is TRAVELLING!!
yeah~ a very very good EXCUSE for me to go travel again!! hohohoho

after work, go to buy yummy choco~ can't live without it!! haha

Got it! 

October 24 [Tue], 2006, 20:36
Hooohoo~ finally everything confirmed for my Boss new property!
yeah!! this is my first time find and handle this stuff.Good lesson for me and quite a funny task!

Thks~~ winnie for helping me on the coordination ~ and Maggie for introduce me such a nice flat!! (Tho not me buying that~~ hahha)

HK property is really damn small~ costing few million for such a tiny ROOM!!! yes, a room, not a flat !!! this is toally crazy!!!!

my flat also small ~haha~ but enough for me, as ..... my dream is still fooling around the ~ jux give me a HOME to return is fine! the rest of my time, i prefer travelling!!!

I Want Freedom pls let me be Single 4'ever~~ i lov to fly fly fly


October 22 [Sun], 2006, 18:36
終於看完了全套"白袍之恋" ~ 非常好看!!

這套劇紅不紅對我來 説一點意義都沒有。 反正我從來就不喜歡主流的東西~ 我真的很喜歡~!! 很普通的劇情,演員也不是甚麼大cast!! 但是我覺得很好!!!



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