je ne sais quoi

January 07 [Sat], 2012, 8:37

Finished painting Haidée today, but I'm not entirely satisfied... I like the "no makeup" look, but it totally washes out in photos. I'm not sure how to make it more photogenic without sacrificing the nudeness.

Still working on these.

jeans, continued

January 05 [Thu], 2012, 6:56

Still working on these... I thought I could have them done today, but my fingers and eyes are really tired from all the hand-sewn top stitching. Need to take a break

Here's the first pair, though.

handiwork for the holidays

January 03 [Tue], 2012, 4:23

Last week, I had to get a new battery for my computer, so it was out of order for a few hours while I let it charge for the first time. Pathetically, I had a hard time thinking of something to do while it was charging I decided to finally give silk ribbon embroidery a try (I've had the supplies for months...)

I want to try these techniques on doll clothes, and the first thing that came to mind was this American Apparel sweater. I made a simple tee for the base and tried it, but it didn't work out... it takes so much ribbon just to make just one woven wheel flower Until I find a cheaper ribbon to use (I'm currently using silk Mokuba ribbons, so... ), I guess I need to put this project on the back burner.

In other news, though, I've been working on some simple skinny jeans for Momoko. I think I should be able to have a few pairs up on Etsy this week. Photos soon!

Hope everyone had a happy holiday!

PS: wigmaking part II is still to come... I finished the wig but ran into some problems (not enough wefts...) and haven't worked on it since. Also, I wiped Haidée's faceup but haven't finished a new one yet, so she's not exactly photo ready

wigmaking part I: making wefts

December 12 [Mon], 2011, 1:06
I took some time off from studying last night to start Haidée's mohair wig. Remember this?

It took about an hour to separate and brush out locks. About a quarter of it ended up just being unaligned fuzz that I couldn't save, but I think it can be used for felting. (Not that I know how to felt... )

Making the cap using scrap leather. Need to buy more skin tone scraps next time

Weft #1: Tooooootal fail. This is the stuff of combovers and Rogaine. I used this tutorial to make the wefts, and even though it says you won't lose hair when you brush it, I probably lost about 75%.

Weft #2: Still a fail... I thought maybe I had done it wrong the first time, so I tried again more carefully and used more hair. That's the only reason it looks a bit thicker; I still lost about 75% after brushing.

Wefts #3 and 4: Success! The secret... nail polish. I slathered nail polish between the rows after the first layer of stitches and skipped the third layer of stitches. I should probably use glue, but I wanted to know right away if it would work...

Part II on Thursday! (I don't have time to work on it again until then, lol )

snow day

December 10 [Sat], 2011, 7:47

Today was the first time this winter that it has snowed and actually stuck. I woke up to a blanket of white outside my balcony window. It makes me want to cuddle up in my blankets and read... but I still have one week of exams to go.
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