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August 21 [Thu], 2014, 15:51

However, the current state of international Milan really good, or not be able to lead twice customize iphone 5 case Mallorca, precisely because of this state, no wonder iPhone 4S cases able to create a series of brilliant record in this season - seventh in a row,iPhone 3G cases, ninety -seventh win - win this score until five or six years before, led by Jose Mourinho,iPhone 5 cases, Real Madrid won the hundred points won and break points in La Liga. Continue to conduct offensive, iPhone 4S cases good scoring ways but has not appeared yet.These guys will not again a Triple Crown it...... a lot of people saw this message after all cropped up this idea.. Dubious novel network www.8384xs which erupted in the media who call blocking to Real Mallorca 's voice is getting higher and higher, while Mallorca fans will feel disdain - iPhone 4S cases said barrier can stop it? Do not forget, buddy year ** silk or when there is a title to Real Madrid nemesis ! January 22 ri, nineteenth round of La Liga, Mallorca vs. Real Madrid.

He said Robert ? Have to say, Capello Real Madrid 's transformation is quite successful, at least iphone case clear back tenacious defense, before the Real Madrid who is invisible, and this can pull down the face to the defense, and get a good result, but also the former Real Madrid can not do. Anyway, iPhone 4S cases successful blocking of Mallorca, Mallorca and breath interrupted three records, Capello seems that this should be a very proud thing.

And now all of a sudden Capello 's Real Madrid fans all provoke a taboo - iPhone 4S cases on the road with the ugliest defensive tactics, just for a draw, but after this draw, Real Madrid is still only ranked fourth,customize iphone 5 case, but was this Barcelona opened a three-point round to win the distance ! Tactical ugly - no go heart - indirectly helping Barcelona - Real Madrid fans three Ni Lin, Capello in a game on all touched - so also America too! Jose while Capello contempt in his heart, while in their hearts to Capello sentenced to death - after the end of the season regardless of the results Capello at Real Madrid how, iPhone 4S cases can not stay here again at Real Madrid because Real Madrid will is still quite close to the top of the Real Madrid fans, a coach if you do not like the president of the club was, perhaps capable very long time, such as the year of Bosque,iphone case clear back, however, a coach being hated most of the Real Madrid fans, then iPhone 4S cases on absolutely dry not long - twice Capello's dismissal is a manifestation of this will.

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