The idea of new mass demonstrations

November 29 [Sat], 2014, 11:51
Airports and hotels only half Fifa 15 PS4 Coins passed the test during the recent tournament. And 2014 will be multiplied by four teams and parties. Also there are doubts that all the stadiums are ready for the deadline of end of the year.Political protestsAs for the political situation during the championship celebration, millions of people took to the streets and protesting forced to act FIFA recording equipment.

The idea of new mass demonstrations during the World is a nightmare for the body chaired by Joseph Blatter."I trust that the movement we see in the street, which goes to Brasilia, do not precede until the 2014 World Cup," said FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke. Brazilians cannot put up with the corruption in their country and have noticed that a football event is an ideal platform for their political demands.

InfrastructureFor Blatter, the six Confederations Cup stadiums are "jewels" and "cathedrals", beautiful to see and very functional. However, the completion of the stadium has occupied the organizers, because the other six stages are not ready and still needs to be done, as in Manaus and Sao Paulo, which will open the World Cup June 12, 2014. December 31 is the deadline asking FIFA to see the finished stages.