March 25 [Tue], 2008, 1:30
WHO? WHO? WHO? WHO? WHO?.................
who is the plastic man?
omg.... i found you. dont run away..
kicking you ass man.!!!

pasaer malam 

March 17 [Mon], 2008, 2:32
yoyo......i was in tampines again...
doing what? lol.. working lo//!!!
i was super excited in the afternoon when i saw the crowd..
what the crowds mean? hmm...sales? i guess..lol
work work work till the sun went home..
taufit and me rushed to the pasar malam to buy all the food we saw.. i mean some..
any way.. we ate a lots lah.coz we are .........
guess what? i got a sale .
wow..i can relax already..
since i consume so many food.. now is the time to do exercise .
so..wahahahahaha daryl , chris and i started to beat taufit with the papers..
omg.. it bloody painful. lol.
why we doing this bullshit.? erm.. i guess we were just too bored....lol

im still here. lol opus!! 

November 19 [Mon], 2007, 9:37
im graduated from that school finally.
after 10 months of suffering, everything looks so wonderful when
i steped out from e school..
it time to have fun adn do something crazy or insane.


yes. i was a 御宅男in the past 10 months..
if not wrong, i only went out for 4 times, i even didnt go to shopping,sad~~
the only entertainment at home is tv. i guess.
im watching K涩会 and 棒棒堂 recently. not very nice but not bad too.

if wanna know more about
pls log on


May 19 [Sat], 2007, 0:47
沒有感情 沒有淚
從開始看這血腥的世界以來 沒有人真正的知道什麽是愛
沒有靈魂的軀殼裏 變成了無知與恐惑的殖民地
有人愛過你嗎 你相信她的愛還是她的人 沒人知道
儅你心跳加速時 這不代表心動 這是即將死亡的預言
一見鍾情也只能讓你 死得更快更痛苦
深埋在骸骨裏 天真善良的天使也變化成醜陋邪惡的惡魔
無情的眼神與空虛無助 讓你成爲墮落的使者
沒人經過的心靈深處 留下了一道血流不止的傷口
可悲的是 你卻無怨無悔 心甘情願
這是無法逃避的殘酷現實 還是深夜警醒的惡夢

2007年的夏天。 我不小心染上她的毒癮
愛情就像是毒癮 無時無刻都在發作 讓我痛苦
心隱隱作痛 可痛得越深 愛得越深
她是那麽的遙遠 無可觸及的地方
面對著K暗角落 發光的K盒子 已是最大的奢侈
每當發作時 腦海裏總是浮現出無限個爲什麽
一個人的電影院 播著自導自演的橋段
這是自娛於人 也是自欺欺人
只有自己才知道 那臉上偷偷跑出來的幸福笑容的真正意義
沒有勇氣戒掉的毒癮 無法平息的情緒
只能靠短短 2700秒 精神糧食 狼狽的繼續活下去
這是虛假的幻想 還是燦爛光明的希望

lucky friday 

April 20 [Fri], 2007, 22:38
whenn i opened my eyes. the golden sunshine had kiss my ass.
while mr clock has laugh at me.. and it he showed 7.00am.
OH ~SHIT. I didnt off my light and computer too.and i didnt set my alram clock..lo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Anyway since i will be later, so i decided to slack and took my own time to school.
accidentally.. i reached school at 830am.. after finished one period.

the sercurity guard asked me" you know will you should go right?"
i didnt say anythging but i pointed my finger to the direction of G.O.
then he said yeah.. go see MR wong.
while.. i slowly walked to the G.O and i saw MR sim.
Suprisely. he didnt bother me..
so i continued to walk heading to my class.

everything going smoothly.. but MR chong.. had jumped out,
and i feel im damn smart lo.
i told him im late.and i had reported to MR wong. and i need to stay back for 3hours..lol.............................sleepy................

monday blue... 

April 16 [Mon], 2007, 22:09
omg.. monday is the most depressing day in the week.

anyway i went to watch movie with hitke so and nicole,
we watch " the reaping"
it s about the religions. something in bible, lol..
entire river become blood.... sounds very disgusting.wawawawaw.
go home actually wanna study,, then then then i fell sleep.
lol...............i really feel lonely when i alone. talk to know one.
haiz...............she is a nice girl................

gloomy sunday 

April 15 [Sun], 2007, 23:24
dan.dan dan dang...... "gloomy sunday"
wahahaha actually it shinny sunday.. damn hot lo...
while while whil....my mood is so good to day... my pimple DISAPEARYEAH!!!!!
i have cancelled my english tuition in the morning.. and i had cleaned my house.. so good..and so cool
when i was watching descovery channel.the show had came out a question..
ok.. erm... is like this..
"you and other two friends go for dinner.
after finished the food. the bill is 25 dollar.
each one of you pay 10 bucks,
and waiter return the change is 5 bucks.
so each of you get back a dollar, and
give the extra 2 bucks to the waiter.
at the end,
each of you pay 9 dollar total is 27 dollar
and waiter took 2 dollar..
so total is 29 dollar.
but the question is originally 3 of you pay 10 dollar each.so actually is 30 dollar.
then 30-29 is 1.. so where is the extra 1 dollar?"

lololololol.. it really freaking hard question lo
anyway, afternoon came my house we went to swim.
lol.. he cant swim. then like a dry fish .lol
he was playing dj max with me. i forced de..
at night i cook the food. then force him to wash the dishes,, lol

when i see the work gloomy.. wht is the 1st thing come out from you mind..

ladies and gentlemen, lets welcome the cutest bear in the world GLOOMY BEAR


April 14 [Sat], 2007, 18:24


this week .. i didnt take care my skin.. i got a pimple on my nose and my skin
become oily. what shall i do.?

mom said is because i have not enough sleep.
erm... maybe. i slept 3 hours per days. and eat alots of fried food.
omg. cancell all my date on the weekend..you will never see me at the crowded places.

black friday. 

April 13 [Fri], 2007, 22:10
WOW..today is the most memorial day for me..
i still can remeber that how "lucky" i am in 2 years back.
630am wokeup. going to late for school.
640am rushed down to take cab. oops. left wallet at home
650am got my wallet, realised no money inside.
7am reached infront of atm machine.no money came out but my card was eaten
by machine
705am took train but had been waiting the stupid train for 10 mins.
750am finally reached school. but late. stayed back for 3 hours
510pm on the way home. raining with

while. today nothing happen to me. it just i was stay back in school for 3 hours cause of the heavy rain.. compared to last time. consider lucky

3pm,. waiting for the bus 174.(一起死)scared to rain again.

315pm waiting for the train while playing my psp

finally reached home .and went to sleep.
730. english lesson started,
i was so sleepy.
so did a drawing.. to wake myself up lol

saturday blue 

April 07 [Sat], 2007, 23:20
sometimes i really found that lifes are miserable.
specially when i met someone who doesnt have the connection with me.
while......i went to the church today.
i dont really found that is interesting and im not a christian and i also dont have the relationship with Jesus..
before i went to the church i watched a movie on HBO.
a man said..the great mistake which done by God is create the women...
women are betrayer..
He also said that verybody makes the mistake even God.
but when human do something wrong. we need face the consequences.coz we do the mistakes.but when God did something wrong.. we call it nature.
it s really unfair.!!
and when they were talking about the bible. im kept thinking that. why the people beside me so believe in God. they kept saying must remember God loves you..when you feel depress. sad. stress. meet the obstacles. must rememebr GOD loves you.. then im curious about our parents.(when people have quarrel with their parents , teahers or friends are always say that you parents are the people loves you most) then how about GOD?
In my view. i feel that. no matter what religions you are believe in. they teach the same thing. no one come and tell you must kill a human a day. or must smoke 5 pockets a day..
so i believe that if there is GOD. then i believe only has one God in this world.what i mean is no matter you believe in Buddha or Jesus. they are the same God..
it just we figure them out in different ways. am i right?
if got really can slove everything for us. then why we must study so hard. working so hard. we can just sit down there waiting for GOD to give us knowledge and money..i think that will be much better.. lol
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