第9回 き・も・のin大正村

April 11 [Wed], 2018, 11:51
The Annual き・も・のin大正村 was held on 2018April8th. at 日本大正村. The 9th to be exact, this year. I have attended for the 6th and the 7th, so the 第9回 き・も・のin大正村 was for me to the third time in two years of absence.

The weather forecast foreseen that the day would be chilly atmosphere for the April. As it has said, I had expected a chilly air. However, it was a cold windy day, even snow and hails were falling down from the sky, when we arrived at 大正村 around 10:30. It sure has a such a distance to visit a sightseen.

When we checked in for 日本大正村., we were already alpied for モガモボコンテスト whether we like it or not. Then we catered at lest of friends and we had a stage rehearsal before the noon.
The rehearsal had to ended around noon. I was hoping at having a lunch at 大正村浪漫亭, where new opened, recently. And it's seems that the only restaurant where we can eat, therefore inside of the cafe was full of people. So forgetting having a lunch there, I found an other public dinner near by.

At 13 O'clock, モガモボコンテスト and an award ceremony had started. Unfortunately, I have lost any prizes, instead, I had a pack of rice like anyone else giving to, who applied for a モガモボコンテスト. We took a group picture for the next month's magazine for public relations, at in front of 大正村浪漫亭. After that we had to strolled around 日本大正村. it sure, has a nice view as I know.

Before, we were going home, I want bring all of my friends to a old fashion style coffee shop, named 天久喫茶 to have a cup of coffee. The only problem I've got was, I do not know where exactly located in. So while we were wandering around with a wild guessing, we spotted the one we were looking for. Well, my hunch was right. It has a atmosphere and a nice calm place, we already be loved.

The next き・も・のin大正村 will be celebrating a 10th anniversary and held on 2019 April 14th. I would like to go there once again, as a 浦島太郎, if possible.

ANIMAN 春の宴2018

March 21 [Wed], 2018, 9:05

ANIMAN 春の宴2018 was held on, exactly the same day as the 'StFes.' I went "ANIMAN" at Meitetsu Otagawa station. Because of the Cosplay fee was a free of charge, as the same treatment as the last year.

Around Otagawa region, has developed so rapidly. It is so good place to have a meal or a drink. And from a time to time, its held a food event or a Festival, so often. I like this place, though.

For the impression of ANIMAN, it was fulled with crowded people, and must have around 200 or 300 of Cosplayers were attended for that event. It seems, that event was succeeded, than last year.

I assume that Tokai City wanted ANIMAN as big event as the one in the Kariya City or Nagoya city. However they wanted or not, they must have know that one of the biggest Cosplay Event will held on Osaka city, near date. As long as the StFes, held on the date of the day, ANIMAN never gets its bigger as its get.


March 13 [Tue], 2018, 14:47
the Annual Nagoya City Marathon was held on March 11th, 2018.

I had a lesson from コスプレおもてなし沿道応援隊2017. So, I had to keep in touch with the promoter, from nearly this new year. Soon enough, there was a "Go Ahead" sign from her. Thus, as I announced for my dear colleagues about "the Cosplay Omotenashi," this year.

While I was assembled some friends who can trust, unfortunately, same of them were could not be able to join us. However I was announced that the 名古屋市コスプレホストタウンPR隊 would join us, our "Cosplay Omotenashi". I was not gonna go easy on this, even I am in part of both of them. Because, we have been serving as a Cosplay Omotenashi, since 2014, without any rewards. So, not gonna take over our archivement, so easily. Unless they're taking our under the command. Putting aside of my hostilities there, it more like "PR" troops would join the "Cosplay Omotenashi." I hope.

From 2017. I was put on a charge, because of our big boss's absence. As a cosplay coorinator, I had to know how many people would come from "PR troops." So I asked "PR" troops's promotor about that. The reply was not yet come. In the conclusion, I have assumed there would be no one from "PR" troops, due to this campaign is not official "PR" operation of Nagoya City and the promotor also has declered that he would not come.

When the turns out, two cosplayers were came and joined our "Omotenashi" troops. And the total amount of the cosplayer were twelve. Most of them have done that before the "Cosplay Omotenashi," so they knew what to do, and when to do, efficiently. Omotenashi operation usually takes time around 15:00, however, year 2018, this year, we took about around 14:00. Because of, no one took any short break nor refreshment, made, too quick to finish this campaign, than I have imagined. As usual, we had to skipped our lunch during that campaign. So, went out Fushimi area to had late lunch, then.


So's next year, 2019, the annual "Cosplay Omotenashi," at "Nagoya Women's Marathon," I will be held on March 10th, 2019. See ya then.


February 13 [Tue], 2018, 14:45
The 7th. annual (第七回)大須お化髪行列 was held on 2018 February3rd. at Osu. On February 3rd, was the day of 節分 and this year was on the day of Saturday. Which makes haevy crowd around Osu area, even for a cold weathe, out there. There was no snow on that day and previous day, the one thing relieved.

Like a I said, February 3rd, 2018 was on a Saturday. I intended to invite as many as friends (mostly was my co-cosplayer), I can call. I wanted have a lunch with my friends at Osu. However, finding a place to eat on Saturday noon at Osu, is most difficult task, that I know. So, we rendezvous with us around before the noon thus we could have early lunch at Osu region, and we did so.

Around 13:00 at "Maneki-Neko," after the lunch, all the participants, were gathered and took a first group picture. The number of the participants was 36, ever so high, as I recalled. Then we were marched for 大須観音.

The second group picture and throwing beans from 大須観音 were said and done, then headed for 三輪神社 where we have counting on, several times.

The last group photo was taken at the 三輪神社 then dismissed. After the splitting with others, I and my companies were went out for a drink of the day. And had so much fun in a fine day.



January 16 [Tue], 2018, 12:45
On the date of 2018January14rth. In the frozen cold winter,自由空間4周年記念遊戯「昭和時代遊戯・文化を楽しむ」 was held at 自由空間八田.
A couple years ago, my mentor forced me to attend that previous event, since then I come visit there to have a meal, from time to time. So, decided to have a New Year's party at that event, instead of a year-end party which I haven't provided, last year.

When the turns out, the most of the friends were not there, due to their schedule were already booked. Of cause it was not a Cosplay event though, now I know that I have lost my faith and believed.
Most of the attendees were from my mentor, I have expected twice the number of this. However, it was the just about number to having a lunch and a have a fun.

【第20回 名古屋モーターショー】コスプレ・痛車コレクション in NAGOYA 萌え〜ターショー⁉3

November 27 [Mon], 2017, 18:04


  • 【第20回 名古屋モーターショー】コスプレ・痛車コレクション in NAGOYA 萌え〜ターショー⁉3

  • The 20th anniversary Nagoya Motor Show was held on 2017November23rd, to 2017November26th, at Port Messe, whereabouts Nagoya Port. We were doing a 萌え〜ターショー as the 18th and the 19th. like "Collepa!" used to. So, that was a third time that Collepa! doing a 萌え〜ターショー at Nagoya Motor Show. I hope attend the while four days as always. However I have been family business to take care of, for a half year now. Therefore I haven't any plane to go there as a stuff, but any how, I wanted to see a EV Bike at Motor Show, and I only could manage to attend there on November 23rd. Even for a one day, I have worked as a stuff, I enjoyed atmosphere of the event.

    11月23日〜26日まで、ポートメッセ名古屋で開催されております、第20回 名古屋モーターショーにブース出展させていただいております。 週末は、献血バスも3台 配置され、献血の呼びかけのお手伝いもしております。お手伝いいただいておりますスタッフのみなさん、寒い中、ありがとうございます。

    On the November 24th, 2017. "ASTLITE" did on their performance, as we announced on a stage at 骨髄ドナー登録推進啓発イベント『Life with Your Heart 〜音楽と共に生命を考える Vol.6〜』.I wish I were there, unfortunately, I could not be able to attend that day.

    The next Nagoya Motor Show will be held on, in 2 years, sometime year 2019. We are not sure there will be "萌え〜ターショー" or not, at this point of view. Hope to see you again in next "Nagoya Motor Show."

    骨髄ドナー登録啓発イベント『Life with Your Heart 』Vol.6

    November 21 [Tue], 2017, 21:37


  • 骨髄ドナー登録推進啓発イベント『Life with Your Heart 〜音楽と共に生命を考える Vol.6〜』

  • What would you do, when you loved someone?
    What would you do, when the one, in needed some help?
    What could you do, to help the one you loved?
    If you know, you can't help them.
    Then, what will you become?

    The annual "Live for Life" event were held on November 18th to 19th, 2017. this is the forth time, working with them as a cosplay coordinator, Due to, some of my own cause to join them. However, caused of my family business, I could not be able to attend any meetings they were provided. However, my great concern was MC issue on that stage. There shall be two main MCs and a Sub MC leader each stage. The one of the main MC was double booked on her schedule, and the other Main MC and Sub MC leader were the artists that they have their on stage, later on. So, I have to force to bring some Sub MC, including myself. Those of who must have skillful person and had a experienced with had done that kind of thing. So and so.
    本年度の(認定)特定非営利活動法人リブ・フォー・ライフ美奈子基金 中部支部主催の骨髄ドナー登録啓発イベント『Life with Your Heart 』Vol.6が、2017年11月18日〜19日の2日間、名古屋栄三越北向かい『栄広場』にて開催されました。

    2017November18th. Day 1.
    it's heavy rain from the morning. No matter, how much rain drops, the event never gets postpone nor call off. Fortunate enough, rain seemed ceased before the stage event. And that was fourth time of event, I have know what and how to run this event so well, with or without meetings, I have missed. However, under the those circumstances, I and my colleagues did our campaign well, without major problems.
    初日の開会式は、雨でしたが、間も無く雨も上がり、盛況の中 事故もなく、1日目を終えました。

    2017November19th. Day 2.
    Its getting cold from the morning, due to heavy rain from yesterday. And yet, still pouring rain, from time to time, made low temperature. The last of our campaign, made maximum security level ever, due to so many V.I.P.s and personnel were attending our event.
    二日目は、少し肌寒かったですが、関係者のみなさん、演者のみなさん 頑張ってます。骨髄ドナー登録推進啓発イベント『Life with Your Heart 音楽と共に生命を考える』 Vol.6 の最終日です。
    最終日には、歌手のあべ静江さんや、白血病でご主人を亡くされた ひび美咲議員様、党派を超えて ドナー登録の推進に御尽力していただいております。伊藤たかえ参議院議員様も、御列席いただけました。

    みなさんのおかげ様で、骨髄ドナー登録推進啓発イベント『Life with Your Heart 音楽と共に生命を考える』 Vol.6 事故もなく、無事に終える事が出来ました。ご協賛くださいましたみなさま、演者のみなさま、ボランティアのみなさま、そしてスタッフ、関係者のみなさまに深く御礼を申し上げます。これからも、本田美奈子.さんの オモイをカタチにしていき、ひとりでも多くの患者さんのお力になれるよう、頑張っていきますので、何卒、ご支援ご協力をお願い致します。

    11月18日・19日に名古屋栄広場で開催しましたLife with Your Heart 〜音楽と共に生命を考える〜vo6にて、募金結果です。この募金には、絵本をご協賛して下さいました伊藤麻里様の当日販売代金も含まれております。また、えびす屋様にはワッフルの販売代金全額をご寄付していただきました。更には素敵な瓶に入った心温まる募金をして下さった方もおられました。皆様に心より御礼申し上げる次第です。本当にありがとうございました。お金は、公益財団法人日本骨髄バンクに全額寄付させていただきます。

    募金 50.498円(絵本代7冊含む)
    えびす屋様 19.140円
    合計 69.638円

    名古屋市役所 本庁舎・正庁 コスプレ撮影開放

    November 05 [Sun], 2017, 11:21
    名古屋市役所 本庁舎・正庁 コスプレ撮影開放

    Nagoya City Hall was opened for publicly, and had a cosplay event, as its declared.
    8 from "Nagoya Cosplay Host Town PR Troops" and 15 of "participants" made cosplay event that day.
    A tip of Nagoya City Hall, has its own architecture, so resemble to the one in Nagoya Civic Assembly Hall. I have been there once or twice as extra from time to time. No need to mention that this is a good place to take a photo with a costume.

    Arrived at Nagoya City Hall around 08:30, its scheduled to open 09:00, most of the participants were waited on the out side. I most have got entered from wrong entrance, cased lost in inside of that building. Lucky, Nagoya City personnel, kind enough to show me the way to the dressing room for a cosplayers. After the change into cosplay costume, we were regrouping at 11 o'clock, then took a quick tour around City Hall.

    Around 2 o'clock, we were once again gathered at the front gate of city hall and shot few photos. The photo session was ended around 3. According to the publicity of Nagoya City, the City hall would be completely shutting down by 4. Therefore, all the cosplayers who was attended that event, had to leave the city hall, by then, without no excuses. So we did and got my payment, in my hand, then went out for a drink.


    October 31 [Tue], 2017, 21:24




    #名古屋コスプレホストタウンPR隊略してナゴP #愛知ディスティネーションキャンペーン #佐藤二朗 #dela #名古屋城おもてなし武将隊 #はち丸くん #グランパくん #名古屋コンベンションビューロー #仏 #勇者ヨシヒコ #本人公認


    October 30 [Mon], 2017, 11:29


  • 名古屋コスプレハロウィン

  • 2017October29th.
    Nagoya Cosplay Haloween was held on 2017October29th. However, great deal of schedule, like ‘pedestrian paradise’ and 'Cosplay Parade,' has been canceled, due to Typhoon No.22.
    Although, I had to be there at Sakae Blood Donation, whereabout 本田美奈子.展 was held, until November26th,2017. During that era, our campaign will be held at Sakae, on November 18th to 19th, 2017.By the time just before the noon, I have a contact from my cosplay colleague, so to meet her up at Oasis21.

    Since, my business had ceased, already. I headed for Oasis21 to see my be loved one. When I got there, Sakae Halloween was held. Not so crowded as WCS but few were having a Halloween cosplay. Due to Typhoon No.22 must have been influenced so badly. So to speak, for the general cosplayers, do not care about who organize the event or not, even for WCS. For their psychological mine seem that "Because, everybody goes, so I go too."
    Eventhough, the crowd was not so high, I was kind of getting trouble with find her. When I spotted her, it was half past noon, which means, most of the restrants are full filled, even for a day like that. Wandering around to place to eat and had it. After the lunch, we just roamed around Oasis21, wondering around to see if there was a friend that I know. By the time, we were round around round, the rain and wind get stronger and harder. My concern was only whether I could get home or not. So, I waneted go home before the train gets stop at middle of nowhere. I told my colleague so and so then went home in one peice.
    Well, two consecutive weekends hit by the typhoon, is just a coincidence or just a unfortunate or what?

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