Or so

September 11 [Fri], 2015, 16:34

Again bitter youth also have memorable moments

Tragic drama again also has a happy ending

Again lonely universe also slightly dilute micro breathing

Even if the flywheel one thousand transfer of time, can't escape a life word, unfortunately, the above can predict the outcome of all songs as a "phantom" called yue: "not true dream". Because the unpredictable fate, no direction, no purpose, Dream beauty pro hard sell follow with day, deploy our tired heart. Terrible is we are unable to change, even without resistance, blankly on the way to the unknown, do not know the next second meeting.

Has never thought of before, there have been some expectations, think oneself is a bit more bitter, can harvest a little more, but just the since the solution of fools. Lives is to maintain the original appearance would not bring you a miracle, Dream beauty pro and will give you hope, let you in the two kinds of contradictions. Really didn't expect so, even in calm life on the lake with a trace of waves, will not have any glaring remember the moment, just leave me the silence of the lake. Really never dreamed of so, twice as hard, twice as much pressure, ending a times more sad. No one can understand me at the moment of mood, ear faint to hear parents sigh, they kept dozen telephone, just for my destiny can have a little change. Silent tears... Remember countless times in the past want to appreciate emotional at this time, but is the end I didn't think so.

Young, the best time, do so in the past? Not yet leave my breath, no surprise, no hope, fear of so quietly to...... Dramatic life, in people of all daydream always take the worst result. Fate is a winner, you off guard.

In fact as early as the thought of will is such, should think of his folly, Dream beauty pro should identify those happiness in mind the virtual shadow is but the passing clouds, no trace, also did not stir. Hard does not necessarily have a harvest, but don't work hard no gain. Reality of a wise man in this life trip taught me this truth. Maybe is I dare not to admit that maybe all dare not to face or concern, or ridicule or and I have the same look forward to the bright eyes. Yes, I was a cowardly, I this is not strong, the capacity of my heart is very small, can't carry this heavy pain pulp called pressure. Nothing to complain about, because of the time I didn't do the things. But still tears in the eyes of surges up after brewing for a long time, even if you see the light, but always someone willing to tear over your bandages, show you ugly wound, drying in the sun, let you no room, "taste" the taste of pain over and over again. Actually the thought of the early, actually should be like this.

Life is like a elegy, indirect melody eventually cannot hide sad heart, I don't know how to face, sad lonely cold the words are hard to describe the complex Shang, that the more refined the more intense pain. The world really have such a place called heaven?
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