so much soul mounted Huang Yan has gradually found some regularity

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Transmigration world of dream content in this article 637 chapters, 637 sections of the reincarnation of the world if you like to dream Favorites dream of the 637 chapters of the reincarnation of the world! Workers did not give up recruiting my count when little? You should know, nice novel: the latest chapter of the online Master legend this is not a linked hear flame, Huang Yan back to smile. It does not work, see a suitable soul installed it decisively directly with a shot down like a price. Huoyun wind family even then, can not all the soul of the entire auction will be loaded gave the shot and walked! Besides, Huang Yan, their soul filled with standard, but the soul filled with standard and ordinary soul somewhat the same. Huang Yan North Face 3in1 For Men, as long as it is the soul installed. Need mixed property can generally eligible to participate in the auction will be the soul body in general will not be too concerned about the equipment as the soul. Not only that, the flame with Huoyun wind men left, Huang Yan also think the addition of an idea, and that is to take advantage of this auction will be a small family of the whole Huoyun wind look. The auction will be in a little later, Huang Yan, the soul that they wanted to make loading and other people is not the same, but if the soul only shot they want installed, then you can easily storm drain their own purposes. In this case, it can shoot installed the same time they want the soul, chase particularly sought-after soul installed. And intentional price mentioning higher. As a result, the Fire Dragon Wind family in order to compete for and Huang Yan they will be bound to spend a higher price to the auction. Although it For Huoyun Wind family, multi spent those soul stone Maybe nothing. But at least, Huang Yan, the heart is able to feel much. Moreover, it is also able to hide their own purposes, so that the family of the Fire Dragon wind people think this action target is reached. With the increasing number of the auction at the auction will also gradually beginning to liven up other book club watching the latest chapter of the: Campus Almighty master. Here really worthy of a higher level of soul fitted trading location, sell the soul mounted here, generally have a very good soul attributes. Of course, the price is very good. The loading of the soul, the average transaction price in almost ten million. Fortunately, Huang Yan they want to buy, this auction will be unpopular soul mounted. That only a soul attributes very good soul mounted, used soul of the soul and not as loaded, at most only in their own space bag to prepare just be able to come in handy for contingencies. This kind of soul fitted, if not exactly need if very few people in it to spend a big price. Just less than half an hour, Huang Yan they God mysteriously acquired more than a dozen pieces of this soul mounted. Of course, even if the price is basically using a price, average cost UGG Neumel For Cheap, but in about three million soul stone a. After all, in this auction will sell soul filled with all the regulars here, for the market here, but they are very understanding. so much soul mounted Huang Yan has gradually found some regularity. Huang Yan their target, and that only one attribute better soul filled with prices, generally a price not more than eight million, so Huang Yan, looking for their own needs soul when installed. has not look at the soul of loaded attributes but look at the soul of installed current bid and a price so you can easily find what they need soul mounted without Soul of a price ceiling mounted, Huang Yan in a long time, have not come across a want to know, soul mounted a bid to be the number of soul stone itself has restrictions. laid down a price, and if those who make a purchase with a price, this soul stone can not directly get the hands UGG Bailey Bows Cheap, but the soul stone can be credited to have soul stone which means you can buy to go with this soul stone soul installed. If you do not set a price, then this soul stone will not be able to in this soul mounted auction meeting. therefore generally experienced the soul body, will give a soul to sell loaded to set a price. suitable laid down a price of reason rather than fitted to your own soul, Huang Yan can think of only two of the A is the The seller is a novice, do not know whether a price given into how much would be appropriate, while another is the loading of the soul is wonderful, this soul mounted last high to what prices will be pushed hearts not counted, the whole side of the Dragon with the maid read that a soul installed, Huang Yan seen attributes immediately know which are behind a. because this is a very useful the perfect-class soul mounted perfect level soul mounted attributes also quite good, can be said to be a nearly perfect for the warrior soul installed. five soul Properties, are two Canadian forces, a Canadian constitution, a plus attack speed and and a to increase attacker Hard straightness. said that these five attributes for the soldiers, no one is waste properties. these three souls and increase strength and physical properties to say, the rest of the two soul attributes, but quite rare. increased attack speed, in fact, increase the speed of shot, this property is unmatched warrior. example, before and Huang Yan Dudou that casually knife if he shot speed can be faster, Huang Yan, want to win the final victory was not so simple. increase the attacker's hard straight As for the last one, the role is more obvious with this property, then attack will feel after being attacked more difficult to return to ordinary state. With these two properties, casually knife had cast off the batter's skills becomes easy to grasp the more. Baby cited the old pieces of the soldiers. turned over just pieces Ring soul mounted understanding Gong to dry, the next ... it would be more rare weapons, the soldiers outside the addition to pursuit soul attributes must attack power of the weapon itself is sufficient high, armor aspect is the same soul enough good attributes, while the defense is also very disturbing. ring for this troubled Ring itself will only provide a very low defense capability, the basis of the property even if there are gaps, poor is very limited. Huang Yan also looked away from the auction will be the end of the full three hours or more, this perfect class rings auction price has been pushed up to a full the extent of forty-two million soul stone the price is very frightening demon wings that subsidiary family 3,000 world, the annual payment to the wing of the Demon soul stone also far worse than but a whole family year to be turned over to the soul stone, even less than the value of a soul mounted and evidently, before the end of the auction, the price what can rise to what extent really bad say such a soul mounted, said Huang Yan, do not be tempted to impossible. Huang Yan also know, this auction will be is impossible to come up with so much money into a soul fitted., after all, the limited financial resources of the family, to this one soul mounted and installed it is completely impossible to give up other soul other book club watching: the outsider to take over the world TXT download However, this soul mounted, although it is not to be, but just to let Huang Yan used to fire the cloud wind family to set a trap. this soul mounted, Huang Yan, do not try to compete for the words, it will cause the family of people suspected of Huoyun Wind Huang Yan, the purpose is to make a Vice Shizaibide posture UGG Women's Over The Knee Bailey, Fire Dragon Wind family in this soul mounted above a blood greatly. Huang Yan, immediately came to the booth, using their own hands in the auction will be tickets breath will current bid price to increase to 60 million soul stone so high the reason why all of a sudden Jimmy Choo Kaia, is to exhibit a high aspirations of posture. way to let Huoyun wind family believe, Huang Yan really want To this soul mounted After the price quoted Huang Yan This left the booth. continue to see other booth. quoted only once, then this soul mounted auction tickets, they can be products recorded. Next, the holders of tickets at any time by their own tickets to query own soul filled with the latest bid price once this feature is also bidding in order to let a lot of soul-filled participation , and will not forget what exactly they want soul installed in order to confuse the public, Huang Yan, another after another of the more than a dozen pieces of soul installed a bid. fact, the Huang Yan truly fancy the soul mounted are the form of a price to buy down. although this is bound to cause some soul stone wasted, but better than being family interference of Huoyun wind, then what are buy much stronger after all, this soul mounted auction tickets are limited, and this time Huang Yan, they did not get what time once auction purchase tickets. it certainly was discharged last go to when next soul mounted auction tickets will be bound and Huang Yan they missed. Huang Yan in this class city is unlike Huoyun wind, the family as opportunities, lose the tickets, and then later it is difficult to re-enter this auction will come. Is very good. This is a rush, a lot of family suo gold within three days can not be withdrawn from circulation. As long as we can get tickets for next, then by virtue of the strength of our family, so we will all growing soul installed upgrade or not a problem, look good novel: endless sword mounted. As for re back, we probably have to select the first upgrade some soul fitted funds the rest of us how much Huang Yan? Midas touch for this harvest is quite satisfied., after all, this is just one soul installed auction will only soul mounted auction will lowest frequency probably have to once a month before the end of the two-year protection, all growing soul installed upgrade once totally not a problem. These soul stone, we can be good to use to repay family of Huoyun wind Let wasted so much soul stone affection. some soul mounted prices, to push up to the point of terror. Among these, the most important goal is that, perfect ring. Because that soul outfit is most likely to come up with high-priced soul installed in it to raise prices, are less likely to cause alert family members of Huoyun wind. Otherwise, the person is not a fool, if see Huang Yan, they are deliberately raise prices, as long as the other one doing nothing, and finally to the moldy party will become the Huang Yan they. In this game, in fact, is a psychological game. Who can grasp more accurately to the other psychological, know each other's psychological bottom line, will be able to get to the final victory. Huang Yan, they now only advantage is that the other side is also not clear Huang Yan their purpose. Otherwise, Huang Yan, they would never dare to do so. the evil stern, could not help but some speechless. want to know the price Dragon world, but far more than the construction of a few of the special building for a soul installed, this is really crazy. course, this is mainly because the bird's-eye view soul mounted, almost to accompany most of the order of the soul, the body to the soul forever installed. loaded the soul, after all, clarity, if not growing, it will be binding equipment in the soul of the body the after and soul body soul. soulbound band Soul installed are not afraid of damage. difference is that growth soul mounted and clarity soul installed. ordinary Kan soul mounted, if equipped with a new soul is filled with old soul installed will be replaced , that is, the old soul installed will disappear, my the warlords career TXT download soul mounted while growing, is the soul mounted on the new equipment will be swallowed. permanent use and a period of time only, damage can not loading of the soul, its value is of course poles apart. immediately back to that sale before the perfect soul Ring booth, there is still surrounded by a lot of people the Huang Yan finally laborious squeezed, it will be the latest bid price from eighty-three million soul stone to direct up to one hundred million! but $ soul stone, Huang Yan. bid immediately drew screams of the people around this booth. $ soul stone, even at this high level of soul loaded bidders conference is certainly not a small number, after all, where the soul of installed transaction price, an average of only ten million soul stone. therefore, a moment of between people around the front of the booth have watching Huang Yan, wanted to see what kind of person a such a high price. Unfortunately, Huang Yan, a was only just joined the order of the soul attached to the body, the presence of how people may be understanding? sudden, onlookers have the talk. Which family? 100 million soul stone is not a small number, ah, how I had never seen this man UGG Bailey Fancy Cheap? Our intelligence network, if class city This is not the strength of the people, we should have know fishes ah. Impossible, the only advanced soul how likely do have so much soul stone? Then again, this auction will, is not with what people can come in, ah! different flame just as strolling general, went to the Huang Yan in front of all stand in the way of his, to see the arrival of the flame, like flame around an invisible protective cover general immediately are separated into two, to flame to get out of the way forward. I am sorry, ah, this soul Ring, but very rare, less set and it is comparable to the soul nor our Huoyun wind really install it. So, this soul mounted us Huoyun wind family is also high aspirations it finished, latest auction prices displayed on the booth, from Huangyan Gang just left one hundred million soul stone into a flame just out of one hundred million ten million the soul stone Huashan cents doors TXT download This guy installed two who turned out to make the flame so talk to him? . The flame this bid, the shock effects than Huangyan Gang before bidding big ten times more. Since the flame has bid, other people are aware, this soul mounted, Finally, I am afraid that is certain will fall on the hands of the flame. Not to mention the Fire Dragon Wind family since Chu Zi Jin originally not they can be compared, even if they have more money than Huoyun wind, and there is absolutely not and flame to contention. Yes, of course, is not the use of force here, but offended the Huoyun Wind family, then they really should not even think to continue the class in the city, diving. Although they are in the class in the city is very status, but in the eyes of the family of the Fire Dragon Wind, they do anything really! However, they believe, just bid the Huang Yan will play gooseberry automatically disappear when Huang Yan talking about something, then to some recognition around everyone completely stunned. Flame, I just advanced order on the starting strength, I am sure that is not as good as you, but here, the competition is not our strength, but our financial strength, this soul mounted last in the end will fall into the hands of which party can now be added that are not allowed to do. side of the soul stone more! At this point, who set up a stall to sell this perfect class ring soul loaded stall about to cry out. Although he did not know Huang Yan, who is, but let these two continue to bid down the days to know eventually what price. Although it is said so that he will be greatly profit from, but who can guarantee that, last photographed this soul filled with people, not connected with grievances he? After all, if he set a reasonable price of one, it will never be the case speeding dream the reincarnation World 637 chapters read the full text, the cycle of reincarnation 637 chapters in the world if you like to dream Favorites dream World 637 chapters!

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