to go through the test of party an opportunity

January 31 [Thu], 2013, 11:38
1025 Five Acts misty mountain received nice Fiction: Otherworldly Qianjun Ji Song TXT download fans day mountains first, up to more than five thousand of feet depth clouds, mountains, misty clouds than half of misty mountain parcel into them really Happy a gods Fam, feeling that it was called misty mountain. A glaucoma procedure to that falling near fans Mountains of days. "Why not fly directly to the misty mountain go?" After landing voice sounded, Xiaoqing slightly puzzled. Just in the air Canada Goose Aosta Bomber Cheap, far see the misty mountain towering Lin Yu felt a general trend, this general trend with an immense and Fengrui, but she was Lin Yu impact mind a kind of invisible pressure, even sword intended to have realized the landing, heard the voice of the Little Green, then thrown mouth smile, said: "Flying too high-profile a past, I have decided to embark on the go misty peak, which is respect for the general trend of this big mountain, is also a respected Der Spiegel, Mr. Xiaoqing listen more puzzled, but did not say anything, directly into Silver satisfied Ring, just in that moment into Lin Yu Xiaoqing vaguely heard muttering sound: "Do you like to stay away chanting, too lazy to care about you, the crape myrtle academy." Lin Yu rocked his head, looked up to see the front of a small mountain road, light a deep breath is stepping forward. In fact, Lin Yu choose walking, there is another idea, he just on the sword in the air to have realized, can have a good experience on the road under just cries. Just let Lin Yu did not expect that, when he entered the mountains, over an unknown mountain, found a valley in the front, even with a lot of shadows, not approached can hear bursts of noisy vocal Mr. Spiegel's name seems vaguely hear. "How suddenly so many people here?" Lin Yu heart hesitated, deep breath and decided to have a look, so slightly shocked stature, jeer soon turned into a ghost storm swept toward the valley away. His arrival, the original that is is there are several people looked back at him, but there is nothing strange, Lin Yu landing when they see there are a lot of people from all flyby to. "Said the brother, and how so many people here?" Lin Yu found that the people gathered here even more than ten to twenty-year-olds, so looked around a young man asked softly. The young men heard Lin Yu asked his partial first looked Lin Yu hint of doubt in the eyes of the color from the now: "The eldest brother, do not you know? Then how do you come here?" canada goose store, Implying that, if they were poly here is the people of the world should know why. "I really do not know. Pass here I found so many of you gathered here, curious to look at." Lin Yu smiled, said. "Oh," the young man pondered a moment, is roughly why they gather here to tell Lin Yu. Original, today is the mirror the elderly once every five years Shoutu Wu broken sky's the latest chapter of Der Spiegel elderly in this with fame, he is loud, is regarded as a living god, a lot of young ** to mirror Mr. apprentice proud. However, Der Spiegel, Mr. Shoutu He is strict, to go through the test of party an opportunity, but also the most difficult, Der Spiegel Mr. closing five believers once, but each time only received one. Heard here, Lin Yu'd feel strange, so asked softly: "Mr. Spiegel is bad?" "Of course! 120 years ago is the strong level of God! I Dieshui the a ** than Der Spiegel Mr. Strong is absolutely no more than five. "so powerful?" Lin Yu listen in focus light up the dark heart music, Mr. Spiegel is the more powerful for him as possible, that is, the more there is a strong boost best ** invincible, this is the case, what Wen Wan jiange ah, do not have to be afraid! The thought here, Lin Yu could not help huh Lok laugh! "The big brother to see if you are young, it is not too together Der Spiegel, Mr. Shoutu conditions, you are directed spiritual eyes spring from?" The young man to see Lin Yu Lok laugh brow slightly wrinkled, said. "That is how to say? Listen to you mean, if not become mirror Mr. apprentice, there will be other benefits fails?" Lin Yu set of inner peace, asked. "Of course, Der Spiegel, Mr. apprentice wants us dream, but places only a difficult too, so spiritual eyes spring truly let the thing we most want." The young man looked down upon doubled, it seems a bit speechless Lin Yu no Zhibi. Lin Yu chuckled, do not mind, smiled and said: "The brothers can not talk to me about spiritual eyes spring is what's going on?" Well, afraid of you. "The young man looked at Lin Yu suddenly Tansheng said, and then, pointing to the grass in front of an unmanned, said: "It has not yet begun, anyway I also boring, just like you talk, walk, we went over there to talk to go." Then, toward the that meadow walk. Lin Yu smiled and follow the young man sat down to the grass, watching other book club: the latest chapter Tonight, I did not come home, "My name is Li Jian, Babel Jianpai **." Once seated, the young man is introduced to said . "My name Lingyu, no martial art." Lin Yu thought, said, laughing. "Ling brother turned out to be." Li Jian Lin Yu say the name and do not have any doubt that true and false, said: "misty mountain top, a spiritual spring pool but big magic of this spiritual eyes spring pool, especially for the fifteen years old to twenty-nine age, as long as there is the opportunity to soak in the spiritual eye springs pool into one day is to have a bodiless bone, helping others break through the bottleneck of the magic. "this is it?" Lin Yu eyes surprised color flash, this interest he interested. "Of course, it can be said, from people who come here, most of the people are directed to this spiritual spring." Said Li Jian. "Since the spring of this Spirit is so magical results, it should not all people have the opportunity, right?" Asked Lin Yu thought. "However, relative to Der Spiegel, Mr. apprentice but easily more for a while, illusory mountain sent people to carry out the assessment, the first twenty people will have a chance to go to the misty mountain and then, through examination, before ten people, one person has the opportunity to become the apprentice of Der Spiegel, Mr. and nine is the person the opportunity to enter the spiritual eye springs pool you think about it, Der Spiegel, Mr. apprentice only one person into the spiritual eye springs pool there may be nine people, the chance of the latter is not much larger? there, which failed to make the top twenty of the top ten, is a reward, a formula to find the correspondence to Der Spiegel, Mr. Oh, really, my own ability to know their own, I was attracted by this type to find the correspondence to the top ten, but I do not hope. "Li Jian to not get upset, his face calm, said. "I see." Lin Yu after listening, smiled, and suddenly feel that He is fun Canada Goose Thompson Jackets, and thinking to himself, self is not also participate in the assessment go? Incidentally trial under their own strength in these people is in what position? Or learn this formula to find the correspondence, to see what the genius? "Unfortunately Ling brother older point I could see, your strength is much higher than I, otherwise, maybe you can get into the top ten it!" Lin Yu himself, Li Jian He is said regretfully.
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