Aging Gracefully? We Do not have To!

February 04 [Mon], 2013, 18:03

Aging is inevitable, but it doesnt have to be depressing. There is a fountain of youth; we simply have to find it!

Aging gracefully is an oxymoron. These two Pandora Tropical Charms uk store words Pandora Sterling Silver uk store sound excellent, however they dont fly! This statement must have been spoken by somebody attempting to make peace with father time.

I won't get it done. I am kicking and screaming completely! It is not necessarily vanity; it is going so much deeper than that! The realization of passing in one season of life to a different is definitely a little shocking.

We are born in the season of spring. We burst forth on the scene just like a seed that pushes forth from dry ground and displays itself like a attractive flower.

As we come to be young adults we enter the season of summer time. This year is fantastic, spectacular, filled with joy, youth, and vitality. We are in our prime. We stand like stunning oak trees that sway in rhythm with the summer season breeze, full of dreams and plans that absolutely nothing can pandora gift sets deter.

As the warmth of summer begins to fade, the leaves around the trees start to become the colors of fall. The same thing starts taking place to us like a couple of strands of grey start to slowly infiltrate pandora 14kt gold jewelry uk store our hair and tiny lines start to form about our eyes, subtle reminders that summer is ebbing away.

The winds of alter rustle the treetops as the leaves fall to the ground. It must be traumatic for your after proud oak to all of a sudden develop into naked and its beauty gone using the wind. Fall is incorporated in the air and a crisp cool morning tells us so.

As we awake on these cool mornings, we feel a bit stiff and realize that we're not jumping out of bed the way you used to. The realization of the paradigm shift in our life begins to develop into oh so apparent.

The great news is that this. We now have a choice to make. We are able to let this thing referred to as age to rule us, or we are able to reverse the curse. We are able to bind our Heavenly Father to His Word and also the promises He's made to us.

God has promised to renew out youth such as the eagles. Is 40:12 He has promised to reonline shop to us time the cankerworm has eaten. Joel 2:25 He has promised to give us the mind of Christ. 1 Cor 2:16 He's promised us that we could be fruitful within our senior years and bring forth fruit.Ps. 42:14 God has given us the choice to think His Pandora SS with 14kt Gold uk store word, and Pandora Wood jewelry uk Pandora Spacers uk store store through our pandora clips uk store latter Pandora Starter Chains uk store rain pandora jewelry store uk [or life] is full of His life Pandora Valentine Day uk store and of His favor. Proverbs 16:15

The choice is ours. We can decide to reside the wintertime season in our lives as majestic pandora gift sets mountain peaks. The snow that so gently graces the hills only increases the glory of Gods creation. So may possibly we be. Full of timeless wisdom, expertise, and strength those young saplings haven't yet generate. So share it freely with those who will listen. They will not see an old individual. The things they will see on the other hand, is a hero of faith they want to be just like when they grow up.