S.I.T. Club 

April 23 [Wed], 2008, 23:26

The end of a journey, the beginning of another

Today, the OGLs were gathered and spread out into 3 different events. Voice Out, Bandz Out and phat nite. The way they pick and choose roles are interesting, to say the least.

Anyway, I'm now part of the Logistic Team in Bandz Out. It's uncharted territory for me as I don't really know the people in the new team, other than Jerlyn. >_<

But it's Okay, as long as we work as on, we'll be able to make Bandz Out a success!! Wheeeee.

Oh yeah, the buffet today was not free at all, we had to work for it!! We were only dismissed at like, 7... T_T My plans of an early dismissal and then movie outing is GONE! ;_;

Oh well... Damn tired...

OGL Outing V2! 

April 14 [Mon], 2008, 2:40

Freshmen Orientation 2008 has come to an end, but the friendship we share has not ended yet! The outing today was fun fun fun! We went to watch "Run, Fat boy, Run" a hilarious comedy. Everyone loved it. Next we went to a very interesting Japanese food bazaar. Upon entry, we were given a card to swipe and spend. We ended eating lots and lots of Japanese food , there were teppanyaki, omu rice, ramen etc etc... It was really good.

Nothing much to say here, it's the toilet (:

First Successful Outing 

March 31 [Mon], 2008, 3:47

You don't need anyone to tell you how good you are or what you can do. Only you yourself can do that. However good the leader, he is not much different from you, the sky is the limit.

Just caught "Charlie Bartlett". It's a damn nice movie. Basically, it's a comedy about this high school student, who becomes an outcast at the beginning, but turns into the school's psychiatrist, providing counseling services and "medication" to everyone, and ended up being the "leader" of the school.

It's really really funny, yet there are some parts which are really inspirational!

Oh yeah, I ate at Hong Kong Cafe again.

Hmm.. So far...

Chicken Chop Spaghetti
Ate it awhile back, the chicken was really really nice, especially the black pepper sauce. The Spaghetti was okay... not enough sauce , so it was abit dry.

Black Pepper Beef Baked Rice
Ate it today, It's very filling, the black pepper beef was nice and meaty, so was the rice and cheese. Could be better, but it was overall a delicious gourmet.

Hong Kong Milk Tea
What I -ALWAYS- drink when I go HK cafe. It's heavenly! Best drink on earth XD


March 29 [Sat], 2008, 18:09

We stood in a line, the moment of glory was upon us. The condescending faces streamed across the room, spotlighting us in every direction. The time was about to come, the epiphany of the worthiness of our work. The epitome of perfection and victory. We have persevered, and now we await only the tip of a pen. We have won.

Our Finale Proposal has been accepted! YES! For the past month we've been coming to school everyday from morning to late night, our blood and sweat has all paid off. WE'VE DONE IT!

A big THANK YOU to everyone in the finale department.

1. Preet, our Stage Manager, for always guiding and leading us, and never giving up on us.
2. Zeng Xu, our Programme Manager, for always remaining calm and doing what needs to be done without any complains.
3. Thompson, our Assistant Stage Manager, for being a fun and supportive guy to our crew.
4. Alicia, our Assistant Programme Manager, for always being there to help out and coming up with great ideas.
5. HQ, our Tech Crew In Charge, for making the huge effort of coming everyday despite the distance, and being a huge help to everyone.
6. Jie Ying, our Sound Crew / Admin , for single handedly doing the adminsitrative work of the department and being a huge support and encouragement to everyone.
7. Jin Hui, our Sound Crew / Admin , for staying with us to the end.
8. Ben, Our Light Crew , for staying with us everyday and always being co-operative.
9. Jia Ming, Our Ninja In Charge / Logistic, for Single handedly providing us with all the logistic and resources the department need, and being a humorous and fun-loving guy.
10. Boon, Our Left Spot Light/ Logistic, for always helping and standing up for the whole department.
11. Kok Leong, our Right Spot Light, for staying so late with us every night to ensure all our objectives are completed.
12. Jonathan, Our Multimedia / Publication, for providing us with multimedia support, and the huge help with the photographs.

And last but not least, as a Runner In Charge, I sincerely thank you, my Runners, for always being so co-operative and supportive. Your eagerness will make this coming FO's Finale a huge Success. Thank You.

The Leap Years 

March 02 [Sun], 2008, 4:50

"A saint once decreed that a man must agree to a woman's proposal today. Give me a sign whether to meet me at Eight and at the same place you sit and fulfill the traditional of February 29."

Just came back home from watching, The Leap Years. The trailer for the movie appeared countlessly everywhere. There were four main reasons why I wanted to watch the movie.

1. Wong Lilin
2. Yuwu Qi REALLY looks like someone I know
3. It's like the first serious Singaporean movie? (ALL of jack neo's movies are comedy. ALL.)
4. Riuchi Sakamoto's "Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence" is played during the trailer.

The movie was nice la. Not as good as I expected, but it didn't fall short that much either. It's not extremely good, but it's a good movie nonetheless. It's definitely a lot more professionally done than Jack Neo's films. It also carries enough atmosphere to make you feel for the characters (Lilin's acting was really good.)

The Premise of the film was very surreal and dreamy. It's something that could only happen in a fairytale kind of dreamy.

The film brings us to another side of Singapore, from the quaint cafe where the two lovers meet to the voluptuous Li-Ann running through the rain with a wedding gown.

I didn't know the CDB area could be such a nice sight, if not for the movie haha.

I'd say it was a good watch. 3.5/5 (:

Pathway to desolation 

February 03 [Sun], 2008, 1:31
You're Afraid?
If only you knew...
I'm terrified.


You know, one of the things I did this week was to attend a seminar. And one of the things I found out through this seminar, was my core fear.

What's a core fear? It's the failure to meet our greatest need.

And it appears that upon some self-evaluation, it's Isolation.

The fear of being ignored. The fear of being denied of an existence.

The failure to meet my need of an acknowledgment of friendship.

Revelations is a powerful thing, one moment the mind correlates terror, the next, relief.

I've been denied an existence. My mind is correlating, the gears are turning.

Waiting for the snap of your fingers.

If you deny me,
I become translucent,
If you fear me,
I become abominable

If you isolate me,

I become insane.


February 02 [Sat], 2008, 1:58
Every Little thing's gonna be alright.

We've all made mistakes in the past. But one of the most regrettable mistakes I've made, is love.

To say that I was a fool, was a vast understatement. I was the epiphany of a nincompoop. I thought I knew something, but I knew nothing. My judgments were was as sound as an atomic bomb.

Lust is not love, it's a stupid human instinct, that's it.

Attraction is not love either. But unlike lust, it's all too easy to mistaken this as love. Just because you can connect with a person or just because they share the same interest with you... heck, just because you think you like her personality and not looks. DOES NOT mean love.

It just means a better friendship than most.

In fact, most of us are in love with being in love rather than the person.


Well, let me share to you something. What's the worst punishment that can be meted out in the military? Physical Training? Corporeal Pain? No, it's something called solitary confinement No human contact whatsoever for extended periods of time.

Let's face it, humans thrive on relationships. The worst thing you can do to a human is to deprive him of contact. This is why we all long for emotional intimacy.

Which is why we're willing to love anyone, to fill that gap.

I'm not going to try to fill that gap anymore.
I won't love anyone anymore.

It's much easier to be loved than to love

I've fallen down a pit before.

Now I've found a ladder

Cosfest 2007 

July 16 [Mon], 2007, 3:05
I'm driven by what I like.

Not you.


150photos, half an hour worth of video time.



Redistribution of manpower 

July 09 [Mon], 2007, 1:05
Starry, starry night.
Paint your palette blue and grey,
Look out on a summer's day,
With eyes that know the darkness in my soul.


Wheee! Went to work for singtel again today.

Saw adren at the mustafa branch. Both of us was pleasantly surprised and talked about some silly things, ended with him chasing me away with a hole-puncher.

Got assigned to some desolated branch !! Woohoo. It's like.. a hundred times more slack than mustafa.

Ooh, but even greater news! Instead of spinning the damn wheel and giving out toothbrushes (shudder) , I get to be one of the administrative staff in the booths, doing the computer-registration, card-scanning and dismantling phones and topping out cards.

Fun. Fun. FUN =D

Met an array of new poly friends (mostly from SP,TP and NP).

Oh yeah. FOOD! ohmygod the food was awesome.

One of the staff was ordering McDonalds , and I ordered a McSpicy upsize! wheee...

But that's not all! After dinner there was...

Free beef rice
Free Mineral water
Free Coke
Free KFC burgers
Free KFC chickens
Free KFC apple pies
More free mineral water (oh, how they clensed my thirst) =D

Okay. Extremely tired. 'Ciao

Stars dance eternally 

July 06 [Fri], 2007, 23:02
Life is so unpredictable and silly

If happiness was a flower, then I have not been watering my life enough.

I can only do so much.

...Must you expect more?


Went to play soccer today with the 05 people. Won 3-2, haha, jackson really made a damn stylish maneuver =D

Had dinner afterwards. Isaac got offered a plate of frog legs for $1 by the auntie, damn good , I tell ya

Going to meet skyy and paul for gym tomorrow, then sell ducks with isaac. Hope all goes well =)
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