A BREAK of Love 

April 18 [Mon], 2005, 14:26
o“ò”r™¤lazy+—L™¤‘½“Itest and assignment.ŠˆÈ‰ä’‡–¢—LŽžŠÔup date ŒÂdairy.but later ‰ä˜ð•â›”Ôgašh..coz@‚”‚ˆ‚…‚“‚… happenso many things make my heart totally broken..

“ªæáÇhoroscope....=>“‰Ô³‰ C•s—v‘¾‰ßS‹}Œˆ’è›”ÛC“|•s”@›’Šá‘O“I“߁u‘́v‘¼’€ˆêRŽ‹C‘RŒãËì‘I¢•ûˆ×ãô(agree)



April 08 [Fri], 2005, 1:15
@‘z“žŽ©ŒÈ@gS–ç“s—Í”æ @–³—p說˜b@œ†Ÿ†—Í“ï撐


@“ï‘ŠM‘¼@àՈ¤‰äˆêl @ŠÒ¥‰Â”\@˜ðˆ×‰ä‹ŽˆÀâr


i did low B things AGAin.!!DID I ???? 

April 06 [Wed], 2005, 16:04
¡“úˆ¢šF˜bmake fried dumpling˜ê‰ä’nHcŒ‹‰Êcmake¶tok shitoêt~hahahahaac..

.ÅŒã“sŒW‰ä“¯amy..cook it.!!!at that time‰ä“¯amy“s—LÕ“®‘zuse microwave cook it..but ˜êl‘jŽ~¶.!!!!.xddddd

but finally after me and amy cook“s‹©H“¾lŠù~~hehe~~

after dinner I went to have drink with eddie c.and I wana call my Honi to come out ..but looking for her or a long time,still canft find her..<>c
so eddie take me to her placecand cccc..we are so surprise to seeccc.he;s there.!!!!

Then we went to drink in TERRACE ROAD....We look like ABO now~haha..drink in public area.!!!

While we are drinkingceddie–³\\˜bD‘z”Ôhk..‘¼’‡—v˜b›”–ʏAŒWTST. Haha..
After he said that..‰ä“sæS“¾Ž—Ž—’nga!heec..

ˆù“ž3êyŠô..A“¯eddie ‹ŽHª–écc.‰ä’nŒX¶D‘½–ì..and he surprise what I did todayc.!!!!‰ä’m‘¼S諗DD‰ä–”˜ô–„‚„’á”\–ìDDDBUTcc..
I@‚„un no YAc..CONFUSE ’†

lazy to@‚—‚’‚‰‚”‚…@‚„‚‚‰‚’‚™III 

April 05 [Tue], 2005, 15:27
4 april
Yesterday tina help me to finish up the minutes and study guide,if not,I dun have Hw to hand in on todaychehe@‚Œ‚•‚ƒ‚‹‚™``..
Now every monday after school, I have coffee with Terry
.i really love that café.it;s so nice and quite at there..no chinese people..that;s y no bullshit!..

After Al went back to INDoncTerry take Al job..==>Force me to study<=haha@
I got 2 mum~~~kaka..XDD

5 april

¡“úmum‘Åêt..–”ŒWAGURE‰ÊŒÂ–â‘èc..at last.“sŒW.flight then..hang offc
‰ä“sšI‘zoŠÃgac..she–”ŒW“s—v‰ämove back to homestay. Or move to aunt house.aniway‰äŒWŽ€“sšI˜ðZhomestay ga!!!!NOWAY!

ÅœÌŒWclokman ˜ê›{Zsent warning letter..‰ä–”—v˜êllauc˜b‰äšIáǏZmY brother..wtf. if I dun look after him I wonft always remind him study and ask him stay AT home la!

clubbing..again..and again.. 

April 02 [Sat], 2005, 4:00

butˆ¢šF“¯eddie–”ˆø—U‰ä‹Ž..chorus.˜b—Lfunction. and‹Á”š¶–³láǏZamy .so. ‰äæ—Ž‹Žhelp him áǏZamy jakaka...good excuse

‹Ž“žŒ©“ž¬ê“s·šI‘½ŒWhkl.coz toniteŒWchinese son‚‡;s NITE.actually i prefer english song....i think this one better......

AND this time eddie ™¤‹°•|.
.when I was drinking with my fds..‘¼–³\\–o–„êt..DŽ—–”‘z™ùloŠÃ shit!!!!!!!..then‰ä‘¦‘–o‹Žcarpark“ž.(lay–„).xdddddddd..everytime when he drunk orc..he always.bite us!!!!!crazy dog!!!

but we all have fun at there.and we drink a lotcc
.until 4:00 we went to church to continue CLUBBING.!!!!!!

“ž‰ä’nH–„‘Ž`”Ô‰®Šéc‰Êw..›ßãS7êyŠôcc‰ä’‡—v9êyweak up•âK..áÇêt‰ä“sŒWcan:t weak up gašhc..


April 01 [Fri], 2005, 3:28
Last nite..™¤趕oŠÃŒWantony‰®Šé˜ôinformation design Šùproject.ˆÈˆ×¡“ú—vŒðc
êy’m¡“ú”Ô“ž‹ŽŒÂlecture˜bdue in next week WTF!!!!!D”ΚIŒW“¾‰äˆêŒÂoŠÃxdd..—LŠôŒÂl“sˆÈˆ×¡“úŒð..“sšI’mŒW咪ŒÂlectureuöar!!

after sko~‹Ž¶ˆù’ƒc’‡ŒW“¯–„ˆ¢šFhs parent.,ˆêꎈù...
‘å‰Æ“sŒW“ž•¯˜¨c.hahahaxddddcafter that.A“¯–„eddie”ԍ¶‹Žmy honi{ƒLƒX}‰Ø—‰®ŠéŠß..eddie’‡bring–„happy ‹Ž.tim..!!
Happy‹Ž“žˆêŒ©“ž‰Ø—Ç..‘¦—¯šAŒû…c.ŒWoŠÃ搞mini..!poor miniAD–³“Þ˜ê..happy.....xxxx!!!!!!!happy‰Ê‘RŒW•¨Ž—ŽålŒ`ar...hahahaahahaha

today@so fucking cold ar!!+!!!!!!!!,so after go home and get change I ‚—‚…‚Ž‚”shopping with miki. I didn;t see her for a long time~since we grad from tuart..and ‚Žow we are in different sko..we dun see each other muchc.really miss the time when we are in da same class..!!

After dinner with my Japanese friends. I went home and drink with ((LB)).we drink until so drunkccActually I feel so upsad today..and I just acting happy and fine in front of my fds..cos I dun want them to worrycbut I think they knew it .cos . when I was unhappy..it shows on my face.

While we are drinking..Olie ring me up.then she and antony came to my house..AND..SOMETHINGS HAPPENccc=========„KO@

‚‚Ž‚‰‚—‚‚™@‚‰@Really need to say THAN‚j YOU to JESScThanks so much ..for helping me solve the problem and fuck him up<c.and I hope I didnft get u in trouble~
,I love u gal,u are so Brave~~

Me and Amy cooking 

March 31 [Thu], 2005, 3:17
Dinner menu

Main course: Rib Eyes with garlic and tomato source.
Creamy Chicken and vege Pasta with cheese.

Dessert: potato and Egg salad.

Tonite me and AMY Show to onon we can cook.At least after dinner.he ;s still alive ,donft need to go to hospital~~hahac

And I belive that onon really is a cute babie~coz after he put make up on~hefs so cute ya!!!!!!!!!!like a babie doll.But he donft let us take photo..SHIT..or I can show u guys how pretty can he be~~haha

IT quite Ture~ 

March 29 [Tue], 2005, 21:31
“¢‰}ˆöP˜aˆÀˆí“I“úŽqCY›õŽ–“s‘z‘nVC˜a•Êl•sˆêžéG–nŽç¬‹K“I¶Šˆ•ûŽ®C˜ð—ß‘¼˜ìŠ´“ž‰}œ¦C”‡Žíl“IDŠïS\‘«CŠìŸc’Ç‹VŽ–•¨CŽ§ŠŽÌ‰»«¥–ú‹­–úDBA铗͎§Œ¾C—i—L”‡ŽíŽèŒ^“I’j—C‘命“s›¢‰—Šˆ—͏[ŸAŠ²™¤\‘«“IlC«ŠiÏ‹ÉiŽæCŠˆÈÝHì˜aˆ¤îã“sãSí•¯‰‰Žå“®ŽÒ“IŠpFB•s‰ß”‡Žíl—R‰—«ŠiŠOŒüCÝ”Nçj“IŽžŒóC–”—eˆÕ˜½’˜Ž©ŒÈ“I铗͘a‰ ·“IŠˆ“®—Íãs—|CŠˆÈ’ʏí“s—L‘Š“IŒXŒüC”@‰Ê•s懂“¾ß§Ž©ŒÈ“I¶ŠˆC˜V¥ŠìŸcŠ…ŽðA‘Å–ƒ›’“™C’ʏª’B’U“IãߐFŒ¢”nCœk—eˆÕ›’g铘M垮C›”Œ’Nœk•sDC”‡ˆêêy—v“Á•Ê—¯ˆÓB另ŠO值“¾ˆê’ñ“I¥C”‡Žíl›”‰—ˆ¤î“IŽ·’˜’ö“xC絕•s˜ð”ä•ûŒ^Žè“Il˜Ò“¾‹­Bˆöˆ×“V¶—L’˜ŠìV‰}äp“I«ŠiCˆöŸœk—eˆÕ‰}Œ‘™_l¢ŠE“I’¾–ãB˜a”‡žé“IlŒð‰Cˆê’è—v›’œöî•sŽž“I’“üV“I‹ÁŠïC樔‡ŽílæS“¾¸Ñ˜aäo眾•s“¯CË”\—¯Z‘¼“ISB


March 28 [Mon], 2005, 23:01
this week horoscope

ˆ¤î[ŸÞŽlŽüC“‰ÔˆËäp’¨‰ CÝ–Ê›””‡›õ‘½‘I¢ŽžC•s—vÄ–ÉœåˆÈ‰“Il˜aŽ–—¹B ii‰ä“sšI‘zÄ”Ï‚‚’IIjj

o“ò2“ú•ú˜ï‰ä“sœï“¾oŠX....“ú“ú“sŒW‰®ŠéŒP“žŽ€¶.....last nite’‡ŒP“ž 9"00 pmæweak‚•‚`‚‹‚‚‹‚DD‰ä‘¾™¤šhDDD


March 26 [Sat], 2005, 23:15
.he amamæ“¯‰äu¶...ˆ¢ç²ŒÂ...ú“.......çz“ªAŒ©“žheêtH”Ñ...’‡“¯–„(((((((((kary))))))))))))
闋;‰ä‹SŽ–ú“...‰ä–”šIŽ¯‘¼...–”–³“¯he u‰ß–ì.“sxddd Šù~
HŠ®”Ñ‹Ž¶tea fusion’Tˆ¢šF.ˆêw.,A“¯olie‹Žshopping......Œ¾”O‹Ž”ƒshoes.êy’m2›”“s–³‰Ý!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wtf!!!!!!!!..áÇ3....d.clothes–”;DDDD..........

then”Ô‰®Šéõ“ªé›....this timeŒWgFar~(‰ä“s’md hair ™¤....but‰äšI‘zŒ©“ž..d hair–”ŠD ma......!!!!(thanks olie helping me~)

after done my hair.AŒ¾”OZ‹Žher hse eat dinner...êy’m‰äŒW˜ê..my pk brother..Šßlo..
cos.he didn:t tell me (((kary)))))) also go.........fuck!!!!!–”make me˜êl‚‚‚…‚;,,,,,.,,“sšI’mŒWo•Ämy brother êtga!!!!!(but‰äšI˜ð“¯d.¬•ü—F....Œv....ƒC›•àˆÓlo•Ä“¯lulo..i‚‚‚…‚j;‰ä“s–³—pga!)

make me no mood to eat with‚”‚ˆ‚…‚`‚“‚‘ŘꈢšF“¯‚‚‚™`and they bought me and angie take away`thanks~when they at my home.....™¤xd..ˆ¢šF“¯eddieŒW“ž•¯miss hongkong..kakaakakakaak.....+..!!..
‰ä“¯amyAŒW“žŒX.....–ì.kakaa!!attaching problem..hahahaah!!!!!xd..

also.‰äá¢æSeddieŒW™¤.baka.“I.‰ä’n˜bd..candyŒWfish.mailêt˜ê‰ä..he just.‘¦šAêtH......xdddkakakakaka. he also..take.fish˜ê‰äÇtamagochi!!!ác³‰ÊÇ..(((chicken))ŒWfish.....ˆêw˜bfish..ãê‰ì—vH–ì..ˆêw–”˜bfish’‡ú“..¬“úshiting....

until 12êyŠô‰ä’nA—Žchurch..™¤‘Ï–³—Ž‰ß‹Žšh.since..last year happen. omeths...tonite..ŒW™¤‘½l..so..suprise ryan“¯ˆ¢sum“s˜ðŒW“žryan.’‡—vtake–ìtim...˜ÄšI“žˆË‰Æd..good student “s˜ðoŠÃar!!
Šß“ž‚SêyŠôD‰ä’nA‘–¡“ú‰äŒWÅ˜¨‰ÊŒÂ‚Œ‚ ‚‚‚•‚”ˆ¢šF“¯‚…‚„‚„‚‰‚…A”ššADIIII

3”N“àFINISH..UNIIŠæ’£‚è‚Ü‚·II ’‡—L—vl“žŽÔ”v
“¢‰}...play boy..,cheaplDandu‘å˜bŠùl..
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