Religion Wars 

April 03 [Tue], 2012, 18:27
i dont know if it is appropriate to write about religion here.

I wonder why religion wars happening now all over the world can't ever stop.

although I dont know about each religion deeply, so far I feel that Buddhism, Muslim, Christian are mainly all the same.

I have met people who believe those religion.

they were all morally nice to me without taking any benefit.

they all said "you dont have to kill, rob, take someone's possession and so on."

if each single person exactly followed what those religion tell, the war would never be happening.

dont you agree?

I just hope that they all stop faultfinding each other.

they are all nice and trying hard to be nice people and helping others.

I hope all people in the world can get along.

this is just my opinion.

thank you.

if you have opinion about it, please share.

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I write whatever I like.

hopefully, you guys enjoy.
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