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November 23 [Fri], 2012, 20:23

"Is to isn't some to cheap uggs for sale have fantastic idea, this hasn't made, can sell?"Wang Si Yu is tiny tiny on smiling, incite a way:"Try first, probably can work out a problem."See the beam Hong reach to ponder language not, he again patiently explanation way:"Beam secretary, those make real estate, but like to stir-fry a building flower, as long as taking real estate and dug two Qiao soils on the workplace, sign a piece of brand and then can sell money, we this no matter how it is say, have already done a half, how can not sell?"The beam Hong reaches to smile, the Mo Suo wears hair and ponders a way:"Is also, make not good, we still really hold gold bowl to beg a mile!"Listen to 2 people's dialogue, huge dollar and Tang Wei Guo also sit not to live, quickly rounded to come over, knit the brows to hope diagram paper, saw a long time, don't also make clearly, 2 people have to sell what.Tang Wei Guo finally cannoted help but, surprised tunnel:"Sell what?"The beam Hong reaches to draw back drawer and touches a pencil and drew a few turns on the diagram paper, the sign turn of toll station get up, smiling tunnel:"Secretary king's meaning, is west line engineering 1 time pack to sell to go, you are two to also say, can the way is all right?"Tang Wei Guo is stunned speechless, stare at diagram paper see a long time, just knit the brows a way:"Is not that realistic, the road hasn't fixed well, toll station is on the diagram paper, can sell?Is much less, there is no stable management, price also not estimate?"Wang Si Yu puts a hand, half jokingly way:"Mayor Tang, superhighway toll station now but make money most of made a living, and blocked road to loot about, equal to day and night continuously print Chao of machine, as long as we are willing to give up to sell, natural have buyer, toll station still just paper noodles up, don't also relate to, easily imagine space for person more, we prospect description glorious some, make to publicly invite bids, not sorrow sell not to go out."Tang Wei Guo'H'm'1, don't declare again, the in the mind also had some to admire, no matter how it is, the other party puts forward this way, don't lose to a kind of solution.The beam Hong reaches and starts to carry cup and drank tea and drinks and changed direction the huge dollar to the vision, light tone way:"Is old huge, and your opinion?"The huge dollar contemplates a long time and orders, light tone way:"Beam secretary, this idea is quite good, lend a chicken to hatch, can try."The beam Hong reaches to throw down the pencil, once the big hand flick and openly say with smile:"That tries, can really sell to go, record your secretary king a great achievement!"Wang Si Yu puts a hand, humbleness tunnel:"The west line engineering is what mayor Tang makes, I don't dare to be greedy for an achievement."The beam Hong reaches to lay up smiling face and saw eye Tang Wei Guo, don't talk.Tang Wei Guo but understand meanings in it, at least present noodles up, if talk about breadth of mind, have already been exceled by the other party a to raise, his in the mind doesn't quickly is some, but still keeps ordering, air self-composed tunnel:"The this viewpoint of secretary king is very bold, so, we according to design before estimate of income to make reference to, at least annually at two hundred million or so, if sell out right for 20 years, also had 4,000,000,000, as long as be no lower than 3,600,000,000, can sell out."The beam Hong reached to want to think and touched make moves machine and stired a number, tone steady tunnel:"Is old six?A business wants to discuss with you, H'm, the west line engineering knows?The yonder superhighway will set up five toll stations after being inaugurated, if we make the toll station selling to you the road bridge the group with 20 years of term, is it interested in?"Save the road bridge group company of six always listenned to, quickly say with smile:"Beam secretary, you this idea is quite good, want 〜only price justice, we completely can consider."The beam Hong reaches some accidents and stretches out a thumb and swayed to sway to Wang Si Yu, peeps out an idea of praising on the face, and then jacks up a volume and smiles a way:"Is old six, you don't want to always remember to do dishonest trader, now the Lu Qiao company of another province, have already opened a costliness, I am to consider that fatty water doesn't flow an outsider farmland and just beats hello for you, how, open a price?"Six always don't dare to neglect, the favour took calculator, the ground of Pa Pa pressed and pondered a long time, and he pushes away calculator and gingerly sounds out a way:"Beam secretary, 3,500,000,000 how?""What, 3,500,000,000?"The beam Hong reaches once the complexion sink, 'bang'on striking table, ground's facial expression exaggerated tunnel:"Good you is old six, incredibly want to have the cheapness of public, do you know how much the somebody else quotes?4,600,000,000!"Six total Lengs for a while, quickly smile a way:"Beam secretary, you don't intimidate me, the west line engineering also takes next year's year-end completion of work most quickly, toll station actual of an income is still an unknown, which meeting someone open so high price."The beam Hong reaches'hum' a , tone not kind tunnel:"Six total, your meaning is my this old headman at tell a lie?"Six always got a fright, knew to speak amiss words and quickly compensated to say with smile:"Big owner, I where meeting is that meaning, just feel strange, their offer is really a bit wide of the mark, we road bridge the group will have the risk of deficiency after following."The beam Hong reaches to put a hand, tone not kind tunnel:"Calculate, since you have no sincerity, that still publicly invites bids, the former expert of son measures calculate, sell 5,000,000,000 above is also normal, you road bridge the group always cry to shout to want a policy to support at ordinary times and really gave you the opportunity, but backed down, too ridiculous!"Six always sit not to live, quickly stood to get up, cried to lose a face way:

"Beam secretary, that doesn't become, ugg gissella boots you always need to look after business enterprise inside the province, so, plus outside wreath road family temple wood with north of those two toll stations, we would like to 5,000,000,000, however, our current funds pressure also very big, before completing work, engineering's can beat 30% of down payments, leave of divide batch close account in two years."The beam Hong reaches tiny knit the brows, light tone way:"Still need to plus two toll stations, just bid 5,000,000,000, old six, you this abacus beat too finely to order."Six always had some to have no language, the wry smile wore a way:"Beam secretary, this can all see on your big owner's face, otherwise, we which meeting this price."The beam Hong reached Xia tea and drinks, sink a track:"Is old six, so, I project, avoid you again 30,000,000, but want whole sumses to pay, how?"Six always cut and polished for a while, felt that the debt can calculate, the favour says with smile:"Okay, big owner, we want to open a meeting first, then discuss for a while, in a couple of days, I give° the detailed project you to take pass by."The beam Hong reached to hang a telephone, handle knob machine to once the office desk throw and smile a way:"5,000,000,000, this is a big business.""Yes, big business!"Tang Wei Guo's smiling face is a bit difficult to see, the in the mind pleased sorrow is half, pleased was the problem of funds to solve, finally can take a breather, sorrow of is a flank this city Wei vice- secretary, unexpectedly think the idea being exquisite like this a, at saves the Wei secretary in front situation, leave the best impression, this isn't a good matter.The huge dollar is also that the pleased hope an outside and smile to sing tunnel:"Is old horse, a crest a pair, beam secretary this business talks beautifully, a while drop problem solution."The beam Hong reaches also a bit satisfied, stretch out four fingers, in front of Tang Wei Guo in a flash, smile don't? smile tunnel:"Wei country, the problem of funds solved, the Jiao tail county immigrated a problem, you Luo water want 40%, all right?"The Huo ground of Tang Wei Guo stood and repeatedly put a hand, the wry smile wore a way:"Beam secretary, the place spending money in city is too many, you can not ability so."The beam Hong reaches a mood best, clipped briefcase uprising and openly said with smile:"No matter, sold good price for you, certainly needed to accept some advantage fee to, for 40%, have no the leeway of amount of company, you leave to open the spot meeting, solve to drop in time the problem of detection, we walk first one step, save Wei there the affair is a lot of, cough ……favour!"Had no language when Tang Wei Guo ascended, have to the side led body and hoped Wang Si Yu, not salty not thin tunnel:"Secretary king there is this good way, early should put forward come, last time often when the Wei will ascend western line engineering of discussion your you is looking on coldly, a speech don't deliver."Wang Si Yu puts a hand, smile way:"Is useless, even if before can want out, also only the beam secretary can sell good price, none of other people becomes, he repeatedly says six dishonest trader always, in fact, the beam secretary is the biggest dishonest trader.""Lickspittle!"The beam Hong reached to hum a , the eye all of the insides are to smile an idea, walk to Wang Si Yu front of, especially the idea stopped a step, clapped to clap his shoulder and smiled a way:"Like stem, for Wei country chase work stem like, together, your 2 people remember to repair Taiwan each other, not ability each other dismantling Taiwan , otherwise, don't blame me Don't mention it."Wang Si Yu'H'm'1, accompany public, send small car the this Jiang big Li, follow with eyes a few small cars to drive far, once turned body, saw Tang Wei Guo's one eye, smile way:"Wei country mayor, you immediately after hold a meeting, I ain't really either to understand to the engineering, is not in this Ai matter.""What?Don't you understand?The engineering hasn't finished making, be sold out by you, your secretary king was still really enough modest!"Tang Wei Guo listenned to this words, the nose almost was annoyed slanting, but also a bit helpless, the son is this matter now, also not the ability is whole strange other parties, in fact is the set that he descends first, let the other party dilemma, have never thought, will make this result.Upset remaining, he also has some to appreciate and no matter how it is, say, the problem of funds solved, those about 5,000,000,000 funds, not is fraction eyes, runs to the department Wei, also not know how long make down, although was blackmailed by the old guy,leave of that part, can also work out a very great problem.Ponder a long time, Tang Wei Guo sighed tone and noded a way:"Is all right, secretary king, your gold idea, can help government this place of great favour, the dish lives to save quantity and keeps a company by company, good way.""Nothing important, this is also against will but is it, dismantle east the wall repair west wall, not always permanent arrangement."Wang Si Yu is light on smiling, also not much say, took a secretary to get on the car, teacher horse launched car, the small car leaves no track but goes to, he opens a stereo set inside the car and throw vision toward in addition to window, the companion wears music clearly quick of rhythm, in a soft voice humed:"All of us are be compelled, force of, force of, be compelled of ……" chapter 22 lets go car to open into a city center, after a prosperous business street, through the car window, Wang Si Yu suddenly discovers, on the street of front, lie prone an unkempt appearance mendicant, that person is approximately about 30 years old, arm leg but such as infant the arm sort is thick thin, use top of head a ragged small iron basin, is crawling along difficultly and forward."Park the car!"Teacher horse got a fright and quickly depended the car to the wayside to stop bottom, Wang Si Yu sighed tone and took out purse and drew out one Ta bill and passed to Lin Yue and pointed at a car window to outside crawl onward mendicant, light tone way:"Go, give him money."Lin Yue is stunned speechless, answered money but didn't move, but silently the voice remind a way:

"Secretary king, his ugg kensington boots current appearance, gave these money, will also rob to walk, can not solve an actual problem."Wang Si Yu puts a hand and knits the brows a way:"That connects a person to carry money to send to a salvage station together and conveniently goes to a domestic affairs bureau and understands the circumstance that some disable and sick persons help aspect, after having the related material tidied up, hand over to me in time."Lin Yue'H'm'1, open the door to get off, but be called by teacher horse, the old horse also touches a piece the 50 greatest Chaos passed in the past, Lin Yue walked to the mendicant nearby and squatted down next asked a few words, stood on the wayside to wave hand, block a for-rent car, the company measured a long time, driver teacher just unwillingly agreed, Lin Yue handed mendicant into car and closed a car door and rented a car to soon drive to go out.The old horse smiled to smile and launched car, the small car re- drove to return to lord way, light tone way:"Secretary king, in fact now ten mendicants, have seven is an occupation of, a lot of sympathies that all make use of people make money."Wang Si Yu is wrinkly to knit the brows, hope the many-storied building of car window outside row upon row, light tunnel:"Leaving those is three, always need to take care of one tube, the convection wave cat stray dog is all so good-hearted, across street head mendicant but turn a blind eye, does that how to go."The old horse ordered a smoke, the list hand chased steer device, slowly long tunnel:"Secretary king, I am to so feel, can that son in our house, always say a mendicant influence urban landscape, should kick out those people, however, she says of the matter son is also pretty angry, front segment time, a lame person kneels on the street to block a car and holds brick in hand, don't give not letting of money over, absolutely be be street to rob money!"Wang Si Yu takes back vision, didn't utter a word, but touched make moves machine and played the game of gluttonous snake, brain inside but is thinking another thing, the same world, to some people, be heaven, but to another part of persons, then hell.Seem and 《double the city record 》 inside speak similarly, this is the best ages, also the worst ages, certainly, no matter how people adjudicate, this several surging forward with great momentum changes, changed the condition of falling behind the poor and unproductive, also pushed forward the progress of modernization in the nation, although exposed much weakness among them, total up, perform feats, will definitely be loaded in a historical work.Return to office, criticized a meeting document, the red of the office desk kept secret a telephone suddenly ring get up, the telephone is to save a huge dollar of general secretary Wei dozen, after exchanging greeting severals, huge dollar once the topic turn and depress an orotund way:"Secretary king, just in returning to the road of saving the Wei, the beam secretary peeps out a people's breeze, the city Wei of the Luo water City secretary problem, can not delay any more, probably soon will solve."Wang Si Yu's sensitive gets up and quickly let go in of material, sound out to ask a way:"General secretary, can Wei mayor Guo go up?"The huge dollar is wrinkly eyebrows, light tone way:"Seem to be very difficult, the meaning of the beam secretary, make minister Chen come down.""Chen Qi Ming?"Wang Si Yu is startled, the variety of circumstance, have some to come from his idea to anticipate.The huge dollar point nods and take the pen wrote on the book'Chen Qi Ming'three words, and then drew a turn, patiently explanation way:"He just freely on asking, if make the clear comrade of Qi serve as and save Wei a secretary, and the Luo Wei secretary in water City City how?I ain't opposed, follow his meaning to keep on saying, according to my judgment, Tang Jia affirmation wants the opposed, here the variable of noodles very big, make not good, province Wei in will appear rift ……""H'm … H'm …" Wang Si Yu lightly nod, the vision becomes faraway, after hanging up a telephone, he knits the brows to contemplate a long time and smiled to smile, dark Cun way:"Is also good, the old guy has to stir the Hun to water, is not a bad matter either and see from the circumstance in morning, that beam secretary seems also unwilling the north being a traveler, also thinking at the Wei does some articles."The affairs in afternoon are few, Wang Si Yu after finishing doing official document then drives to return to in home, after opening door, but see Liao the view Qing lie on the sofa and sleep just fragrantly, the waistline of that song the United States, the side lies on the sofa and seem to be lingering charm hundred percent.He kid's heart greatly rise and silently closed door and changed slippers, the cat waist walks over there and arrive at a sofa side up, pulled a chair to sit down, hoped still in Sleeping Beauty in the dreamland, the ground of Zheng Zheng was stunned.The Liao view Qing is dressed in the suspender skirt of pink, the supporter of left side slides shoulders and peeps out a smooth smooth fragrant shoulder, and Ning fat the sort is snow-white to slip to get fed up with of skin, but that lucid and attractive and above the worldly ways Qiao face up, also take one silk gentleness of smile an idea."This was the begonia spring to sleep!"Wang Si Yu is from the heartly great a , the vision takes aim that such as flower Qiao face, towering breast, the loins curve of soft United States, the white livings a rare beautiful leg and finally fall at that to lovely jades feet up, stare at delicate like the toe of tip of bamboo shoot, flower petal sort beautiful and beautiful pink toe A, in the mind like cat Nao general, Yang get severe, cannot help but stretching out a hand to go, do to soar to the skies to falsely grasp a form.The Liao view Qing suddenly opens eyes and flurried sat and stretched hand to start to pull a slender supporter and touched the hair Ji of touching the ear, abashed Nan tunnel:"

Fall asleep, younger brother, ugg mayfaire boots how to come back this early son now?"Wang Si Yu is tiny tiny on smiling, the handle knob accepted back and touches a forehead, so make a town to settle tunnel:"The affairs are all busy to finish, want back earlier."Liao view Qing the point nod and stood and walked to the front of the mirror and repaired simple attire, again Qi cup tea and drinks, put in the tea side-table, lightly say with smile:"Do not know what is the row, lack badly for these several days, always make to trap."Wang Si Yu drank tea and drinks and smiled a way:"May be to lack sport, elder sister, we climb mountain to the outskirts over the weekend."The Liao view Qing sits sofa once and at random touched a magazine, the tunnel of Jiao Yong:"Need not, you, sometimes still returns capital city more, go along with girl friend well is serious."Wang Si Yu lets go of cup and took off lounge suit down and started to hang in the hanger of flank and turned round later on and very naturally sat to the Liao view Qing nearby, light tone way:"Elder sister, the appearance that you just went to bed is attractive."The Liao view Qing gets red in the face and starts a way:"Younger brother, you sit first, I change clothes, connect precious jade precious jade."Wang Si Yu saw next time, the favour pulled her jade arm, light tone way:"It is it's yet early, don't be hasty."The Liao view Qing is a bit panic, silently track:"The younger brother is making."Wang Si Yu but Be not willing to let go of, comply with the surrounding to embrace her in the bosom, wreathed in smiles tunnel:"Elder sister, I enough honesty, otherwise, just stole you."Liao view Qing Cui one mouthful, turn the Qiao face to the flank, the tunnel of Niu Ni:"Younger brother says what!"Wang Si Yu explores handle knob into sleep skirt, daut that smooth and soft and tender beautiful legs, light tone way:"The elder sister wants to like Yao and how compensate me?"The Liao the view Qing Jiao Qu is one Zhan, quickly stretch out hands, catch his wrist, twist body, quivering voice way:Wang Si Yu of"do not, younger brother, again etc. ……" is low head, contain her lower ear lobe, silently track:"Wait what?"The Liao view Qing sat and shouted tunnel:"Younger brother, you recently is how, always think those affairs."Wang Si Yu sighed tone, light tone way:"All thoughted for two years, very not easy opportunity to get, in the mind all the Yang arrive not to go."The Liao view Qing lowers the head language not, a long time, just sighed tone, soft track:"You this is much silly boy, is younger brothers Jie well, why want to be a lover?"Wang Si Yu embraces a beauty and smells light You joss-stick, in a good mood, light tone way:"The elder sister is still that sentence, regardless you be willing to, all want to become my woman."Liao view Qing the ear is very popular, the hands hold Sai, in anger tunnel:"Early know is so, stay in the jade state, however come, thought to pick up one one cheap younger brother, have never thought, adult of canary."The greatly elated of Wang Si Yu, wreathed in smiles tunnel:"Elder sister, that were you to promise?"The Liao view Qing humed a , foot way:"Do not promise!Still not quickly loose hand?"Wang Si Yu Hey Hey the ground smiled and loosenned to open a hand, lazy ocean ocean tunnel:"That flies and regardless fly much Gao how far, you will come back of, elder sister, you will understand sooner or later, only I am sincerely painful yours."Liao view Qing the station rise body, the ground of Jiao Yong stretches out a pair of arms and lightly says with smile:"Finally free, wait meeting, take precious jade precious jade to fly jade state once together."Wang Si Yu ha ha on smiling, put a hand way:"Elder sister, that doesn't become, precious jade precious jade but my at heart meat, who can not take."The Liao view Qing once turns body, Piao his one eye, red the face went upstairs, all for a long time didn't come down.After an hour, 2 people drive to school, answered precious jade precious jade, the restaurant for neighborhood had supper, after returning to a house, Wang Si Yu's joy must match a Long mouth not, guided precious jade precious jade to write, incite her to go to bed earlier.The small guy all doesn't match to match at 1:00 and seems to be excrescent spirit and embraces teddy bear to run about in the living room and smile happily tunnel:"Is too early, the somebody else didn't trap again, where can sleep wear!"Had no language when Wang Si Yu ascended, after watching a short while television, return to upstairs, hurtled hot bath, lay in the bathtub to hum'tonight no man fallen asleep', touched begin machine, gave Liao the view Qing to deliver a message:"Elder sister, have a chat together in the evening can?"Is very quick, spread the voice of every drop to ring in cellular phone, turn over a message, sees up write:"Chat what?"Wang Si Yu Hey Hey the ground smiled and quickly returned to way:"Life, ideal, what can chat!"Led a short while, the companion wore several every drops to ring, the message returned to come over:"The tonight doesn't go, my in the mind is well disorderly."Wang Si Yu is tiny to knit the brows, quickly ask a way:"Elder sister, how?"A long time, cellular phone and then every drop ring out and write a way in the message:"Dislike, you still ask, younger brother, you have nowhere to go what elder sister forced!"Wang Si Yu sighed tone and continued way is once:"Elder sister, your true don't like at all?"The message soon returned to come over and up wrote a way:"The of course not liked, if can, I hope to do your elder sister forever forever!"Wang Si Yu looking at this message, Leng a long time, the handle knob machine touches a smoke knit the brows to absorb severals to the flank, after ordering up, touches return machine and edits a message:"Is all right, elder sister, that I let go."Hesitant long time, he just lightly pressed to shoot key, the Da pulled head and hoped a Peng crest later on, one speech not deliver, the facial expression is difficult to see extremity, very obviously, the message sends out of in a flash, he regretted.Led a short while, the cellular phone bell ring rang out, he saw next number and saw is Deng Hua what safety hit come, sighed tone, connected to talk on the phone, in poor fettle tunnel:"Old, occupy?"