MBT's are not just a shoe in the ordinary sense

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The time in afternoon, Lee founds a nation alreadymbt shoes outlet the green strong men of whole manorses all to bear arms, those blacks that can't use a gun deliver a chop down knife, fasten red silk as marking on the head, more than 50 manor public securities although the weapon is a little bit miscellaneous, somehow have a gun to contain cannon, also be regarded as a grass head king.Lee's founding a nation is worried that the strength isn't enough, used radio contact popular actor public security company, the popular actor in nowadays already with Liu Zi Guang without the least bit relating to, become a state-run public security company, Chiu Peng flies to serve as general manager and secretary, on the whole companieses 100 public securities the cent guard each inside property company workplace, there are several cars, there are two propeller branch lines conveyance machine, and a great deal of weapon ammunition oil anticipates a material and be rated as west the Sa Bodhidharma is the second inshore the strongest of armed strength.What to answer the phone is the clock man's east, this special forces once served as middle age man's sensitivity to the war of the commanding officer is very high, founded a nation with Lee similar, he has already smelt a smell of gunpowder in the air."If the clock big brigade, circumstance is very urgent now, situation continues worsen, the our country is several 10,000,000,000 of the engineering whole bubble soup, I suggest to immediately gather troops and control the country's television station, palace, government mansion, steady live situation to wait for United Nations of the garrison of peace- keeping force, this just can protect the investment of our country!I will attack from the manor and hope your department supports."Lee founds a nation to seriously and matchlessly say.Listenned to this time words, clock Chinese east canned not help founding a nation in different light to Lee, not the Kui is the soldier of the most outstanding oneself's under charge, range of experience far super ordinary people, the energy is more incomparable."Well found a nation, I make collective report to the leadership right away!Support your activity."Clock Chinese east hanged a telephone, arrived at general manager's office in quick time and stretched hand to knock to knock on door."Come in."Chiu Peng flies dignity of voice spread, see is a clock a man the east come, Chiu Peng flies enthusiasm of say:"Old clock, every time knocks on door, you considered as an outsider too much."Clock man the east say:"Become accustomed to, officer big class presses to kill a person in the troops."Chiu Peng flies to say with smile:"My eldest brother elder brother, popular actor company inside doesn't speak this, I am young, experience is also not enough, have what work up of problem you would not° until more point out go."Clock man the east say:"Chiu is total, the circumstances is urgent, saint beard Anne has to be disorderly, if the civil war dozen gets up, we win to support the investment of several USD 10,000,000,000 of business enterprise to is all over, the national interest wants to be subjected to biggest loss, western Sa Bodhidharma second inshore fighting strength's strongest was our security corps of popular actor company currently, I suggested to immediately gather troops and maintain a saint beard Anne's order in the city, resume peace, promise construction."Piecemeal of the gun voice is from the window unauthorized biography come, seem at verify a clock man the words of the east, Chiu Peng flies complexion rigorous, he is quickly calculating, clock man the words of the east are quite right, but is a handle knob of the popular actor, oneself not only wants to consider the problem of military, but also wants more affairs of consideration political levels, 100 people of popular actor company gun, there is chariot containing airplane, can really sweep west the Sa Bodhidharma is second, but so is red-very naked domestic affairs in interference other country,

with our country the foreign policy seriously not agree with!The part is a policy, mbt tariki simultaneously is economic benefits, Chiu Peng flies also in a state of drift, he says:"Old clock, you go first preparation for a while, I make collective report to the home right away."Clock man the east say:"The soldier is amazingly fast expensive, Chiu is total you must be quick."Chiu Peng flies and waits a clock a man the east left office and immediately picked up a satellite telephone and walked to the window way and made collective report to the domestic, now was a second west Sa Bodhidharma afternoon time, the domestic was already at the mid-night, the popular actor company was a special business enterprise, total three unite and rule over with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, total three someones turn on duty and turn on duty a personnel not to dare and be good at and make the decision a piece for 24 hours, after hearing and reporting and let Chiu Peng flew to remain on standby at first.The pond minister takes part in a dinner party, is Ma Jing to living and leaf's soldier living to associately do east, invite river east province of the wheat provincial governor is 1 line, all of them is know from the young adulthood of old friend, very not easy gather a head in the city, how to not much drink two cups, on shift duty class personnel telephone at the time that dozen came over, the secretaries tactfully meant, lead have been already gone to bed, have what matter tomorrow again say.Turn on duty a personnel to have to find out other pair job leaderships to make collective report, pair the job realize this matter is serious and immediately left for to make collective report in person and finally found out the leaderships of looking angry and embarrassed on the wine table.Hear news, everyone whole Mengses, the west Sa Bodhidharma second intelligence is what pond minister is responsible for, while Ma Jing living and is the vice- senior clerk whom the iron mine stone leads a group and face sudden affairs, they completely felt helpless and handled the affairs of Liu Zi Guang of mature wise and farsighted, the resolute toughness all flies at the moment to far away.Ma Jing livings although in some aspects only Lan big power, face a this kind of tough international problem don't dare to make a mess of as well, is already dead hour at this time, tallest leader have already fallen asleep, hastily bother not very good, but Chiu Peng fly the telephone of that direction one by one, he has to living with leaf's soldier, the pond minister negotiate together and draw up a steady project.First, two go, it has been an hour since time nearly held up, clock man the east keep pressing, Chiu Peng flies is also urgently be like hot the ant on the pot, the sudden telephone comes, Ma Jing is born to take in the weariness dignity of the voice spread:"The life property that must protect a good our country to halt an outsider member safety, strictly forbid Be in armed clash with local soldier!""Resolute completion task!"Chiu Peng flies to say and hanged a telephone, to clock man the east issue order:"Orderany all on duty personnels, strengthen an alert, protect the safety of good personnel's equipments."Clock man the east frightened:"Our public security the cent halt more than ten workplaces, strength consumedly of drive dilution, deal with piecemeal a harassment to still go, if basically can not hold up against as for aggression that suffer big troops of enemy, only be massacred of."Chiu Peng flies to say:"I ignore you to comprehend to ignore a solution, this is the order!"

Clock man the east still want to argue by reasoning:"Lost this opportunity, even if mbt tariki walnut protect a workplace and then how, the whole nation all in disorder, we aren't just similar to want to withdraw, a soldier, can not think to be negative to defend and also want aggression.""Clock man east!"Chiu Peng flies harsh voice drink a way, " I remind you, you now already not is a military personnel in active service, here also not is a domestic, you are the military instructor of popular actor company, a party member, you have to obey the conductor of party."Underneath someone shouts:"Clock big brigade, the radio station calls you."Clock man the east leave in peevish anger and arrive at down stairs communication room, Lee founds a nation to just call him through a wireless:"Clock big brigade, we have already got into downtown, just at on the way to palace, I department the thermodynamic power is limited, the ammunition isn't ample either, hopes that you can support.""Found a nation, sorry ……" clock Chinese east holds a pager, the steel tooth bites into bit."Do not support, BE, I understood."Is abuzz wireless background sound in, gun voice vehemence, mix up with the explosion voice that the rocket plays, can imagine Lee to found a nation the difficulties of the situation for facing.12-88 dragged out to die[this chapter word number:3216 latest renewal time:2011-08-1711:00:00.0] Lee after founding a nation receive pleaing for help of armed escort in the royal house signal immediately lead armed public security and more than 200 black public securities of more than 40 China books of under charges to take manorial skin card and 4x4 to assist a palace.Saint beard Anne has already imposed curfew and be loyal to Martin's troops and wear thunder Si prime minister's troops arouse a war outside the city and again and again break out the riot of small scale and rob inside the city, the big dictator database expects the influence of general also cold ashes burn again, set fire to shoot everywhere in the city, several police's branch offices inside the city encounter a laying siege to of armed men and have enough to do to look after myself, which the emollient quantity preserve order.The troops that Lee founds a nation is to hurtle into a saint beard in this case Anne, small the car brigade that is armed to see them avoids it to cannot compare with and soon arrives a palace neighborhood, but encounters powerful Zu shot.Be apart from a palace to there is still one kilometer, bullet and mortar shell raining a general dozen to come over, the wall of surrounding building is beaten the brick Be horizontal to fly, but the personnel didn't die or injure and fought in Africa be so, the overwhelming majority combat is seeing the circumstance of disappearing the enemy under occurrence of, what both parties compare is the amount and personal character of ammunition.Though the other party is at confused open fire, but the bullet don't grow an eye and was killed by the stray bullet and then wronged, the public securities get off in succession and hurtled into the building of wayside and climbed the key figures and set in the sky, the dynasty bullet beats of direction gunning, they equally can not see the enemy either, can lean against sense of hearing, where beat a gun dynasty where shoot, momentary the bullet Be horizontal to fly, pour also noisy.

The typical model of this right and wrong continent type war beats a method, until among them the one party mbt tenga mid gtx was disgusted with or bullet fire away fight just end on the whole, but Lee founds a nation be not come to beat a gun to listen to ring of, palace at not distance, the gun voice is very airtight, and and someone beats Zu shot and sees to affirmation for facing and isn't a people generally and suddenly and violently.China book public securities although a lot of careers with an excessive soldier, the soldiers of peaceful period at most just meet bullet than a little bit high civilian's cultivated manners just still similar will avoid, will crary bullet of Qing Xie to encourage for oneself, however Lee founds a nation to have no how much bullet be provided for them to frivol, many people the ammunition that took one to play box, beat light can be the gun as to build a fire stick.So Lee founds a nation to continuously request the support from the popular actor company, but owns strong armed popular actor company but chooses is not, Lee's founding a nation to know this affirmation isn't a big clock brigade of original meaning, he definitely has real intentions of difficult speech.The sudden gun voice rings out from the back, they were surrounded!Unexpectedly enemy unexpectedly like this skill, round a city dozen to aid, pocket, these classic military tactics plenary meeting, the public securities of five virtuous manors are immediately panic absolute being, attack from both flanks before or after, this can how is good, did the bullet in the gun also beat light,said that oneself wanted to die in this foreign country other place.Some black with not firm willses started escaping, they threw down to chop down knife breeze to generally run about wildly empty avenue up, but the bullet runs sooner than them, don't know which building in project of the bullet knock down a few blacks are in the ground, blood 1 ground, have an individual haven't died deeply, the Zheng wears eyes to hope a this place, the hand is shivering.No one dares to save him and rushes out to only accompany him to pay with the life just at this time, the owners all stopped shooting and helplessly looking at that black to flow to the utmost the last blood but died.Connected most a person of decision to also falter at the moment, they stayed far away from home to arrive at Western Africa, nothing but for making money but not being to work oneslf to the bone, for the sake of several ten thousand pieces of of wages, return not to come home country forever, be worth.Lee founded a nation to also hesitate and leaned against the armed labor that organizes at the time and resisted regular troops, the cure of success wasn't obviously big, but now gave up also impossibly, he pickeds up a gun, assistant call come over to say:"You take them to withdraw, my a person saves a king."The assistant cries to lose a face:"Withdraw where, we have already been wrapped dumpling."The gun voice of suddenly a burst of vehemence rings out in the distance, close behind again is the explosion voice of RPG rocket, back takes place gun battle, don't know and have where the stranger horse killed out, however what to can affirm BE, the thermodynamic power of this kind of people is very strong, the fighting strength is very ferocious.After five minutes, the round type armoured vehicle of two soldier greens hurtled to come over and impressively flaunted one on the car head noodles five planets red flag, Lee founds a nation the public securities of under charge to all shout, but very quickly and stunned speechless.

This isn't the troops' armoured vehicle, because the carriage up draws a lot of girls that don't wear clothes, mbt tunisha car head Tu Zhu's shark mouth, the Liaos teeth of the white tooth blood-red big mouth, which troops can't dress up like this, either.Squat down a machine rifleman on the cannon tower, wear the skin quality tank hat moderate breezes mirror of old style, but again card of face Phnom Penh big sunglasses, the bare to the waist is dressed in a for use by the military hole shoulder, it is a small doll that returns nonage to see appearance clear, however what to can affirm BE, he is Chinese.The young man manipulates big caliber machine gun dynasty distance fierce shoot, the bullet elephant doesn't want money similar, the brass bullet hull rains a sort to fly out, the arm of young man emaciation keeps trembling and be like is beating to put son.The cabin cover opens, and then a few scrawny yellow hair youths drilled out and carried to light a fire an arrows tube to see don't see put to go for the dynasty distance as well, fire away to still do several Haos, excitement of impending.Lee founds a nation to wait all of the persons to be getting more foolish, this is to make where kind.Behind an armoured vehicle opened to come over, the car door opened, the Xuan son jumped out, fur-lined jacket skin Xue, cigar sunglasses, look is like an African warlord."Found a nation an elder brother, I am sorry, the younger brother came to night."Lee founds a nation wry smile and has never thoughts Xuan son to appear in this way.Xuan son a beckon with the hand:"Last cannon can vigorously build for me."The upper cover of armoured vehicle opens and peep out the 60 MM of inside trench mortar, a few boy light wear back to fill shell in cannon tube, shoot soon still pretty quickly, bombard plus big caliber machine gun, soon keep on inhibitting the other party."Found a nation an elder brother, get on the car, our elder brothers kills his seven enter 7!"The Xuan son is heroic matchless, found a nation Lee to pull ascend armoured vehicle, there is no air condition in car, the very hot diesel flavor makes people not that at ease, but this armor is to block bullet, if not that the personal character is bad to arrive extremity be played by the rocket to beat in, basic can all of public security."Xuan son, you where is this helping a soldier ?"Lee founds a nation to ask a way, outside machine gun the voice remain keep ringing, the armoured vehicle slowness starts, obviously is at take the offensive."Is all small work that Liu Ge gives me the arrangement, was all social crud before, what river norths Long Tang of, this lived not to go for small Zai son stem, be play a life."The Xuan son satisfiedly says."These weapon?"Lee founds a nation to still keep feeling suspicious very much, the Xuan son drives car to fix factory at Anne of saint beard, he is knowing, but what the time made to arrive to weigh so one more weapon.The Xuan son walks on air:" I open now of is a second west Sa Bodhidharma army armored brigade fixed-point to maintain a station.All of these armoured vehicles are what our dawn factories produce, this helping black will open can't fix, point the small trouble go toward to send in my factory, Hey Hey, send once I give them the discount of 100,000 francs in Western Africa, these gun cannon of, is all what I made from Angola come, found a nation an elder brother, you know I before is stem what of?"Lee founds a nation to have no language, he certainly knows Xuan son before is opened a vapor to fix factory to operate concurrently a smuggle car,

unexpectedly arrived at west the Sa Bodhidharma was second still don't throw down old profession, only don't smuggle mbt sawa sale a car to change to steal to carry weapon now."The light elder brother says recent may have to be disorderly, let me prepare to order a guy matter to prepare, I pondered and only had a gun not to go, we must make how many cannons Chong Chong condition, made one 40 rocket tubes of criticizings, there is also bombardment cannon, several 100 hair shells, how, found a nation an elder brother, small of play of still go?"Lee founds a nation to stretch out thumb, in the heart but dark sigh:The small scaled troops of "see to me also being getting older ……" Xuan son beat a method very is relentless, stay the youths of yellow hair to seem the root Be not afraid of dead and carry a gun to go forward courageously, the public securities of five virtuous manors see this helps the younger brother the younger brother all thus marvelous, can not help deelpy ashamed, also deliver one to shout heel at the back of the armoured vehicle launched aggression.The disorderly bands that besiege a palace see the armoured vehicle come and escape and spread in succession, little king safety, but even if plus Lee and found a nation and the strength of the Xuan son, be placed in the palace of the ground of four wars and basically guard not to live, according to conceiving at first, the turmoil gets up of time, five virtuous manors united the strength of popular actor company to live stable situation, but which ability everything is satisfied, the ammunition didn't carry, popular actor company also nonsupport, Lee founds a nation to take small the Se withdraw into five virtuous manors, there ground the wide person is sparse, again close by frontier, enter can offend and back can guard, suitable guerrilla war, far compare foolish at saint beard Anne City inside wait helplessly for the end strong get many.The rush fills with the important supplies in the palace armoured vehicle, troops and war and back, the facing city outside withdrew, after death is a billowing black smoke palace.……The popular actor company halts ground, the telephone continues to continuously ring out, the wireless passage is full of to cry for help a signal, everywhere medium property business enterprise the workplace all suffer roughneck raid and only have the armed public security of a class in headquarters, leaving all of more than 40 persons is to walk to relate to incoming employee, not only don't do to live, but also serve as various leadership jobs.Clock man the east suddenly receive a telephone, is what airport beats come, say to have a batch of domestics today of the medical treatment help a brigade and surround in the airport hall and hope that the popular actor companies can send a person salvage.He finds out Chiu Peng to fly to instruct right away and asks for taking person to save medical brigade back in airport, but is flown by Chiu Peng to veto on the spot:"Do not go, you walked, the safety of headquarters who come to be responsible for?"Clock man the east say:"Have an in medical brigade most likely is a female comrade, there is basically no ability protection oneself, we headquarters more than 40 number all of the person is once was subjected to a military training, have plenty of weapon in warehouse, outside the fence is so high, complete need not be worried about the safe problem.