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Withdraw(2) room in, the Xiao limitless cheap louis vuitton dish wears legs and fall to sit at □□, with simple customs a war, although is end it connect the absolute being soul cut to kill together, in fact his true dollar consumes also very big, particularly is 89 Xuan achievement, once almost his true dollar took time to.After is also cure for the leaf of Xuan, the true dollar in himself body approaches now dried up.The Xiao is limitless to shut eyes, deeply breathed an one breath, saw inside the beginning, discovering the true dollar in the blood vessels of oneself was already thin if visit silk, he doesn't dare to neglect and hurriedly transport true dollar to carry on revolving week sky.The true dollar in the monk body spiritual influence that comes from an of world, means passes to absorb to cut to stay, slowly get up own male Hun of true dollar self-discipline, now Xiao limitless true dollar exhaustion, can re- absorb dispersal to add at the spiritual influence in the air.Like more abundant in wild mainland spiritual influence, the Xiao is limitless to knead again ground more than tens work properly a stone, momentary room inside absolutely is a spiritual influence four overflow.These spiritual influence along with the Xiao operation of true dollar inside the limitless body, a little of be absorbed into body from the pore of skin by him.One and otherly absorb down, that is originally thin if visiting is silky of the true dollar finally and slowly strengthen.Also because while being different from and practicing moral teachings the circumstance of this kind of true dollar exhaustion absorbs spiritual influence and deepens his/her own state, the blood vessels in the Xiao limitless body has already acquainted with that kind of the true dollar of the male Hun, this the absorption come in afresh of the spiritual influence don't need to used for opening widely blood vessels, needs one circle operation and converts these spiritual influences and goes.The absorption of a turn per turn, the Xiao limitless period twice kneads in a row again ground about 30 work properly a stone, these work properly stone in of after all of the spiritual influences absorb, he finally felt the true dollars in the body re- becoming Chong Ying to get up.Working properly the spiritual influence absorbability in the stone is clean, became useless rock, then wanted 〜only a burst of pleasant breeze, will change into to fly ash, the Xiao is limitless to open the first matter of eyes, be these once use of work properly a stone to clap ground.True dollar instauration, his look in the eyes re- becomes bright, one in fine threads cold long grass the deep place from eyes flash across, pass this instauration, he will also just rise into fixing of unreal territory in order to promote 1:00, he was already the medium rank of unreal territory now.Be like him this kind of first exhaustion he true dollar in the body, then re- add also is to practice moral teachings a boundary's most familiar method that promotes state, because true dollar after depletion is over, the blood vessels will also atrophy and wait after re- adding, and then inflate, this shrinks one bulge, the blood vessels will become more of expanse, can also accept more spiritual influences naturally.After resuming good spirit, Xiao limitless room, still keep going first to see a Xuan leaf, see he is adjusting an interest, the Xiao is limitless hence slowly gave him the degree to go into a true dollar.The Xuan leaf feels Xiao limitless again to that himself or herself left a true dollar, some concussion, revolve of the true dollar stopped down and seemed and wake up."The Xuan leaf's elder, you soon get up and then go."The Xiao is limitless to say 1 in his ear.Looking at Xuan the leaf can already revolve a true dollar by oneself treatment,

estimate that his condition of the injury amendment cheap air max will be more and more quick, the Xiao is limitless to trust a lot."Limitless younger brother Shi!"Wait the Xuan leaf's room, arrive at the time of living room, sudden someone shouts him, the Xiao is limitless to twist a head on seeing, a purple maple."Purple maple senior!"The Xiao is limitless to walk over there to the purple maple, ask a way:"Purple maple senior, how, you are O.K.?!"Although breeze in the sky rushed through to support in the past in time, before purple maple before can still need to face only and leisurely, on the big palace, the Xiao was limitless and then dided not see him and thought that he was to get hurt.Withdraw(3)"ha ha, Be free, suffered from a little small wound, have been already liked now."The purple maple smiles a way.The Xiao is limitless toward his face up see go, indeed as expected is that the complexion is rosy, cans not tell what great problem, hence don't worry as well."Limitless younger brother Shi hears that you killed simple customs?"Smile, the purple maple also asks a way, that evening they the night explore the big Huang allied troops' encampment and hear simple customs only and leisurely 4 people an argument matter, while all of these four people are fixing of immortalizations mirrors for, unexpectedly the Xiao was limitless to unexpectedly kill an among those."H'm, he contused teacher and returned severely wounded Xuan leaf, the this person dead shortage cherishes."Xiao limitless way."Was quick to say for me process?"The purple maple favour arrives, what oneself faced is only and leisurely also an immortalization mirror, but senior younger brother's more than tens the opponent that up all isn't him together, the Xiao is limitless to kill a , the purple maple is very curious."In fact is also this simple customs battle to wear fixing of his/her own immortalization mirror as arrogance, otherwise I wanted to kill him also have no so easy."Xiao limitless way, after immediately willing arrive from oneself mountain, discover the defense that simple customs broke to protect a big of mountain, oneself rushed out in addition to , then with exchanging blows of simple customs of after saying 1 time."Hum, simple customs still be sneak attack Li Anne of Su's person, he wants to hold tight me to send to the big Huang city seeks credit to the Li Anne of Su, regrettable, oneself even threw lives."End, the Xiao is limitless to say."Ha ha, this person the as a result is enough stupid, incredibly be you as me."Listen to Xiao limitless to finish saying, purple maple again the cachinnation get up.Xiao limitless way:"He isn't stupid, but was confused by Li Anne of Su's fairy jade, a wish to grasp a murderer to get this fairy jade to work properly a stone."Purple maple way:"Fairy jade, really make people jealous, however isn't what everybody can get fairy jade."This work properly stone in of the best , like the some inborn magic weapon, basically isn't the thing that strengthens real strenght, but a root of all evil, for the sake of it, can make how much life and death."Purple maple senior, you make track for how the circumstance for killing is, the chain son waits person to escape to go out and take of the pupil should be not much?!"Finished saying own circumstance, the Xiao was limitless to also ask a way.Although breeze in the sky said the circumstances of the belligerence all, behind make track for the circumstance for killing didn't say in detail,

the Xiao is limitless to pretty much want and cheap ghd straighteners know this time four to send and offend mountain, the loss of the end weighs how much.Purple maple Hey Hey ashamed way:"I am only and leisurely contused, so have never taken part in to make track for to kill, however listen to red sandalwood senior say to had been killing till their encampments, because encampment up they also left defensive strategies, so the person, who just passed them, but left, isn't a lot of either."Xiao limitless way:"Wait a meeting we then see to the encampment, if those people have never withdrawn to walk presumably also prepare to take the offensive."Four partieses of at the same time activity with failure and come to an end, don't say to respectively believe in a door inside will be furious, connect far the Li Anne of Su in the big Huang city also will surprised, evil door in the sky just how much person, incredibly 500 the monk kills of completely destroy.Don't know Li Anne of Su after hearing this news will be what facial expression, can't also continue to let big Huang city allied troops aggression evil mountain in the sky.The purple maple nods a way:"Rather now past."Xiao limitless way:"Good!"Anyway now gate to a monastery in also was free, now most for importantly still keep asking around an allied troops' next move activity.2 people say, still the door left since the childhood and soon was a foot of a hill bottom, it is already a person to get empty to the building to arrive at the time of that secular world small town, but discover, they are in small town Shanghai cautiously searched for a while, a persons didn't see.Xiao limitless way:"These what people walked's pouring is simply, originally still wanted to kill several more."Cang the purple maple of Long Yi Mai(1) then way:"Have already harmed a member in these people, even if walk, also unable to leave how far, if the words tried to catch up with, return an ability heel must up."Xiao limitless way:"On the whole, they act failure this time, even if returned to Zong Men inside and then how, died so many people, even if is a low class pupil, 12 years inside four the vitality sending don't also think instauration."Practice moral teachings an one way, promote to greatly become a mirror, also want for few years, these greatly become a mirror is also respectively believe in the foundation in the door, these pupils die in evil mountain in the sky now, the spirit believes in to wait a parties to re- take time to develop.The person has already all walked, also the nothing important is good-looking, 2 people re- return to top of hill, Xiao limitless way:"The allied troops act failure and estimate most depressed is a red lotus sword parties, the red lotus sword parties takes the offensive of is left side, purple maple senior, isn't they that the number is the most?""Is quite good, not only the number is many, and still have a lot of monks of unreal territories, the attack protects a mountain big, the spiritual influence consumes of a lot too big, so I appeared danger at the earliest stage."The purple maple says.All of the person of four partieses withdraws, momentary day the evil mountain resumed quite, however don't know that they connect down to still have what activity, even if the Li Anne of Su doesn't want to continue to pursue, perhaps four parties also can't pleased, be killed so many pupils by evil door in the sky,

this enemy be regarded as the knot descended. moncler outlet There is also red lotus sword parties, ovary is this person is also can't forget the meat body is ruined of matter, his affirmation will be also secretly instigating, probably after the circumstance of evil door in the sky will be more dangerous.On evil palace in the sky, breeze in the sky also saids the circumstance in nowadays, then lets for a sky, cloud takes a person to continue to take precautions against, can not drop with the light heart, positive dozen however, who know spirit to believe in clear sun's believing in will can't make a surprise attack.Killed simple customs to the Xiao limitless shot, destroyed completely all of the pupils of pleasant breeze door, breeze in the sky again time with gratitude, the Xiao is limitless to permit a sky to repeatedly put a hand with Mu, says to is what oneself should do.Looking at for a sky, the breeze arrangement connects down a cruising of a period of time mountain plan, the Xiao is limitless in the ear way that the Mu permits a sky:"Teacher, big Huang allied troops even if want to re- take the offensive, also want time to prepare, temporarily evil mountain in the sky is still safe of, rather you multiply by to close the border for this period of time how?"The previous Mu permitted a sky to once say oneself will soon break an unreal territory, there is just no this time, but the allied troops withdraw to walk and came right away this time.The Mu permits God's way:"I also have this viewpoint, after a while I borrow° from the breeze senior in sky a sky evil hole a to use."Empress the mountain is one war, the Mu permits a sky drive simple customs one Zhang earthquake harmed, while the end Xiao is limitless but give°ed the simple customs to kill, this makes him feel the necessity that he promotes state.Although nobody meeting joke, with his pride, even own pupils all can not win against, the Mu permits a sky but has some lose, if own real strenght at that time again a little bit stronger, simple customs also can't so reckless, afterwards he also knew that the Mu permits Xuan drive simple customs the fan pour of matter, if her true what surprised, the Mu permits diva's regrets all too late.Wait for a sky, after breeze assigns very respectively of, the task's Mu permitted a sky to stand and walked over toward him way:"Breeze senior in the sky, I want to get into evil hole in a sky closes the border a period of time."Breeze in the sky has already known that the Mu permits a sky to have the ability breakthrough unreal territory, the nature is understand he closes the border why matter, way:"Is also good, the Mu permits younger brother Shi, way practice moral teachings, what to pay attention to is a success will come, you had complete preparation now, hoped you this time close the border smoothly."The Mu permits God's way:"This I know, I isn't strong line of blunt pass."The Cang cloud of Long Yi Mai(2) sky also way:"The Mu permits younger brother Shi, though you trust of close the border go to, the big Huang allied troops be been defeated and fled by what we killed this time, forgive their in a short time don't dare to come to take the offensive again as well."The Mu permits God's way:"This pours BE, ha ha, four parties vitalities greatly harm, estimating after returning to will annoy of throw up blood."Cloud in the sky roars with laughter, way:"These popularity died had better, province I begin."Also the nothing important needs to be prepared of, a group of people sends to Mu to permit from sky to sky outside in the evil hole, the Xiao was limitless to hand over to Mu to permit a bag of for a sky work properly a stone, way:"Teacher, prepares to wish you soon pass."The Mu permits Xuan in one byway:"Dad, wishes you smooth, Luo Luo, become the big superior of immortalization mirror earlier."