Bald ist Weihnachten! *Q* 

October 24 [Fri], 2008, 1:25
Wahaha...ich versinke in Hausaufgaben und habe
sowas von gar keine Lust das zu aendern XDDDD''
Mein Zimmer ist ein einziges Chaos und ich hab
Wenigstens weiss ich jetzt wo ich hier Nahrung in
der Gegend bekomme XXDD (Yay wir haben ein
Lidl in der Naehe XDD)
Frisoer hat meine Haare geschrottet , das musste
jetzt auch noch erwaehnt werden XD
Und fuer alle die noch auf ein Bild warten (oder
wahlweise einen Brief XD', Ja Joy, du bist gemeint XDD) :
ich hoffe ich krieg das bald auf die Kette XD'''

-> Haare.
Zum glueck sieht man die Verunstaltung da nur
ansatzweise XDDD

btw. ich bin motiviert mich zeichnerisch zu verbessern
und werde deshalb vorerst noch weniger hochladen XD'


October 19 [Sun], 2008, 20:15
Mein Auto wird verkauft =_= Meine heiss
geliebte pink-schwarze Karre =____=

Ich bin kein Kerl aber ich haenge an meinem Auto =_=
Und dann von potentiellen Kaeufern zu hoeren, das sie
weniger bezahlen wollen weil sie die pinken
Stossstangen schwarz lackieren muessen ist das
letzte =_= Sind die meschugge?? Das ist das geilste
am ganzen Auto und die wollen es ueberlackieren =O=
Am liebsten wuerd ich das Auto nehmen und gaaanz
weit weg iwo in Sicherheit abstellen XD
Schade das mein Vater das zu verhindern weiss XD


October 15 [Wed], 2008, 2:57
Yay es ist geschafft, ich bin endlich umgezogen und
in Duesseldorf, meiner neuen Wahlheimat ange-
kommen! Die ersten Tage an der Fachhochschule
waren sehr stressig und aufregend, weshalb ich
hier alles sehr schleifen lassen habe.
Ausserdem ging mein Internet bis Gestern Abend nicht,
was nun auch endlich behoben wurde.
Ich bin sehr gluecklich grade... alles hier laeuft sehr gut
und der Unterricht an der FH macht auch Spass :3
Ausserdem hab ich neue Leute kennengelernt ^.^
Soll heissen: fuer alle fleissigen Stalker gehts hier jetzt
weiter ! Und sogar in deutsch XD Vorerst. Bin grade zu
muede und faul um mir was englisches aus den Fingern
zu saugen XD
Nu denn...Morgen muss ich frueh raus und hab den ganzen
Tag Vorlesungen *Freude...* XD'
Wuensch euch ne nette Woche!^^

...das neue Ruha-shooting ist mal wieder die Liebe... XD
*erwaehnen musste* XD

Exited as hell! 

September 22 [Mon], 2008, 0:45
Damn it XD Tomorrow University starts and im so
damn exited! I hope I wont die because of an heart
atack XDD
aww...and I hope that I will find friends there soon XDDD
And that I wont be shy tomorrow...that would be bad XD XD please XD
Hopefully I will be able to sleep later XD''' If im stressed
I often cant sleep that good -.-
But I`m tired now, that gives me hope XDDD

Well well...bad thing: I think theres a Monster inside of
our washing mashine XD Yesterday I got holes in many of
my shirts after washing them O_O I was angry XD Fucking
mashine >.< Even new stuff was damaged!
I patched most of the stuff, but one shirt looked so bad
that I had to do more than just patch it XDDD
So I worked on it and now it`s ...special XD
Take a look^^ :

Thats it for today^^ wish me luck for tomorrow *nervous*

Fun fun fun ~ 

September 18 [Thu], 2008, 2:47
Konban waa!
Today I made Photos with Sophia and Alex ! It was
so much fun^^ I love them both *///*
We changed clothes a few times and well, the pictures
alex took are so cool XD

But now im somehow sad...Sophia will go to argentinia
soon and im afraid of letting her go...I dont want to
miss her one hole year, she`s an important part of
my life like all of my other friends too and I know that I will
be very sad if she leaves.
But hey...its a great chance for her and she will come back,
so I can and have to stand it I think.

We also made some pics with me in her prom-dress which
she weared in america (she passed one year there as an
exchange student )

It was fun XD I adore this dress, it`s just like the stuff that
princesses wear X33 I would like to go on an convention with
this XD its so cool


September 16 [Tue], 2008, 19:30

somehow touching...


September 13 [Sat], 2008, 20:38
Haha I still got tons of Candy from Duesseldorf XD
Im in love with it...japanese candy is georgeous *-*

that says all, right^^?
Tomorrow my parents will come back, they where in
Italy for three weeks (summer holidays).
Im...happy? Its boring to be alone at home, even
if it was cool to make Party with friends ^^


September 06 [Sat], 2008, 2:26
Well well, there is a lot to tell today XD
I was lazy and didn`t write a long now
I have to tell you veeerry much XD

First of all I`ve got a new Apartment now at Duessel-
dorf! It`s small but ok, I`ll show you pictures if I`m
feed in :3
I will go there in a few weeks to stard with
University :3 Im very exited!

Last weekend Dragonfly visited me and I went also to her
again and we where shopping a lot XD
Im poor now, but it was fun :3
We also made Puricuras at Duesseldorf:

After that me and some friends cooked Mexican food!
It was so much fun XD

after that we watched "Narnia"...stupid Movie, but the
Animals are so cool *_* great animations!
Most of us made jokes about the film all the time...XD
It was funny^^
We made this Picture while whatching the movie XDDD

Last of all: I`ve got new Piercings X333
Dragonfly made me wanting some more too, she looks so
beautiful with hers!^^
Well, here is a Picture X3

oh and I forgot! laboratory is over now and I`ve got time
again XD So I used it to paint something...take a look:

Hopefully it will be done soon, I really like it^^
Well...thats enough for today :3


August 22 [Fri], 2008, 3:32
WAHAHA I got a gift yesterday XD From my uncle *_*

im so damn happy XD now i need a pic or something something to test them XDD

Wedding *_* 

August 17 [Sun], 2008, 7:26
Hey guys!

Last weekend was Dragonflys wedding and it was
so cool! I really enjoyed it and she did too :33
I acompanied her all day long (first to the hair dresser,
then to the make-up stylist and so on), it was so much
fun! Then we went to the civil registry office and chirch
and it was so damn...georgeus! It was really kinda
dream marriage I think :3 Such a beautiful day , sun
shined almost all day long (even if the weather forecast
said it would be raining) and everyone was just so nice!
Ok...there where some scary people XD But it was fun
though XD
And Carina looked so damn pretty! i couldnt stop stare at
her, she looked like a kind of emo princess XD
soooooo beautiful! Take a look :3 !

Yesterday I went to Tilde to join her Birthday Party^^
It was fun too, I really missed the people from school I met
there again, it`s so sad that we can`t see each other more
often, everyone has to work now and Party`s like yesterday
are the only ones where we meet again.
Next week we wanna go shopping together, I think that will
cheer me up a bit...I can`t stand beeing without them, it
makes me sad.
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