Top 5 Staples for Guys 

July 26 [Mon], 2010, 14:27
Briefcase style chic, stylish leather embossing folders are full of extravagance leather card package, shape delicate card case and distinguished Parker pen. Every business man, do you own all of those? Details are the key to show a man's superior taste. In addition to the bright lights of appearance, these office supplies which follow you around all the time should also be carefully selected, so that you can be considered as true business elite.How to Protect the Mode of parker pens ?

Ready articles: face of course is important. Business Men are especially true, if the customers see a dirty untidy slovenly appearance, the result must be miserable. Human beings are visual animals, so it is extremely important to leave a good impression on the other side at first sight. If there are [black eye" and [bags under the eyes", those will make your eyes dim, and the whole people will still look lackluster. Spend five minutes in eye caring. Feeding the eye skins and walk out the door with enough energy. Tie: Tie is the most important decoration for men. Though it will be hidden in suits for most of the time, the exposed small part is enough to expressing. The aesthetic judgment and taste of men are contained.parker pens Trend You Should Never Ignore

Meeting client stage: In the afternoon with sunshine and in the glass house located on the corner of the second floor, you should get rid of the bind of office and check your personal e-mail, guessing the mood of your girlfriend and let down the nerve. Starbucks coffee: the gap while waiting for customers to come inside, watching the mist latte dangling mildly, this slightly bitter beverage revive and refresh, so you are ready to deal with tricky customers.

High quality office stage: The delicate stuff on the desk can be another view. Neat and simple, elegant and grace with the outstanding function can change your dull office environment into intersting. Parker Pens: Modern people are using the keyboard or the stylus to write, but when signing your daimyo on the contract, a pen is sill needed. If If you are a noble person, but you use a little-known ball-point pen to sign with your key customers,how to show such a temperament when you sue a Parker pen . In fact, it is more luxurous to use a pen writing your meditation on the notebook than buying a expensive fountain pen.

Louis Vuitton cards folder: a name card of delicate design and special style will always make your name be remembered more quickly. Likewise, a cards folder of fine workmanship can also attract others` eyes and is worthy of investing for successful business men.

Business Banquet:While they are all business partners,no one want to continue working after one day's work, why not talk about the beauty of the city and its beauty bar food. Scotch Whiskey: Whiskey give us too much good feeling all of the time, just like Alaska in ice and snow. Several close friends drunkenly enjoying the beauty of nature and the joy and ease, fishing, drinking whiskey aroma, what could be more pleasant than doing it.