going blonde:D 

February 16 [Mon], 2009, 13:41
yeahahaha I colored my hair blonde~

I love the color, but I think I might color it again. Who knows :D I want it to be brigher. I think I've changed some... look older, but that is okay. I've been looking too young for too long. I need a change.


June 22 [Sun], 2008, 22:01
I never knew I'd be so happy to have a job.

I start tomorrow, something about school setting it up for me so that I don't die of boredom.

Working in the warehouse is what I'll be doing...
Labor... underpaidness.... but that's okay.

Because I'll have something to do other than sit down and stare at a wall.

8 hours a day, 5 days a week... that's a about... $200, give or take, a week.

Really low... but whatever.

I'm still coughing, ya know? I don't know why though. It's been two weeks. Have I caught something? Do i need my tonsils removed!?


June 22 [Sun], 2008, 0:53
I'd growl.

But that wastes energy.

I used to like going to Batsu 8D But there are too many idiot Japanophiles with delusions there.

Beautiful accidents don't happen occasionally in Japan. Nah, it's pretty normal.

It's like America :D

Just... mellower in the morning.

And quieter nights. (Probably not in the cities, but I bet it's quieter than New York 8D)

But yes... VK scene? PAH. Being a foreigner AND getting in the VK scene? Even bigger
PAH. And sadly... talent and charisma might not be enough either. I'm pretty sure girls aren't going to get popular in a VK group, although one can argue with me... Danger*Gang is pretty awesome. Oh... and ugly even with tons of make up probably won't cut it either.

Hah yes... again. I'm probably just being bitter and tired. It is, after all, 1:01AM in the morning.


June 21 [Sat], 2008, 14:19

HUH... I wonder what happened to rest of my collection... I know they're somewhere o.o;

Aa~ I woke up an hour ago... Jesus, and it's already 2:28PM. I sleep too late too frequently and now, I think it's starting to show.

I look tired as HELL.

But I have insomnia, or something... restlessness, I persume. I haven't been to school for a week... and how do I feel? I want to go back, I miss it, oh my God, I think I might even want to live in my
school right now; I am so bored!


June 20 [Fri], 2008, 22:23

Broken hearted, meet my face.

Sprouting around how one's love life went down the drain is

Pissing me OFF.

I don't know if it's just me being a lonely grouch, although I like to say it's because I chose being single for this sort of shit, but seriously... WHAT THE HELL.

Hmm, even worse... this one person is moping over a love life over the net. What. A. Loser.


June 20 [Fri], 2008, 16:15

Today is just rain, rain, and more fucking RAIN. I don't know how much more I can take of Japan weather.

Maa, I was to go out today, ya know? But because of the rain, it is impossible.
Also the fact that it's a boy I'm planning to spend the day with and my mum finds it improper for me to see a boy without my brother who just wouldn't wake the fuck up!

Ah well, he's just a friend anyways. ~ Plus, it's raining... and I kinda don't like this supposed "great
teen center'. Everyone there is a bunch of pre-teens anyways and I'm getting to old for that.

So what am I doing right now? Sitting in my room, listening to some good music. Sucking on mints. Finding some batteries for my camera so I can take pictures of stuff I own.

Ah, I wish I had e-mail on my cellphone. This would be much easier then.

Today is going by to slowly. Again, I blame the rain. It seemed like 10 hours ago my mum left the house for work. Haa~ In actuality, it's probably been a good 5 hours.


June 20 [Fri], 2008, 11:57
Oh my God, haha.

If this is not where I place an entry, I will laugh myself dead.

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