Day for recess 

2005年11月18日(金) 23時01分

Haha...I saw two news about condoms. (surprise, one is condom for BL >w< )
My piano is going to sell. Although I want to keep it ,I forgive this idea. It is beause I seldom play my piano.
Today I'm lazy ,I found something interest for this blog.Enjoy it!!

>< BBBBusy!! 

2005年10月30日(日) 23時34分
Too many homework. It's happy that a found a blog with many famous drama's translation.
The Site

O my choir... 

2005年10月21日(金) 0時59分
Today I need to pratice for the rehearsal. I stay in school nearly at 6:00pm. I 'm very tired now. Why others can back home at 3:00pm Although I feel unfair, many people are same as me. In these days, I always play the game Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children 2 Honoo no Sho (J) (1171).This gba game is really good. but it make me lazy.


2005年10月03日(月) 1時11分
O! I'm very tired today.....(for photos)...and I saw some banners for the national day...

Game Over 

2005年10月01日(土) 2時02分
Some days ago, I played a BL game called hanamachi. The CGs are great and I can get the meaning of the story.Also, the seiyu are great too.I like the charater, kajiyama, is a strong man. I like his cosume in the extra story.

It is a little bit sad that I saw the people that I don't want to see any more today. It make my ill again. O!! Just don't think any more!!

O!! Something I forgot to sister has many hamaster now. I hope sui pak mo would not produce more babies.

P.S.The CG shown above is not a main charater( but handsome!!)
The info of hanamachi HERE.

Wonderful day 

2005年09月09日(金) 2時07分
Today, I have two free lesson. Also, I discover this site.

Too Bad !!! 

2005年08月06日(土) 0時02分
It is a bad day for me. It is because I know that one of my friend post my photo without asking me. I hate this action very much. I become more and more hate this people. Maybe I should told my feeling to them but I'm not brave enough told her. What should I do now? It's a big problem for me.

Too Lazy!! 

2005年06月18日(土) 22時24分

Oh! NO NO NO!!!! Too bad .....I need to exam next monday but I still hear bl drama. How bad am I....... O~ I really want to die.....I don't want to read the Chinese History book anymore.....
The picture is what I listen to...hahahaha.....

Eating & Sleeping 

2005年06月15日(水) 2時29分
O! This is a rainy day at night. In the afternoon, I sleep from 4:00pm to 6:45pm. When I weak up and look at the "green" clock, I think that it is 6:45 am and I need to go to school.It makes me frightened.Tonight,I go out to a beautiful restaurant for my dinner. The desert is very delicious!! Good~~
When my uncle check my computer, he said that there are too many things in the D:/ driver. Then, he open the D driver. My BL collection appeared. O~~ It's lucky that there are lots of words cannot be shown and he did not see the file named gay or sm.
Hoping for a wonderful day!!

P.S. Waiting for LOVELESS for a long time...

Sleeping Beauty 

2005年06月10日(金) 0時35分
Oh! I sleep for a long time today. Also ,I glue to the computer screen for a long time. It's too bad for me as I have less time to prepare my exam now. Be hard-working!!!
.............Poor ME!
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