Good bye party! 

2007年03月16日(金) 8時02分
My English school's friend could pass the Kyoto university's exam few days ago.


I and classmate had a good bye party for him.

We went to Japanese pub in Kamitori.

We drank alcohol and talked with each other.

I had fun very much but I was sad a little.

He must quit this school today.

I wish he enjoys college life in Kyoto.


2007年03月14日(水) 8時11分
I went to Golf with my customer last Sunday.

That day was very strong wind but rain didn't fall.

At the first round was not bad.

But the second round was terrible.

Final score was 104 that is worst this year.

Ayers Rock! 

2007年03月01日(木) 23時41分
I've climbed Ayers Rock one time.

It was a day of strong wind.

I got the top of Ayers Rock for 3 hours.

I felt it's very dangerous to climb.

It was written a signboard of Ayers Rock had a dead person with a mountaineer.

It was very nice sight from top of Ayers Rock.

There was a lot of desert around there.

We could see a little hotel and huge desert.

It became a very good memory for me.

run in the morning ! 

2007年02月28日(水) 8時12分
I'm running for 25 minutes in the morning everyday.

I meet same people everyday.

A man running and a woman taking a walk with dog・・・.

I watch the sky after having run.

Clear sky make me relax.

And I think I must do my best today too.

A correspondence course! 

2007年02月27日(火) 8時04分
I finished a correspondence course of presentation yesterday.

A dead line is until the end of February.

I had a exam for graduation.

I can graduate if I can get 80 points by exam.

A exam was very difficult.

I don't know whether I could graduate.

But I lood forward to a result.

Goal !! 

2007年02月25日(日) 11時55分
I watched DVD "Goal".

It was about football story that one man became a professional footballer.

I estimated this movie as 4 stars.

Because I could understand the feeling of the leading role.

I played football for 16 years.

But there was an unrealistic point too.

I recommend this movie to people playing football.

Morning schedule! 

2007年02月23日(金) 8時04分
I get up at 6 and drink a cup of coffee.

At 6:15 I hear the radio of English for 15 minutes.

I go to jogging for 30 minutes from 6:45.

I take a shower after came home.

It's very comfortable.

At 7:30 I eat breakfast while reading newspaper.

At 8:30 I go to working.

Drink Beer at home! 

2007年02月20日(火) 23時34分
I tired very much today.

I had to do many things for business.

I intended to drink alcohol after returning to my home.

And I drank alcohol when I got home.

I thought alcohol is nice definetely.

I intend to drink weekend.

I do my best for business after tomorrow.

Brokeback Mountain! 

2007年02月19日(月) 8時05分
I watched DVD "Brokeback Mountain".

It was directed by Ang Lee and story was love of 2 cowboys.

I estimated that movie was three stars.

Because I felt bad with gay.

But the sound truck made me relax.

I recommend this DVD a little.

Can coffee! 

2007年02月13日(火) 23時09分
I drink a can coffee weekdays.

That makes me relax.

I buy it for 39 yen in a discount store.

I think it's very cheap.

And I always buy can coffee of slight sugar because it's hard to gain weight.

I wanna recommend to buy it in a discount store.
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