January 15 [Mon], 2007, 11:48
computer literate: able to use computers effectively

pixel: one of many small dots that form a picture on a monitor or printer

user-friendly: a term which means that a computer is easy for a user to operate

user interface: the way in which a user communicates with a computer

Computer GlossaryD 

December 13 [Wed], 2006, 11:59
input: information or data which has been put into a computer; also the of putting
data into a computer

interface: the hardware or software that connects different computer components
or users and computers

jargon: a unique vocabulary;
words which are used only within a certain profession

MB: 2e+20 bytes; often called one million bytes

MHz: million cycles per second; used to measure the speed of microprocessors

Computer GlossaryC 

December 12 [Tue], 2006, 11:50
encode: to change information into a form that a computer can understand

end user: a person who uses a computer
but is not a computer engineer or programmer

GB: 10e+09 bytes; often called a billion bytes

GUI: a type of interface that uses graphical symbols and icons for making choices

hardware: the physical part of a computer; it can be touched

Computer GlossaryB 

December 11 [Mon], 2006, 11:41
clone: a copy of an original model

computer literate: able to use computers effectively

debug: to correct a problem in a program or in a computer's hardware

decimal system: a system of counting which uses ten digits

decode: to change computer data into a form that people can read

Computer GlossaryA 

December 07 [Thu], 2006, 12:38
binary system: a system of counting which uses only the digits 0 and 1.

bug: either a programming mistake or a ploblem in the computer's hardware.

byte: a unit of information which is composed of eight bits and represents one character.

Computer Glossary@ 

December 06 [Wed], 2006, 12:04
access speed: the rate at which data can be accessed.

ASCII: a code used to represent English characters as numbers.

BASIC: a programming language developed to make programming easy.


December 05 [Tue], 2006, 11:56
10: deca
10^3: kilo
10^6: mega
10^9: giga
10^12: tera
10^-1: deci
10^-2: centi
10^-3: milli
10^-6: micro
10^-9: nano
10^-12: pico

再起動: reboot
コンピュータ音痴: computer illiteracy
高度のコンピュータ・スキル: computer proficiency
初期化する: initialize
周辺装置: peripheral equipment


December 04 [Mon], 2006, 11:50
正方形: square
三角形: triangle

The circle has a diameter of 7cm.

平方センチ: square centimeter
立方メートル: cubic meter

an angle of 30 degrees.

sixty kilometers per hour.
fifty miles per hour.


November 30 [Thu], 2006, 11:55
インチ: inch ≒2.54cm
フィート: foot,feet =12in ≒30.48cm
ヤード: yard = 3feet ≒0.9144m
マイ: mile = 1,760yds. ≒1609m


November 29 [Wed], 2006, 11:39
代数: algebra
未知数: unknowns
変数: variables
円周率: the circular constant

方程式: equations
公式: formula

1桁の: single-digit
2桁の: double-digit
3桁の: three-digit
a three-digit number

比率: ratio
at a ratio of 2:1
a ratio of 1:2:3

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