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January 15 [Tue], 2013, 12:30
Day at.Yeah.Days, is a key.Only let her frail body was the three strong flavor of the soft point.It can ensure the relative strength of the progress of Alfa.So.Although Alfa is the key to the door.But in fact.The most critical......When the days at the ring.Because.Days at once is unable to participate in the plan.Or her play is not so ideal......All plans.Will be completely failed.But Han Chen has called this a suitable candidate.Not others.That is of course the Lorraine and correct.These people present.There are two people or is familiar with and days.One is Shen Zheyu.Another is the lorraine.Shen Zheyu was familiar with the day at.Because he is a day old.But the rest of the friendship.It is not how much.Only need to thank.Is the day to help him through the atmosphere, or..But Lorraine.He would like to thank the more.Because......Lorraine several times on the verge of death.All day, risked his life to his x ì ng life from the dead to pull back.But more important is.Lorraine and day at.Really want to than the average person and day, familiar with.Relying on this point.This arduous task to take the day, the sister.They must fall on the shoulders of Lorraine didn't run.............Lorraine to clean up the mess.Zhao Feng's body will be to dispose of properly.Of course.Also want to find a good excuse Womens Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka.To find the construction repair team.The building of this messy battle to clean up.While the Han chen.Dragon and Shen Zheyu.It is with "Heroes" back home.They go back.Already began the practice of Alfa.Now will "hero" rushed to the hands of Alfa.Let him take the time to rest.Is the theme.......Zhao Feng is dead.Lorraine most of the enemy.Don't exist anymore.Oh.No.It should be said is the biggest battle enemies don't exist anymore.The fate of the enemy.Pan Jiajun is still alive and well.But after that.I'm afraid he will feel once again frustrated.After all, Zhao Feng such a super master.Failed to remove the Lorraine x ì ng life.Pan Jiajun once analysis.It is more in the heart the font.Originally, Lorraine strength somewhat feel at a loss.After the death of Zhao Feng Mens Canada Goose Expedition.Lorraine guarantee.Pan Jiajun certainly more scratching.But before Pan Jiajun in his.He's been gas fulminate with anger.Not because of something else.Because Pantene unexpectedly to send news secretly lorraine.The first time to update it.Can be completely touched Pan Jiajun heart of that evil nerve root.God is my witness.In a moment he heard the news.He even thought to kill his sister......But.In the calm down.He was aware of.You can't do that.Way.If he dare to kill my own sister.So how much will attract some groundless talk.This is not what he wanted to see.Pan Jiajun is not only to do the women, the standard.And to make arch.He doesn't like his bad reputation.Secondly.At the time of anger and anger a fire.On my own sister.He is not really can go on the hand is not it.............This moment.Within the pan family in the United States house.Pan Jiajun's study.A man..A woman.Face to face.The man sitting behind a desk.But the woman is a face of ashamed to stand there.Obviously.The two men were Pan Jiajun and Pantene brother and sister."Give me a reasonable explanation.Just to give you a chance.I just want to hear the truth."Pan Jiajun s è cold.The voice was icy cold.This tone.Even the Pantene heart secretly scared.Because she knows.Pan Jiajun usually is never to be their true feelings with their voice and words Womens Ralph Lauren Sleeved Outlet.Even in the face of their loved ones.He also know how to restrain their true thoughts.Prevent shows between the lines.However.This time.He is an exception.Can imagine.Those things Pantene made.How to let Pan Jiajun feel angry.Brother.Pantene know oneself to Lorraine there send news secretly.Have been brought to light.So.She also had nothing to hide.After all.Standing in the family position.She really is the wrong things.But the wrong things.You must admit the mistake.She just pray now.His honesty.Let's give up on themselves to blame.Otherwise.Pan Jiajun will these things in the family meeting.When dealing with a serious matter.
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