but really want to in Qi Shan

January 08 [Tue], 2013, 15:49
Join the bookshelf | recommend this book | return pages vertex novel urban romance the road first volume town story chapter 057 provoked a return next page thanks Wang Jingxian, Yu Ling Han two big rewards, thank you two have been for the doctor's support, also a click, collection, vote by readers thanks, thank you for your support!Drop in for a few recommended votes Canada Goose Men's Heli-Arctic Parkas, data too ugly, thank you!Cao Yuting is not seen the world of the girls, but few to this city place to play only, when the long hair small hun hun took several of his men to Yang Xueguang, she immediately tense, although she is not afraid of a big thing, but really want to in Qi Shan county point of anything, home will be scold, managed to have time out to relax the opportunity, this has happened is not beautiful!Therefore, she is in Lu Xiaoyan's bosom vent some Women's Palliser, immediately reminds Yang Xueguang to draw a sword and render help to prevent this, the few people look for beer bottle is thrown by Yang Xueguang.However, when she found the ballroom music doesn't know when to stop, the light suddenly lit up, expect that field in the flesh and blood flying in all directions of the war did not erupt, but one act let she could hardly believe her eyes!Lu Xiaoyan just seemed to say, this Yang Xueguang is a town Party and government officer, although she didn't know that the party and government director is a what kind of position, but the party and two words, or director, must not too bad, however, she is not surprised, twenties is deputy director of people much the!If Yang Xueguang in the dance hall and social bandits are fighting the message, to his future career will more or less have some influence!Although she didn't know Yang Xueguang is how, but he can step forward bravely cleared character, at least not bad to go, and she also like to chat minja quite speculative, naturally do not want to see her boyfriend because he suffered such a fate!However Men's Lodge Jackets, it is much to her surprise, Cao Yuting looked at the boy with long hair, right hand gently slapped his own face, uttered a sound crisp sound, brow slightly pressed, it is how to return a responsibility?"Swallow, how is this going?"Cao Yuting looked back and saw a side of Lu Xiaoyan, Lu Xiaoyan is her in the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics students, after graduation in the banking system, she walked this year graduate, graduate soon, just at home also produced a made her very unhappy things, but at the University. She is a good friend of Lu Xiaoyan, Qi Shan naturally became the target of her trip!Lu Xiaoyan brows twist, slowly shook his head, Yang Xueguang this party and government cadres never and socially they want anything, however, see this several thugs. Yang Xueguang seems to be afraid of tight!Cao Yuting just said this plush seems also mentions what happy, even though Lu Xiaoyan is not a chatroom, how do not come out to play, but the dragon's name or know, but now Qi Shan Road a tyrant!Spread not only in the judicial system, dragon has the backing, is the city as they can easily take care of, so only the leopard brother been beaten tortoise retracted Xicheng District, happy land and is compressed back to Dongcheng District!Of course, these news is Lu Xiaoyan's cousin pig said, pig in the auto station small store, such people contact more, what news have natural!A thought flashed through my mind, Lu Xiaoyan learned that Yang Xueguang is so aggressive side leakage reason, just want to explain to Cao Yuting one time, suddenly a hurried footsteps came!Looking up, he saw a dozen in a crisp suit on the bridge of the nose, driving Sunglasses burly chap rushed in, they to both sides of a station, leave a lane in the middle, apparently, some big names to!Cao Yuting was shocked and open mouth, apparently never saw this scene, that was the heart of that little gossip quickly disappeared not the least trace was found. There, on the web to battle it is full of interest!
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