Ao The more they know

March 25 [Mon], 2013, 11:07
The 912 order cleaning the other side is not so agree. They would prefer to believe Tuoba Wan Wan is being wronged,Oakley Asian Fit Outlet. Just let the the Tuoba war chilling believe Tuoba Wan Wan, significantly less than the other side. In other words, the habitat Yang God's people, more than half is still toward the Miao Chung. The reason they do not resist now, mainly fear beam eve of their strength. Liang Xi coldly looked quarrel everyone, from time to time the ramp over eyes toward the the Tuoba war glance. To see the the Tuoba war pale body stooped down, and know that his heart one time could not withstand such a big blow, so a slight sigh, the palm of a white light looms. "At that time, I should accompany you back it." The Liang Xi slightly Pianguo Tou Wan Wan moist Tuoba Qinliaoyikou's shot from the side, in the hands of white light suddenly outbreak such as the sun, like gorgeous sky. The suddenly white light glaring immense, and will instantly km radius of the range of all enveloped lived. Habitat the yang God's camp did not fall in a corner, all covered by the hands of the white light beam eve. White light, the sudden appearance of a fist-sized water polo, water polo like long eyes, overwhelming smashed in the past toward the opposition Tuoba the Wan Wan those people chest. Tens of thousands of people just feel inexplicable horror chest like using herbal tea poured the same. Wait until the white light cleared, they hurried systemic touch to determine their own body did not change significantly after a Youjingyounu be looked towards beam eve. "You what!" That someone ventured toward Liang Xi roared. His voice faded, and his head sky, the skull also maintains mouth expression, flew to an altitude of more than 10 meters, and a moment later, the thick blood surging out from his head cavity yard. Liang Xi Ao more standing around, hands Tianyuan against the edge of the blade, a drop of blood is slowly lie down. The noisy crowd suddenly silenced. Liang Xi Originally hope through the the Tuoba war persuasion, habitat the yang God's thine own arm. But the situation is significantly worse than he would like to. Miao Chung habitat the yang God's foundation of playing too deep, even this patriarch can even Tuoba war had mysteriously mere figurehead. So Liang Xi trick rein shark, their life is in their own hands. The night wind gently blowing, Liang Xi without saying a word, the surrounding atmosphere of silence to the terrible extent. "I did not do anything special to you, you." After a long, Liang Xi slowly opening said, "I just shook your life in the hands of only Tuoba Wan Wan, from now on, just not satisfied with the become my slave. "Liang Xi, etc. So in the calm water of the lake thrown into a big rock. "What did you say!" Suddenly someone in the crowd shouted. "We are ancient habitat stationed here the yang God's who you are! Tell say that I am your slave!" He killed so many of our tribe, ah! Kill him! "" Kill him! "Beam eve smile looked the momentum wave higher than the wave of the crowd, eyes Hanmang but spread to shop the same as the sky snow. Liang Xi raised his hand, palm beneath a huge ball of light water droplets look like, exactly the size of his palm as the ball of light, quivering as if at any time fall. Liang Xi slightly hard pinched the ball of light. Just also clamor of the crowd suddenly mouths suck down a cold lump, pale and clutching his chest, bent down, large drops of perspiration from his forehead and rolling down. Some people even chest pain roll down to the ground twitching. And just to believe that the support Tuoba Wan Wan and tuoba of warfare but little things are not. They looked blankly not far from the pain of the crowd, do not know what happened. "Well, I said what is your life in my hands." Liang Xi standing stone, condescending watching or kneeling or lying on the ground. These people a little resistance in the the Liang Xi cold eyes glanced under thoughts are not rising. In that instant, they only feel the biting cold. Face waving to grasp the power of life and death of thousands of people, to let them feel small even needlepoint are not. The Liang Xi enormous oppressive force, almost filled the entire valley. At this moment, Liang Xi is the death of their eyes. Feel the trembling of the bottom of the tens of thousands of people, Liang Xi was very satisfied with the effect. The Tuoba warfare to be of Liang Xi strength and ruthless shocked. To see that the objective has been achieved, Liang Daguan people gradually removed the mental strength. All of a sudden release of such a great spiritual strength, he inevitably felt suddenly tired. The tonight's basic purpose has been reached, Liang Xi also do not want to continue wasting time here, and he was also worried about the Tuoba Wan Wan's body, instantly decided to go back to the tomato City Medical clan help check the. "Ao and Vietnam, four of you tonight here do not go, to prevent them from strife, civil unrest." Liang Xi asked Ao and Vietnam, bamboo and mulberry Lan humane. Then Tuoba war and said: "Father, tonight they have trouble you about the whole thing, just you know what part of those who support you and your daughter, who can be used later, of course, does not rule out the inside Mouzhong An row of dark nails, it is necessary to your own attention tonight to pack side tidy, pick some person to be trusted, reorganized the management of your habitat Yang God's, a few days I will send someone over those who oppose you, after all the exploitation of minerals and forging weapons quality slaves ah! "think of a large number of material good metal melting into the armor and weapons, plus the of inherently fire control experts of shark assisted Liang Xi foresee, in the near future, tomato City All soldiers are armed to the teeth, to become the continent's most powerful private army. Think that the mighty mighty appearance,Air Jordan 2 Outlet, Liang Daguan people could not help but chuckled again, the lustful atmosphere surrounding crowd could not help but burst chills. Ao The more they know, Liang Xi tonight secretly they called out to come up with such a big movement, in fact, his back to the woman. The Yingun mind could not help but start to wander again. "Prince to robbing daughter,Oakley Sale." Ao more eyes schematic. "I guess it is, it is too mighty, too dirty!" Sang of bamboo Lan kept blinking. "If I were Prince hundredth not, one thousandth of courage, and I can open harem." Mulberry warm stop smack mind thinking about when to try to steal one hundred dozen beautiful women sitting on pregnant in. The Yonfan not read three of them sneaking mutual ogle at what to do, just to feel their own gave me chills run up. Liang Xi naturally do not know their own image Yingun destroyed, and Tuoba war, he whispered to discuss for a moment, then walked away. It can be said tonight is rescued in the nick of time Tuoba Wan Wan Liang Daguan his heart underground passage good insurance, if again a few minutes later, the wife may be cheaper toad the. Thought here, Liang Xi shade laugh. To deal with this kind of psychological Miao Chung twisted old perverted, the Liang Xi but expect a despicably good ideas. : Suddenly found that if tomorrow birthday, I hope it is good weather, go look at the Guangzhou Tower, incidentally updated chapters
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