is mainly to find out the

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The two Japanese devil stature is not high, all in one of about six five meters, the weight is more than 100 pounds, but somewhat weak, but also can give a person very capable of feeling.Long Tianyu and the vultures two people before and after the two Japanese devil plugging in the hutongs, the thought that two people being found, will be confound at, but Long Tianyu did not think of is, two people actually laughed.Damn, Japan Devils is allergic, this time also laugh out, not too much self-confidence is the head is ass kicked.Wait until the two Japanese devils back-to-back force, all of a sudden forward a channeling, fluttering leaping, respectively to the two hit, Long Tianyu realized, the two Japan does have some skill.Long Tianyu encounters strange, first get Skull Necklace inadvertently, body function changes, and later in the Lotus Hill cliff to eat four spiritual fruit, plus the Xuan breeze seasoned guidance, it is be a tiger with wings added, the body easily place to pull seven or eight meters is not a problem, but ordinary people, is a vulture can the jump and the two Japanese devils so high, it is impossible, it seems that this two people are specially trained.Two Japanese devil got Hashimoto's command, is mainly to find out the ins and outs of dragon Tianyu, Hashimoto know Long Tianyu extraordinary skill, plus minor rendering, is very careful, for the two of them told, if found, can to prevent divulgence of one's secrets, this kid's in the lotus cave side insult yourself, early damn, now let he died, only late for a period of time.So, when two people saw Long Tianyu and the vultures have when they stopped, happy but, this time the task more simple, say without mincing words killed, save a lot of trouble.But, according to their training and special status, kill the scene trace destroyed, Chinese police, never find their heads.With a sneer at Long Tianyu's Japanese devils face, the Chinese people are really beyond one's ability, the imminent death could be so calm, but a bit courage, unfortunately, is going to hell.He is in the air, a leg has focused on Long Tianyu's chest, the kick down, Long Tianyu will back down, at least have to be stepped back kick, he then stepped forward and grabbed him by the throat, and then a pinch, a clatter, their mission was over.Long Tianyu smiled to see the monkey ran under the Japanese devils, the leg will hit his chest, suddenly stretched out a hand, grabbed to the ankles, with a twist, the man turned a somersault in the air sideways, Long Tianyu reached back to send, Japan the devil was inverted.I saw the Japanese devil Long Tianyu was this push towards the wall, and head towards the wall, it had hit, plus Long Tianyu's strength, will put his head open flower.He be startled at, originally he underestimated the strength of each other Polo Children Hoodies, vs. a master, two will be able to compete with established points, just Long Tianyu that screw speed, feed, moves, strength strong, is never encountered, it is absolutely high hand in a master, he did it is not his opponent.Seeing himself will soon hit the wall cheap canada goose parka, the Japanese devils with the greatest effort, waist to twist, the body in the air was over, instead of feet to wall to wall, he feet, bending, almost ass will hit the wall to push outward, up and down the wall channeling, Cengceng rub ran several steps to control myself, but my legs are painful, just that the pressure is too great, he almost broke his leg.If he knows that Long Tianyu is just using a 1/3 effort, do not know will not be depressed blood on the spot.Long Tianyu also did not expect that a screw, the small devil was able to remove the strength in the air, he was already feeling out, just send it back, he is convinced to get this guy to the wall, is hit dies, most at least also can hit dizzy, Long Tianyu don't want to kill him, at least for now, also do not want to let him die, Long Tianyu also want from him to know Hashimoto as their things.Moreover, let this small Japan is so dead Ralph Lauren Hoodies Outlet, not good for him, just let the brothers practice, they sick, perhaps love abuse.
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