Across from time division

March 25 [Mon], 2013, 18:11
The Luo Ping Zheng Xiaolong back to the erudite Shi government, Across from time division. Just opened the door, one tempting smell nostrils. "Wow! Incense and ah, certainly is one of my favorite Pork!" Zheng Xiaolong shoes did not change, and quickly ran to the kitchen table, grabbed a chunk of braised pork thrown into the mouth while eating, while ambiguity Qing shouted, "Dragon Heart sister certainly do, too delicious." exactly Xu Ting Duanliao Yi pots of soup from the kitchen, the water hyacinth stare, scolded, "Huanxie the, wash your hands." "Oh!" fat Samsam promised soon, go back and change shoes, honestly go to the bathroom washed his hands out, saw Xu Ting sit at the table the side surface sè poorly staring at him, and quickly conspire front of smiled and said, "Xu Ting sister, you seemed to become beautiful, more beautiful than the star of those ads. "In fact, his words really did wrong, since the relative economic future with Luoping yīn Yang, Xu Ting's body the Luoping with gas money properly quenching refining In several, her face sè is increasingly rosy white skin to be more delicate than even the Dragon Heart the angered those familiar with her school girl he kept asking her not any special care method. The special is a bit special, but Xu Ting told them? Xu Ting did not eat that, I saw her Lengheng soon hand out in front of him, "less flattering, quickly brought what means?" Little fat man stared. "Wait till at least with me! Housing, meals, every kind of one thousand., Health costs, water, electricity ... a total of five thousand, quickly brought." Little fat just smiling round face suddenly wilted like an old bitter gourd, "Xu Ting sister, can credit it,Oakley Commit SQ Sale? me, I am homeless, helpless, penniless ... Can you wait for me to work making money to pay you back again? "No!" Xu Ting tilted his legs, waxy white teeth nibbling spiced sunflower the sound card bang brittle. At this time, Dragon Heart, carrying the last dish out of the kitchen and saw this scene could not help but ineffectively snickered up. Zheng Xiaolong shines sweet exclaimed the "Dragon Heart sister." Dragon Heart laughed language, Chong He nodded his head, and then the dishes 11 gracefully. Zheng Xiaolong a look to find Dragon Heart for help is not valid, and just returned from the bathroom out of Luoping shouted, "Master, help ah!" Luo Ping told did not hear it, smiled and said with Dragon Heart, "get so many good eat hard Dragon Heart Dragon Heart sweet smile, Sheng rice to three people, and then began to eat together. The Luoping clip a braised pork thrown into his mouth, chewed twice exclaim, "Well, taste really good, Dragon Heart, you do the dishes, but more and more delicious." "I think Dragon Heart cooking getting better and better, and the mushroom soup too fresh. "Xu Ting leaving the seeds, AIDS slipped cry sip of the soup, full of praise. Rich flavor kept floated Zheng Xiaolong nose, looking at a table full of dishes, listening to them eat static and dynamic, his saliva mad flow appetizing stomach issue cries loud cooing. "Xu Ting sister, I, I really have no money you good enough to let me eat first line does not?" "If you want to eat ah, line up some money." Xu Ting, without looking up, "Oh, this soup too good to drink, Luo Ping, you can also taste "Well." The Luoping pick up the spoon to drink a soup, Gee exclaim, "delicious creamy Need a good soup, Dragon Heart craft really fast to catch up with the hotel chef out. "the Dragon Heart Hui Ting and the Luoping turns compliment, at the moment looked the face ruddy Run like a red apple, people can not help but want to chew on a. Zheng Xiaolong hungry chest stick back, really who could not go on, and suddenly opened schoolbag zipper, turn inside for a long time to find out a wallet, took out all the money inside, counted a total of seventy-eight red tickets. Distressed said, "Xu Ting sister, I have so much, let me eat first?" Xu Ting never looking back, the handle back stretched it out, Zheng Xiaolong obediently put the money in her hand. Xu Ting glanced at the hands of the money lost on the table, "on such a point?" Well, this is all my belongings. Xu Ting sister, I know you best heart, let me eat first. I'm starving. "Zheng Xiaolong holding his stomach bitter face look really feel pathetic, The Luoping feet quietly touched the feet of Xu Ting. Xu Ting stepped him, not moving sound sè went on to say, "not enough." Then she returned Luoping folder a braised pork, with a smile, "It's delicious meat is delicious, is too oily I could eat a few pieces with Dragon Heart, you ate. "little fat man looked at Luoping a piece of meat bite into his mouth, listening to the sound of his chewing, saliva downed almost even swallowed tongue. In desperation, he reached into the bag and fumble for a while, out of a Dragon. "Xu Ting sister, Cary, three thousand, six 8 password. Really my possessions, never had no money." Listen to the sound, he was nearly crying. Renzhao Xiao Luo Ping, said, "line, and sat down to eat it." Zheng Xiaolong cheering loudly and immediately went around the table opposite,, Sheng a bowl of rice with lightning speed,Air Jordan 14, quickly chops two,Air Jordan XI UK, staring at a table full of The dishes eyes light up, just like just put out like a hungry dungeon. Just as he opened his bamboo chopsticks, go toward an oil dripping Pork folder, Xu Ting chopsticks on the table a beat, shouted, "Who allowed you to dinner?" Zheng Xiaolong scared hand flick chopsticks almost fell in the table on his mouth fill with mouth with white rice vague said, "hunchback." Xu Tingqiang Renzhao Xiao said cold face, "dinner." Zheng Xiaolong face of a happy, immediately pick up the chopsticks The piece of Shaorou. "But from today, washing dishes, mopping yours we here do not support idlers, I do not like to see sloppy ghost, to keep the house clean and tidy. Know?" Zheng Xiaolong she scared cry cold sweat , so she said, hurriedly nodded, and quickly swallowed the mouth of rice, hastily piece of braised pork stuffed into his mouth, eat Baji sounds spattering. This guy really is hungry is not light, Dragon Heart made a total of eight dishes and a soup tonight, the the Luoping three of them to eat less than less than half full, and the rest he destroyed jīng light. After dinner, he reclined on the couch raising stomach, Xu Ting grabbed his ears. "You forget something?" Ah? "Zheng Xiaolong shocked for a moment, and quickly rushed to the table quickly, helping Dragon Heart Caidie incorporated into the kitchen, and pops Mile a bang Lang chaos ring. To say a thing a thing down, Xu Ting really is this guy nemesis. Washing the bowl, he did not wait for Xu Ting commanded, and quickly picked up the mop hard to drag the floor, pudgy face, not long out of a layer of sweat.
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