little That may inadvertently becomes

August 03 [Sat], 2013, 15:55
"You're right, but really," Jade Emperor no longer sit still, Chen Sheng questions to the EEP. See the reaction of the Jade Emperor, the EEP's face is showing a hint of a smile, his heart secretly laughed: "Hao Yao, I knew you would not be able to resist the temptation of this merit, among the three realms in which they Who can resist the temptation to do this, "Enlightening indifferent smile, said:" Yao Hao fellow, do you think I'm being a liar Lord will teach you, a liar and said that eventually a tender will be debunked, so unwise thing you think I would do it? "Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother as the one with each other, they also know that such things do not normally happen, but they have to ask, Bijing this is not a small thing, a little That may inadvertently becomes the East into the common enemy of all, even the Jade Emperor occupy realms nor the name of the Lord. Jade Emperor took a deep breath and said: "Enlightening, although I would like to believe you, but you should understand the impact of this matter much, since you say that there is great merit Buddhism spread eastward, then I'd like to ask a Q. Why do you have merit, if you can not say one reason the contingent come, then I am afraid I can not agree, "said Jade Emperor still had a little ability, there is no merit to be had at the hearing when it was directly agree, there are so a little bit of ability to resist temptation, this alone is also regarded as relatively good. EEP is shook his head and said: "Hao Yao fellow, this is related to my Western confidential, and is the core of our Western secrets, I will not say it, do not believe that you believe Ye Hao Ye Hao, the said may I say, if Hao Yao shot fellow reluctant to help, then I can find another Western cooperative partnership, although the West and in, explain, cut three religions do not deal with, but in the interests of the absolute, I am think there is still into the willing cooperation of the "Lotus Lantern Jade Emperor's remarks is to allow some hesitation, the need to understand each other said that he also justified, any party forces can put their own internal core secrets told not enter, as into , explain, cut three churches cooperation with the West, this is not a problem, perhaps cut to teach never do, but in, it would not necessarily explain two to teach, but they have a criminal record Bijing, if let both teach Buddhism spread eastward from this major event among the big advantage to get tender, then in charge of their own realms is with great restraint, and even a threat to his position. But to make such a decision on the Jade Emperor cooperation with the West, the same has been taken into account is the Jade Emperor, if there is merit good, then they pay a high price is worth, but if this is a lie, and that his fate on the embarrassing. That looks hesitant to see the Jade Emperor, the Jade Emperor EEP naturally understand their thoughts, so lightly said: "Yao Hao fellow, I know your heart has been taken into account, but you do not need to hurry to answer, you can take your time, To show my sincerity West, before I take Daoyou a good news, I would like to hear that fellow will be interested in "Enlightening heard remark, the Jade Emperor's look is a change, a little surprised and asked:" Oh, and do not know what the leader EEP good news to tell me? "Enlightening laughed:" will not let his fellow disappointed, I think Hao Yao Daoyou certain land among the stars for those unexpected and confusing the entry bar I know the West is a little bit of inside information, you can let fellow to know the truth, "Enlightening remark one, the Jade Emperor is shocked, he really did not think the West's entry into the race course will know that, which makes him are excited to know that the Jade Emperor, but always wanted to become the Lord of the Three Realms, the situation appeared to star on the court is not a good thing yao, Bijing being silent on their sites so much more accident, who is not willing to see, of course, to be cognizant of all the Jade Emperor took a deep breath and said: "Oh, that fellow please say, I'm all ears" to allow the Jade Emperor to make such a performance, let Enlightening heart is very happy for him, even if it is not Buddhism spread eastward concerned, he will put all tell the Jade Emperor, because they are the West does not want to see a peaceful and stable ground out, but they also want to land Star to contain many incoming jīng force. Enlightening, said: "In fact, Yao Hao fellow is to be in front of the fog confused, think about it from fellow prehistoric play now, in this three realms that can do this in a few in, some worried that this entry Is candle nine yīn arrangements,North Face Nuptse Down Clearance Sale, but they are high-watched candle nine yīn, Causing loss of lives will be just a bunch of witch family's income, how could there be such good fortune of this force, the three realms of being able to do this only Nuwa empress, but she is not going to do that, so to say that only when three thousand to flee out of the residual chaos mythical soul,Women's North Face Pink Ribbon Clearance, and only they can just do it quietly, if yao Chamber to put down these residues soul in one fell swoop , it can be really boundless, his fellow wants sermon sanctification is nothing difficult "to hear Enlightening words, the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother's face sè is becoming extremely thickened, their two into not a fool, chaos mythical powerful they still know, even their chaotic than the Saints mythical but also understand, because they Hongjun Taoist but the lad knew many secrets of nature. That is three thousand year Luohou chaotic escape of residual mythical soul, but listen to them Luohou of Xiong Wei Hongjun Taoist spoken about, if those really into chaos with three thousand of the residual soul about mythical Jade Emperor is not Shade will charge the former, they do not want your own little life to finish off, but to put it all so generous EEP say it, I'm afraid there is no security what kind, you want to use their strikes to the West, he is not enough That qualification. Enlightening the Jade Emperor eyes firmly fixed on a long time, and then just said: "Enlightening fellow of good intentions, but no thanks, but this is not the court to intervene by me tender, we do not have the capability, this is true then it should consult Hongjun Taoist, Bijing this relationship with the three realms of safety, not sloppy, if the West intends to crusade, I naturally helping out yao court "to hear the Jade Emperor's answer, Enlightening mind is Antan breath, he wanted to calculating Hao Yao, Yao Ting when Pathfinder take a pawn, but he was wearing the Jade Emperor to know, then it is his turn to an army, which makes the hearts with a trace of a small EEP disappointment, for the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother is more jǐng Ti, can be Hongjun Taoist personally fate of Emperor Yao, Yao Hao this is not a leftover oil lamp. EEP is a long sigh and said: "I'd want to realms of Western efforts, unfortunately it was powerless, Western Bijing for me is just Buddhism spread eastward is the key issue, as the manner of the change that can only give out the" good an excuse For EEP's remarks, the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother that was one thousand, ten thousand do not believe that, perhaps only a fool would believe this reason, EEP reason for saying either that the news was false, or just want to borrow knife reached, his beneficiary,North Face Hoodie Sale, whether that point, it will not let the Jade Emperor ease. Jade Emperor lightly said: "Since Enlightening fellow powerless, and that this matter can only be put aside, Bijing unstable realms now, now we are not jīng force to deal with this sudden abnormal" in the minds of the Jade Emperor is that, since the news, the West already know, he did not believe three clear and Nvwaniangniang does not know if the other side also know it has not any move, it only shows the other side of the powerful, so that they dare not act rashly, the Jade Emperor naturally, will not be so stupid into acting as a proxy, merit is good, but you also have to have life to enjoy the job, not a life that have nothing but that for this time of negotiations, the Jade Emperor and EEP is nothing between the results, although the two sides can be considered almost broke, no one wants to be Bijing into the calculation, the Jade Emperor as the Realms of the Lord, for the EEP little trick is naturally upset, but It is precisely because of this little calculation Enlightening, even more so the Jade Emperor jǐng Ti, or even suspected previously said that Buddhism was also false merit, I'm afraid it is not thought EEP, if he knew he The remark will cause the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother so jǐng Ti, I'm afraid it will not do that. Secret to star in the beginning also on the Saints a little surprised, but over time we are able to know the reasons, which were kept in the valley of scattered repair only those realms, as well as above the Jade Emperor Yao Ting fills with the Queen Mother, a mere Some of the believers who enter, it is just in the eyes of All Saints ants, but also in the eyes of St. into the belief that the road does not have any merit, it is force Bijing, especially three clear, knowing that after all even more dismissive, Enlightening the temptation to take this thing to the Jade Emperor, only to say that he underestimated each other. At the Jade Emperor and Enlightening broke when suddenly the land among the stars came a rushing yao sky murderous, murderous one cited yao ground shook, it is universal among the heaving, universal underwater yù whom shook his fall, but Once upon a dragon is to turn over countless lives have been affected, among a sea of ​​blood plasma waves is tender, six reincarnation whom trembled. So let Realms Immortals murderous whom fear, because they are being felt in this murderous share them palpitations strength, as if yao to be the end of everything between the strength of All Saints understand the hearts of all, it is the candle nine yīn force, so scared into fluctuations, suggesting candle nine yīn force in the recovery, which makes the hearts of the saints is more of a jǐng vigilant, to know that there are candle nine yīn among the three realms of existence, and that the them is a big threat.
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