Howard blocks steals record level tactical risk to cut the beast into a sinner Warcraft

September 04 [Wed], 2013, 16:38
Howard played 34 minutes of the game, with 13 shots 9 hits scored 25 points, 16 rebounds and five blocked shots five steals, but the final game in the distal third last minute, Howard to face the Timberwolves cut the beast tactics 6 penalty 1, leading the Lakers' lead was quickly eroded. If the Wolves can start earlier cut beast tactics, perhaps the Lakers eventually missed the first game with the victory of Howard scored a hook inside the defensive end seal 盖威廉姆斯 layups, steals Peicovici pass. Although the Timberwolves guard against for Warcraft, but Warcraft is still receiving a pass Jamison jumper. Thereafter Jamison missed a jumper, Howard grabbed offensive rebounds storm caused Peicovici foul free throws a game in the second section has suffered nike roshe run fb uk 斯蒂梅斯玛 Howard shot inside the cover, then the basket singles walking mistakes, Biography She Weide steals the ball and then hit. This section to half the time, Barea steals and fast-break layup, Howard leaping sent Geshandaniu style cover, capping his career total number reached 15 times. Then he received a pass from Nash finally layup and foul staged 21, out of a chest stuffiness. Bryant dribble, Howard received Fei Xia pass up empty dunks, they also end strike their hands. Since then Howard has repeatedly fouls four penalty two, the defensive end seal 盖佩科维奇 second half Howard Williams steals the defensive end, offensive pass termination Nash staged empty dunks. Howard soon thereafter received under Gasol's pass, but turned layup. When he was on the defensive Peicovici fourth foul to his own, was forced to come to rest Distal game steals She Weide Howard defensive end, offensive rebound and dunks. Thereafter he again steals Budinger passing, receiving a pass from Nash front jumper. Meeks missed a jumper, grabbed offensive buy nike free run rebounds Warcraft foul free throws. Wow twice in a row inside attack succeeded, but then cut the Wolves take beast tactics, Warcraft series of four penalty is not in play and the emergence of foot mistakes, but on the defensive end closure Gailubiao jumper. However, in one-minute cut beast time, Howard 6 penalty 1, leading the Lakers lead quickly vanished. But the Lakers eventually with Nash and Kobe Bryant's free throws, to get a win.