domestic brand form dynamic state in the market:"The winter dress hasn't worn spring breeze to rush toward noodles"

July 16 [Tue], 2013, 20:13

China are still the clock manufacturing that suits most s base, Shenzhen still keep being the most important manufacturing and marketing base of Chinese clock profession.This is recently in Shenzhen will the exhibition center hold of"the seventh Chinese clock high peak forum" head field high peak forum up, more than 10 consistent viewpoints of clock board of trade president of associations from grounds, such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and Fukien and Shenzhen...etc..

July 3, cross-straits three grounds of of the clock industry expert surrounded topics, such as"big China clock industry outlook", "big China watch industry outlook" and"big China clock outlook in the market"...etc. to carry on a thorough study.After the meeting, clock institute for research in Shenzhen held a Jie card rites, clock profession association in Shenzhen City general secretary Zhu Shun Hua introduces, and the clock institute for research aim in Shenzhen is carrying on a clock development research, concentrate on getting stripe to expand a market to provide more service for clock industry transformation in Shenzhen.

"financial tsunami occurrence, we always at in order to pass the winter to do preparation, depend on the clothes that the wave prepared winter, wait the coldest time wear the thickest clothes.But wait etc., in spring but come, a lot of cold resisting clothes all use not ascend."Clock industry association honorary chairman in Shenzhen City, sign to introduce while prospecting local market prospect according to an exquisite article(Shenzhen) limited company general manager's pottery, doing for the domestic sale Chinese brand is financial tsunami of biggest be subjected to a benefit of.They discover that financial tsunami include a sky, king, Luo west Ni etc. at inside of Chinese brand sells all very good, pound at in the financial tsunami according to wave under don't decline anti- rise, the first half year of sale growth attains 26%.

"a series of data express, the local market once likes an international market."General secretary Zhu Shun Hua's circumstance to the clock domestic sale of the clock profession association in Shenzhen City is very familiar with the subject.Introduce according to him, Chinese the main clock brand acquired the growth of above 25% in 2008, the profits growth came to a more to be close to 35%;Under the sistuation that face financial tsunami, 1-2 months in 2009, the clock sale of China still records 18% growths;February 15, 2009(Valentine's Day later) goes to March 15, originally expected that the Chinese clock market would sink into a low valley, but the data shows 10000The sale of dollar following watch and sold last year basic hold even.Zhu Shun Hua feels deeply about, the hinterland contains strong purchasing power.He thinks that Chinese clock industry greatly has can be, being regardless costliness and vogue brand clocks all can increase devotion in China market.

city clock profession association deputy secretary Yang Jing Zi You Xi Wen introduce, the current clock exhibition came out some new product cards, particularly worthy of paying attention to is some exit business enterprises to change direction vision domestic, is continuing to pay attention to innovation, exaltation technique and management of at the same time, pay attention to brand construction more and cultivate and the outlet expands.Hong Kong form manufacturer will leaf the small Fan president of association introduce, Hong Kong form manufacturer will member the big part open factory in the bead triangle, there are more than 620 member of the companies, the big part is engaged in a manufacturing industry.The meeting of member's unit be actively constucting the brand military advance hinterland market currently, make great effort to raise a product affixture value, strengthen cooperation in the deep harbor two sides to develop advantage.


the below 10000 dollars watch sell quantity to increase

"China is one of the strongest watch manufacturing nations in the world.From export the outlet saw, the business gradually started coming, Hong Kong manufacturer starts order, and this is a good news."Hong Kong clock industry chairman Huang Ye Guang of the head quarter introduces, financial tsunami occurrence after, several sales of above 100,000, 1,000,000 dollars watches appear to descend very obviously.But medium price Switzerland watch of several 1000 dollarses, below 10,000 dollars, sell quantity but at increment.This explains that the world consumed structure to change, the manufacturer and dealerses all wanted to hold this phenomenon.Moreover, a part of clocks export business enterprise ran into a domestic market, this is also a good development direction.The high level watch brand meets rental abroad expensive and publicity amount of money too many etc. hard nut to cracks, is exactly the opportunity of local brand.

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