The air condition system

March 22 [Tue], 2011, 15:21

the air condition system be designed manufacturing automotive of pilot and their passenger travek more happy at warmth, damp and hot expect to count a period in time of vehicle in travelling of time .

The first air condition being been good for a car is to be a company in New York in 1933, get an options to have is a be installed in their new cars of air condition module, considering as a can choose of additional thing and additional expenses, this expenses is in time of 2007 is about$4000 USDs$247 USDs, therefore when you can imagine, this is only usually been suited for by the full of pilot in more expensive car.

Many problems were taken place with this options,supra skate shoes and it isn't very efficient in the unit, and the hard management didn't automatically adjust Wen Qi disheveled hair now or one close of leave a mechanism, it is been stronger than to very much to occupy in the size half boots space,alienware desktop themes this options was stopped by the car company in 1941.

Its wasnt until 1954, when the ambassador of Na Shi announces complete integration air cooling, well ventilated and pleasantly warm spirit system. This reform is adapted to very soon and 1960 almost 20% vehicles are in the U.The S had air condition module, and from at car of air condition up become more and more popular Be free to adjust with almost all cars today because standard of, but actually see of it many importance at and after maintain your air condition module at your new of or used-car?

Here is why and how

Air condition to your comfort necessity and can become your safe of factor. Its main purpose will provide comfortable environment in your used-car, ignore the temperature of outside. However, if it has been a while since your air condition system was cut off, who know that it may hide?

The compression being working from engine and the tube that heat combine of your used-car is germ and die to produce to feed a ground. And it isn't the only displeased smell that you will have to suffer hardship, your health may also be placed in a dangerous situation, and you probably with have a sore throat influence, sneeze and incensed eyes.

In addition to this, an used-car of air condition system with an inefficiency will use more fuel meaning"it will become more expensive to run"!

Therefore, why should you does your air condition check in your used-car?

If your air condition system isnt check and evermore maintained it can worsen and arouse:
the increment is in your used-car
become mildewed or maintain the difficulty of comfortable temperature in the damp smell, because the germ builds up in the system.
window way immutably evaporation at be it outside is moisture

The abscondence that freezes gas, leads to the operation of inefficiency with fuel to consume

I to your used-car of the growth of germ that will make sure the most suitable proper efficiency and forbid to arouse displeased smell, by recommending a year to check to your professional treatment of air condition system.

Majority of garages and professional usually put forward 2 F service and is decided by whether you only want to check and purify your air condition or need the air condition of an integrity to serve, they include:


This usually includes;

The heating apparatus control checks

Is inside of blow a person to accelerate a check

The pollen filter checks

The pilot fastens a scarting of circumstance and strain to beat a check

The air condition will make neutral any smell of unpleasantness and limit any germ that they can arouse to sneeze and have a sore throat of the treatment of growth.

2.Completely serve

This will include all chemical elements is plusing a top;

Cool off gas be ejected the ditch outside and renewal of

In your used-car of make the temperature that the air cools off is be checked

System pipe line, joint and composition is be checked

Enthusiast operation of cooling off is be checked

inside of oil of replacement

I the height ground recommend when you choose to have at you of used-car up be done of work of any, you it has already practiced drive and approve dealer. The adviser of price always talked with their customer to in advance establish and pass by them to make to reserve.

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