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August 31 [Sat], 2013, 17:04
FIFA president Sepp Blatter free run 2 uk sale President politely commented on the hosts comments: China successfully hosted the World Cup and the Olympic Games women's football tournament, but football did not grow, I talked with the head of the Chinese Football Association, football is not a miracle, see see World Junior Championships and the Olympic Games soccer tournament, Argentina, Brazil, Nigeria, a country like Ghana won, are from the youth football began laying the foundation of Chinese football must train young people, have a long-term development plan, can not rely on one or two foreign coaches to achieve results, which is without exception.

Such advice I do not know how many people mentioned, I do not know how many times mentioned, but I do not know why the mention White also mention. The first two, I do not know, easy to handle, it wants to find someone to look at statistics. After a do not know is the real wonder. FIFA officials may not know to mention is white to mention, people's job is to promote the development of football around the world, so the White Grape also still have to mention the Olympic Games men's soccer semifinals and finals Women have Messi, Marta, the world football top players on stage, truly beautiful. Whenever players are kicked out of the strike, the court Chinese audience more anxious for the Chinese football love deeper, the more you cut. Responsible for what? Responsibility is not according to the laws of Chinese football. On an Olympic cycle was also vowed to grasp the football dolls, a solid foundation, the earth was moving, and later, can not hear below, leaving international football who also kindly reminded over and over again. So, what day can cultivate the heart and soul of the leader, what day be able to build a strong soccer talent groups?

For the love of soccer kids to do something, even ten years is still hard to train Chinese football, Messi Marta, but the goals and ideas must be good, also in line with the Olympic spirit of Chinese fans Brazilian girl Marta again familiar. Chinese Women landslide, no Sun Wen, nike free trainer 5.0 v4 mens Liu Ailing superior skills that a group of people, but to appreciate the foreign women's football players, fans cheer Marta is one of the most attractive one. Last year, the Brazilian team to China to participate in the World Cup, Marta fame. Her superior footwork, dribbling as unhindered, a fake shake down around twenty-three opponent, simply textbook can give soccer when Marta 1 meter tall and 61, weight 58 kg, thin stature, there Amazing power, a few steps that can suddenly start to throw off any big opponent closure. Rare she is a very powerful team defensive player, the body in the frontcourt, she never abdicated back on defense, but the place Fanqiang, not only delaying the opponent's attack, and often grabbed the foot of the opponent's ball back quickly, and all are mysteriously being set to complete a title of Miss World Soccer World Cup Golden Ball and Golden Boot award at a double star, count as core of the team, really controversial. Marta do not care about other people talk, a few days before the group stage to win the ball, she said: I am not a star, the Brazilian team has 18 stars, we are the same. Coach Barcelos to say that victory is not a person of Gong Brazil hit any opponent will heavily marker Marta, her activities as limited as possible. However, Marta they think, focus on defense for me, although it against me, but also to other players and opportunities. With this realm, it looks just a shooter than playmaker Marta, both in spirit and tactical enough to become the team's reliance on the players always have missed time, Marta is no exception. World Cup final last year, she, like Maradona, soccer players such as David Beckham missed a penalty, but fortunately she fell to the correct treatment, and even said, I like to watch that game recording Umea in Sweden Club playing Marta, had the honor of European competition, which can only inspire her Olympic gold medal desires. Marta said: We do not focus only on the gold medal and if we concentrate on playing each game, the future there will be more useful experience. Words should be absolutely central figure in the team said that Marta only 22 years old. Although did not get the Olympic gold medal, she had many opportunities to realize their dreams she is beautiful, but also a central figure in the United States women's softball

Jennie Finch is the most famous American softball pitcher, was elected Pacific Top Ten hitters, but also to get over as the nation's best pitcher softball player. 2004 Athens Olympic softball finals, she created the ERA (earned run average) 0.00 record and excellent performance, helping the U.S. softball team won the third Olympic gold medal, however, the reason why many American viewers to see the softball field race, one reason is because she is beautiful. In 2003, she was selected ESPN world's 50 most beautiful people. Some media said the blond altogether her American Kournikova Jenny Finch do not think so. Despite all the beauty of the girl, like, like, like on the cover of newspapers and magazines, but she was more in love with softball. She once said, my goal is to never lose. This may be somewhat unrealistic, but I will work hard no one thought that this girl has a lot of fans is now a two year old child's mother. Let her fall in love is baseball player Casey. She and Casey three years ago into the marriage hall, in 2006, the crystallization of love Ace come to earth. Only five weeks after giving birth, Jenny appeared in the national qualifier. Soon, she along with Ace and softball teams running around, both bag filled diapers, bottles, toys, there are baseball caps, gloves and non-slip shoes. A full two years, Jenny estimate, Ace actual time at home a total of only four months, and recently this number does not increase the 21st, at Jenny 28 birthday less than two weeks, when three consecutive Olympic champion U.S. team was in the final of the Olympic Games women's softball team lost to Japan. Jenny is very sad, because the IOC's downsizing plan, the project will not be Olympic softball. And she is so eager to draw on his sports career to a successful conclusion ah! Unyielding Jenny still put their own softball career going. She believed that some day, will also appear in the Olympics softball. She can not play, and there are young players, you can experience to them. Because, softball has been integrated into her life into.
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