Girls night!! 

2007年09月10日(月) 18時58分
OMG, I had such a good time
with my daughter, Sakurako!

We had a mini-slumber party!

We ate junk food, watched movies,
and of course, talked about BOYS!

She seems to have some boy
problems herself, though.

That's why I'll be teaching her
all I know!

Who would know better, right?



2007年09月10日(月) 18時51分
Wow, today was chaotic.

I took home Chikao today, and
decided to make a few minor
changes with his clothing
and speech.

I for one think he was very cute.

But that Ootori guy, being a know-
it-all like always, said it was

*Rolls eyes*

But later, we had some fun
in their host club and shot down
two customers.

Heheh. It was a fun. It should
be a sport or something.

Damn, why don't they have a
TURTLE emoticon? >.<



2007年09月10日(月) 18時46分

That Tamaki!

I can't believe he's trying to
forbid OUR daughter from playing

If I was poor little Maimi and my
dad wouldn't let me play tennis,
I'd DIE!

I'm soo glad I'll be taking her
home tomorrow~!


The randomness.. 

2007年09月10日(月) 18時39分

Me and Momoko messed up
'daddy's' little host job :3

It was sooo satisfying.

Hmm, I think I'll do that
again next time!

Poor Ai-chan! Getting her Yuki
get touched and abused by



Welcome to our new blog! (^_^) 

2007年09月10日(月) 16時38分
Since our old one got deleted..


We made a new one!

We're currently at the second day
of Ouran.

So far, it's going great.

But there ARE some minor

Our health teacher gave us a project
to do already!!

And it's a family project too..

We'll have to "marry" and take
care of children.

My "son" Ryohei is soooo
cute! >.<

My "husband" isn't so bad either.
He's the best one out of 'THEM'.

Well, I need to go and do
some homework!

Until next time!


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