Zhang Mao and left a shadow

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 350th chapter old apprentice Keke Mao was Xia Zhongzhi this pair of eyes stared my heart in a cold sweat ,coughs ,it said , Mr.
Xia ,why are you looked at me ? Xia Zhongzhi listened to Zhang Mao it also realized he wasn ,but now think of Zhang Mao always called himself Mr. Xia ,busy waved a respectful way , Mr.
Zhang ,Xia Mou dare not you say sir ,please call Xia Zhongzhi and Zhong zhi ! Sweat ! Zhang Mao was speechless ,the heart says , you are such a large age, if I call you Zhong Zhi, one in the ear also 指不定 take me forwhat .
Think of here ,Zhang Mao smiled ,and said: Mr. Xia you are welcome, if you don grandpa teaches you summer ! In front of Xia Zhongzhi looks to be over sixty years old appearance, Zhang d call him a grandpa too .
This how line ! Xia Zhongzhi refused , as for first, Mr. Zhang Chinese brilliant than me ,I Mr. Zhang as the teacher ,student gift line ! Sorry. Zhang Maoting Xia Zhongzhi it was thanks to his teacher, which makes him somewhat dumbfounding ,they both actions than who he is well know ,if no condoms help afraid myself to learn ten years twenty years nor Xia Zhongzhi .
Next to Wang Shengkui is dumbfounded ,not a mortise is so light has so a powerful skill ,he can see that Xia Zhongzhi is very fierce old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine ,but also in the hospital is high ,this time even he worshipped a Maowei .
Wang Shengkui was glad I met Zhang Mao ,felt flattered ,but thinks: ah ,we finally meet the person . Mr. Xia ,do not make fun of me ? Zhang Mao really thought my ears hear . Mr.
Xia Zhong Zhi no reason ,want to learn from you ! Xia Zhongzhi was eagerly ,Zhang Mao refused , Wang Zhang fulfill chushi . Zhang Mao felt the head is big, I just help Wang Yanran cured the disease has provoked an old Chinese medicine to worship your own master .
Mr. Xia ,do you think you are such a large age, I was a junior, you have any questions please call me is ,do not worship me as teacher ! Zhang Mao Shan Shan laughed ,he felt Zhongzhi nice summer .
What to do ! Xia Zhongzhi has got into the horn identified Zhang Mao the master, Mr. Zhang ,you must accept me as a disciple ,or otherwise I Er Zhang Mao temporarily curious ,asked, or you ? Or I behind Xia Zhongzhi when he said ,a splash knelt before Zhang Mao, master, you accept the apprentice .
Damn it. Zhang Mao was suddenly kneeling Xia Zhongzhi startled ,he didn Xia Zhongzhi would be so big determination ,busy will be ready to Xia Zhongzhi up . No, master, don agree Timberland Men's Hydroclimb Hybrid UK, Chushi not up ! Xia Zhongzhi this time even as children ,eyes filled with hope .
Halo ! Zhang Mao took his brow ,eventually biting root ,jumped out the words , well ,I promise you not ? Xia Zhongzhi was delighted to hear this , master, please be my disciple and worship ! Then ,Xia Zhongzhi forward Zhang bases on three heads ,each head of a piece of their heart I missed a beat Timberland Hydroclimb Hybrid Sale,which Xia Zhongzhi also really dare to put his old head to the ground on .
Master worker. Xia Zhongzhi and after the end of good standing behind Zhang Mao in a reverent and respectful . Well ! A Maodian nod to this call ,he can hardly bear Men's Timberland Euro Hiker,said , since you call me master ,you need to listen to the master ! Yes ,master, you say ! Xia Zhongzhi complete a do sb.
. After the people before they don ,call me a spade or Chamberlain ,otherwise I will feel very strange ! Zhang Mao felt the call is lost . Ah ? Xia Zhongzhi Zhang Mao did not expect such demands on themselves ,said , this how line ! ,I is the master or you are a master ? Zhang Mao deliberately board face ,Xia Zhongzhi see ,when I did not dare to say ,busy amends, all to listen to the master ! Zhang Mao reluctantly shook his head ,looked at lying in bed king ,to Wang Shengkui smiled Michael Kors Clutch,said: the king ,as the needle Timberland Men's Splitrock Boots! Well ,Mr.
Zhang, thank you ! Wang Shengkui also flew on a Maogai salutation ,make fun of ,even the old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine hospital to Zhang Maodou how he can not so reverent and respectful respectful Zhang Mao .
Wang Bo ,you call me that ,I was not happy, you call me Mr. Zhang is more unfamiliar, called me a spade or small ,little brother ! Zhang Mao pretended angry . That I call you Xiao Zhang ! Wang Shengkui wants to be called more casually .
Oh ,this is almost ! Zhang Mao laughed , Wang ,ask you to the basin of water to change it ,I want to take needle . End with end with Wang Shengkui basin to the restroom . Master, take the needle also has a special gimmick ? Xia Zhongzhi is busy ask ,after all, Zhang Maogang had acupuncture manipulation too shock the common customs ,so he feel needles should also have some special technique .
This without too much requirement ,as long as the stabilization of a word ! Zhang Mao smiled , unless have special points ,for instance there ! Zhang Mao said and pointed to the king chest ,added , the needle into the deep ,so take the time to be careful ,otherwise easily punctured the vessel of the patient .
Xia Zhongzhi a teachable way ,nodded: master, this I know ! Well ! A Maodian nodded ,said , my skill is also know a little fur ,after what do not know where we can communicate ! ,Zhong Zhi ! Xia Zhongzhi looked at a respectful D .
Well, first to take needle ! Zhang Maojian Wang Shengkui has to end a basin of clean water ,was stopped and Xia Zhongzhi .Should have eighteen pins ,Zhang Mao in order to avoid awkward with a needle to let Wang Yanran sleep .
Nineteen needle Zhang Mao and took eighteen stitches ,the entire process of no special technique to a final ,when Zhang Mao stopped .Zhang Mao smiled ,on summer Zhongzhi : Zhong Zhi is valued ,the needle extraction method and other needle is not the same, because too deep ,so either in speed or technique have to be firm ,not the slightest tremor .
So it is not very difficult ! Xia Zhongzhi knew that would so deep a needle out not easily ,a careless it may . So ,this pin is the key to speed ! Zhang Mao on their speed has the full confidence of ten ,but he knows that Xia Zhongzhi will never have a hand ,because he has old, physical quality is in decline ,even if the exercise will do .
Xia Zhongzhi also seems to know a Maosuo said ,sighing, master, I know what you mean ,just and you can exchange much I also very satisfied, because China has not find in traditional Chinese medicine on achievement is higher than me person ,perhaps you said that the doctor would be better than me ,but could not find .
Ahem Zhang Mao busy blow twice, he didn on this topic do more entangled ,originally it is sheer fiction. Things ,said that many also does not have the meaning , Zhong Zhi ah ,although acupuncture on the one hand, your accomplishments will be limited ,but in other respects they can continue to study ah ,such as important formula Chinese medicine ,broad and profound ,which have many things worthy of our research ,and the master knows several Cuban side, we have time to exchange ! Xia Zhongzhi listen to a d know ancient eyes once again lit up ,busy nod , you can fool disciple ,you should know the Cuban side, oh ! Halo ,the master is always faithful to ,well, say no more ,I put the last pin out ! Zhang Mao will be in the hands of the needle with rubbing alcohol to put into the moxibustion box .
shoop ! Zhang Mao and left a shadow ,Wang Shengkui and Xia Zhongzhi were not clear ,but at this point, their hands are holding a twenty cm silver needle .The needle disinfection after
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