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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultFull text without advertising chapter 572nd help me adjust ( today is somewhat uncomfortable ,just as the two chapter ,thanks to all the rewards support ,thank you! ) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- well ? Xiao Yi and easy-going ,although very easy-going ,but it looked to ,Wang Xiaohu and a group of friends ,but he felt a great pressure ,especially Wang Xiaohu ,feeling than face his greatest fear his mother and sister when at a loss ,but also the feeling ,is not easy ,only red in the face ,brave whispered, Shaw brother ,that ,and I was a bet ,I bet you will win .
Full text without advertisements. lost dog ,tiger schooling up basketball circle ,if you win ,the fat man in the hands of the PSP will be ours . Another youth, also in white added .
The stakes ,who came up with it? Xiao Yi ,slightly wrinkled up ,he does not want Wang Xiaohu to become a zheng-yong aggressive person ,but a moment ,his eyes up ,looked that a ride the high horse .
The fat man . I was ,what, dare not bet ? Fat is not afraid of Xiao ,Xiao Yi at gaze ,chest more very up road . Little friends ,do you think you are playing the game very much? Xiao Yi eyes ,eyes narrowed ,began to show a faint smile on one ,a face .
Next to Stuart at Xiao Yi Qingfeng suddenly look changes ,who do not know why ,suddenly felt suddenly cold ,be overcome by one of gave a shudder ,his eyes ,looked at the little fat man ,he was more than a hint of sympathy ,he could almost certainly ,the little fat man ,it is sure to is ill .
Can you ,still, do not call me kid, I was not your friend ! Fat face ,modest, nodded ,says it can also four characters, but the look ,but clearly in said ,I is very powerful .Then ,seemed to remember something ,waved ,face showed a disdain look authentic , do not want to and I ! Rely on ,our boss to you this dead fat .
?You don pee look ,you !Listen to the words he looked at the fat ,an arrogant kind, Stuart Qingfeng almost no jump up gas ,almost all people are mad ,his journey north and south ,have not seen so act recklessly and blindly guy .
Fatso, you know how to write the word death !Strong self can the heart to beat to death the dead fat * *, Stuart Qingfeng mouth ,float a sneer . Look ,you technology is very confident ,so, we might as well add a little bet okay ,if I lose, not only tigers ,I ,and my next to this ,my friend ,the three of us are all around the playground barking like a dog in a circle ,you satisfied with the package .
Xiao Yi speech just fell ,Stuart Qingfeng face suddenly changed ,look very sad look to Xiao Yi ,it seems to say ,boss, you and others bet ,what do I care ?I move sheire who ?Unfortunately ,his eyes ,was apparently easy to ignore Xiao ,Xiao Yi in then ,eyes slight squint, staring at the opposite side of the fat man .
I was lost ? Hear Xiao Yi Canada Goose Trillium Parka,fat face ,immediately gave a conative ,eyes an itch for a try look ,but not a direct agreed ,but Guzuoshenchen shaped look to Xiao yi . You lose .
.. ... It is very simple, we also don PSP ,you guys, but also around the blue field climb a circle ,barking like a dog ,that ,how? Xiao Yi looked at the fat face ,eyes a Hanmang passed slowly ,pure tone .
This ... ... ... ... Well ,that ! Xiao Yi at the face ,seemed to look very calm appearance, fat man next to the boys ,hear of have to learn the dog dog ,heart can not help a virtual once, was thinking of how to persuade the fat man don promise ,but the fat man is a promised down directly .
Talking a moment, fat eyes ,gave a sneer Canada Goose Aosta Sale,as well as a poor ,sympathetic look .In his view ,Xiao Yi suggested this idea ,it is the real act recklessly and blindly ,do not know is fearless performance ,he estimated ,Xiao Yi is rarely come to school ,is rarely heard his large order ,for he had no understanding ,don one who !How could he lose ?He just took a provincial championship ,his future Timberland Classic Shoes,take even the champions of the world !Beside the young man who had wanted to say, but look fat face light ,suddenly all live export ,face again gave a proud and disdain look ,gaze with provocative and sneer at them to Xiao yi .
Since settled ,so we should just go ,you set the game location, is where? Hear the man agreed ,Xiao Yi ,smile ,even more brilliant ,squinting, tone is become more be courteous and accessible up .
Just to the side of the Stuart Qingfeng ,is from Xiao easy face that brilliant smile ,smell a deep plot has taste ,look at the little fat man ,could not help but become some sympathy .
A little fat ,you seek after North Face Denali Hoodie.Stuart Qingfeng mouth ,also gave a smile . At the door on the Internet ,I take you to the . Wang Xiaohu next to a juvenile to see Xiao easy smile ,seemed completely no longer angry ,loosened immediately down ,his face with a happy look of a sound ,then brought up the road in front of .
Xiao Yi also don ,followed him ,and followed him ,and saw Xiao easy start ,Wang Xiaohu and Stuart Qingfeng et al natural also hurry to go .Small fat at Xiao easy so God the static ,without the slightest fear ,so active ,but a distracted look, is this guy ,really is something people ?But soon ,he will put this ridiculous idea thrown out ,domestic and international master ,he may not have heard of him ,some have not been exposed to ,his master and he said some ,but before this ,obviously not for any one of them !The boy ,now so positive ,wait a minute ,they know is dead !The corners of his mouth ,revealing a sneer and contempt, also with a group of friends to go fast .
The students said that Internet bar ,at the gate of the school ,but not the front gate ,but a side door ,the Internet seems to be specialized to do student business ,size is not large ,the inside of the machine before sitting down ,most of them are like Wang Xiaohu such a big kid .
Although this time ,almost every household has its own computer ,the Internet industry to a certain extent by some impact ,but for the students ,but are still the market internet .Not only the usual at noon and in the afternoon after what, many students can not get on the Internet at home ,to see what the Internet bar ,usually at the weekend, for those lost in playing games for students, is also very addicted to Internet access to the Internet, they map is a atmosphere ,with partners to play together, together with the enemy the kind of pleasure !A pedestrian to go forward with great strength and vigour to the Internet ,let Internet bar boss was stunned for a moment ,but Wang Xiaohu and the partners of this batch of people ,apparently also is a frequent visitor ,so in and he said after a pause ,he quickly arranged a box, let all the past .
The Internet bar boss apparently to fat game strength is understood to be heard ,and he asked Xiao Yi after the game ,he had a surprised look ,also specifically asked to see her smile say ,easy to answer ,and say they did not participate in any games before the contest ,even the games are played very little ,his eyes, look to the Xiao Yi ,suddenly he gave a sympathy .
Apparently ,he felt ,Xiao Yi is an act recklessly and blindly the rookie ,is sure to lose ,but will lose out badly .Originally, originally for Xiao Yi with a certain confidence in situ Qingfeng ,from Wang Xiaohu and Internet cafes old in their mouths ,that the drag as a two hundred and fifty like a small fat man ,is actually the one is really something ,in sports circle ,quite famous ,heart also can not help on Xiao Yi some worried .
But he is not worried ,bet ,make fun of ,look the world ,who would dare to let him direct and Xiao Yi Stuart bark ,climbing playground ?They don climb ,the world how many people can make them ?He worried ,just afraid Xiao Yi you really lose, face will be embarrassed ,his heart, but some regret ,just you should stop Xiao Yi ,and a high school boy ,playing what bet .
But Xiao Yidao was unchanged ,does not seem to hear the cyber cafe boss said those words, also did not see his eyes ,light in the box look after, in front of a computer to sit down ,or with a smile on the face of a look over his fat ,touched nose , so ,we start ? Well ,start ! The fat man did not expect ,Xiao Yi to this time, could carry so calm ,did not see Xiao Yi a look of fear ,the heart a little regret and disappointment ,hear Xiao Yi ,in his heart with a sneer ,no coffin don ,tonight, the less I let you see the coffin Canada Goose Bunting!Even now, no nonsense ,raised his head ,snorts, pull the high gas Aung in Xiao Yi on the opposite side of the front of a computer to sit down .
,you help me adjust the game ,I did not play ,how do I not . Open the computer ,there all is looking fat man familiar began to open the game interface ,and seasoned with the keyboard ,Xiao Yi here is touched the nose ,suddenly raised his head ,pointing at the computer desktop ,looking at the next king tiger road .
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