little smoke to Zhang Zijian said .

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 283rd chapter work talk in fifty million when Hou Liguo heard Northface Women's Windstopper Sale,the corners of the mouth is made out ,really wants special fund special words ,the interception is little, cutting more, also hold town development .
To get in the car ,Hou Liguo asked Zhang Zijian : what is the next step . Road ,land ,capital .Our county investment plan to revise . Zhang Zijian turned to the magistrate said Hou .
I know you so well for money ,I will let the county to do a highway plan ,let you come to this ,you must put up a pageantry dry up ,the other on the town with does not say, still cling to the county funding .
Hou Liguo to ask for money all the time ,not to worry ,to come to the money ,and that the following cadre emotional instability . Who has the ability ,who will be a Zi Jian grunted coldly .
Oh this is not for office to increase the difficulty ?Provide food and accommodation does not say, also in charge of operating expenses, in the capital . Do not speak to Feng Donghao this time inserted words .
Get Zhang Zijian laughed .Driving to the office to go to Wang Kairui ,no car before Zhang Zijian telephone ,and let Feng Donghao go back to prepare a table to please the central bank friends come and sit down .
Goodfellas ,Le Feng Donghao not light ,know the God of wealth is not common .Know what can be obtained .Lesbian relations ,frequent walking around . Hou County ,or you have a mayor to stay in the capital ,he was director ,I as his deputy, what thing also can help the county do .
Sitting in front of Feng Donghao make fun of the said . I would like to just standing before, my county hat don do .You can stand it Hou Liguo also follow you ,inside ha ha ha laugh , stay is very good, but I capital is a scourge ,or how you sent me to the poor ,to blackmail me surplus value .
Zhang Zijian also said . You of surplus value ,I give you a change to the county . Hou Liguo leaned forward on the front half . You say . Zhang Zijian said at the rearview mirror .
You ,my premise is a when municipal Party committee secretary can . Hou Liguo slightly .In fact he county think ,is it right? Let me protect the prince grew up above .Back home he discuss .
Such things no other is making .Car phone rang Zhang Zijian down ,Zhang Zijian answered it ,hear is security .One, take the car to the side ,to allow Feng Donghao to leave ,his co-pilot seat .
How do you know my telephone number . Know what his phone .Zhang Zijian had to ask ,to know his telephone but less people . Yesterday I heard you are back ,this morning to you a phone call home ,siblings then, tell me your mobile phone number ,it is not quick at noon ,eat dinner together .
He Baoguo carefully and said . Who did you talk to me in the capital .I x ,I hid deep enough ,the Jinyiwei also a lot . Zhang Zijian wondering ,I nothing bad to the capital invited several big brother, I know .
Oh there last night several people about you ,ask what you .As the name of the Ministry of finance is the min . He Baoguo said . Oh, I know who it is .Huian noon to do right, my three or four ,with several water will wait on people .
Zhang Zijian then told security address .Call button . This is He Fang divine . Behind the Hou Liguo curiously asked ,see Zhang Zijian talking to each other, like men ,and to me, this is a can not know the time of day ,Lord ,from all sides open to eat .
A broken director . Zhang Zijian light said . Director looking for fresh and juicy . Feng Donghao suddenly turned, looked at Zhang Zijian . Car ,watch the road .So surprised do .
Zhang Zijian said . Zhang mayor Oh director brought men are star and star eating a meal .My heart is excited . Feng Donghao said . good for nothing ,to the capital, this ability .
Without a star , said Zhang Zi Jian satire . We are in the capital to do director ,officer, little, no power ,is accompanying the leading wine and dine ,a good relationship .But some things ,not our scope of authority ,such as several of the actors with hosts ,this difficulty is great .
Feng Donghao said is the truth ,Zhang Zijian can help him pull line know a celebrity what, nothing can pull the leash .Back to the office ,Feng Donghao is preparing for action and what, all two rooms ,Zhang Zijian and Hou Liguo in the office to chat .
Our county no development zone .I was prepared to engage the frame is proposed Timberland Boat Sale,deputy director ,you not level, hard. Said Hou Liguo . The first construction ,grade I don enough to pick peaches .
Zhang Zijian said with a smile . One radish one ,I reckon ,wait for you to deputy director and deputy county ,also can provide a development zone . Hou Liguo glanced at Zhang Zijian . I am not really understand ,while I can toss ,it will make me toss ,toss large certainly are not ,do little to also be no good, hard I say old Hou ah can you help me to check .
The Standing Committee of the county committee to frighten me ,leading to the capital, around to see the world ,back, can obedient . Zhang Zijian said ,with Hou Liguo polite ,even kindly call old Hou .
Hou Liguo smiled and shook his head ,saying to .And said: you do something less to make the city county to know your identity ,reckon a man ,will make things up ,you will be affected .
The future is a small delay ,delay their plans ,incompatible .My father tube of my very strict ,especially and friends ,as long as it is a cadre and I contact ,something for him ,not to do .
Point be beneath the human character .All these years I ,also used . Listen to the words of Hou Liguo ,a Zi Jian bow to think for a while .To counter Hou Liguo nodded and said : you do not say anything else ,just we two partnership in Huian County of impoverished hat .
Stability is not the way ,that we do not have ability, I reckon up our two young man made to where ,not to toss out ,but with our contacts the flag of up .If it is not a result ,it does not go to them .
I want to help my hands is member of the Standing Committee of the three votes ,many in advance can only endure .Don at first does not intervene on secretary in the tight ,especially personnel mobility .
Hou Liguo shook his head ,said some of his anguish ,he frankly speaking ,also let Zhang Zijian know this county as well ,sometimes also don what, and so had to say . to do business with .
Zhang Zijian suddenly changed the subject . Thought ,difficult now we don what advantage, according to current investment policies are concerned ,not only does not have the superiority, but also has higher than other place .
We here poor .The farmers are chosen to .You close up ,hands also no money compensation ,even sell the money to the villagers compensation ,do you think will get to the village .Once ,is a major event .
Don stop before, Congress did not open before, I wouldn do . Hou Liguo said, also pointed to his forehead .Zhang Zijian slight smile, yeah vice secretary part-time acting head of a county .
During this period ,there are few big movement ,especially Hou Liguo or foreign, if local cadre rise, have the absolute power to run .Hou Liguo helper is not looking good, he dared to play big movement .
It can , said Zhang Zijian . Can also be a knowledge . Hou Liguo said .With words, Feng Donghao knocks on the door to come in, said to Zhang Zijian : a mayor, director Wang . Zhang Zijian stood up and walked to the door ,Wang Kairui was to meet .
After shaking hands ,let to the couch ,Chen Jing pulls out from his grandfather to Zhang Zijian house where the smoke . did not give me a call . When Wang Kairui sat down ,little smoke to Zhang Zijian said .
Come, do and you can not speak .Yesterday please Xu director and Assistant Minister Wang assistant .There are a few heads over to . Zhang Zijian simply said this . Ha ha you oh I also say ,yesterday I was really afraid of you to call me .
The family unit that boy to frighten .The boy ,home of major suit in Babaoshan .Fortunately no bullying people ,or some help with the head . Wang Kairui enough .In his words ,Zhang Zijian gawks ,asked : I x ,to the capital, until one day, known to the world I am doing a bad thing .
Ha ha bagatelle ,also is we when a fun listen .But you still care ,is a circle ,no need to get so big Wang Kairui ,as Zhang Zijian said : I find nothing good to say ,have a look ,I can help you .
Zhang Zijian looked at the Hou Liguo ,just the time of presentation, Hou Liguo also and King Kerry shook hands ,not many words . I want you to help me introduce A province and six city bank president .
I want to engage in the development, have no money ,or borrowing .Now is the best introduction to rural credit cooperatives ,the next step to set up a small loan plan . A Zi Jian has just finished, Wang Kairui connected to said ; you apply for spark plan ah as long as your project is good ,should be able to put .
Can solve some ,but not most ,audit procedures are very troublesome . Said Zhang Zijian ,watching Wang Kairui muses . I know not all provinces ,ah what Wang Kairui minor shook his head and said .
Then you introduced me to know .This feeling I remember ? Zhang Zijian said, hey hey laugh . Just assumed office, do so anxious to do, the achievement in one promotion ,also let a person not live .
Wang Kairui also jokingly Zhang Zi Jian ,two people mutually ,and laughed .re very stable ,several years without promotion, or I help you operate a ,down when a governor . Zhang Zijian also jokingly said Wang Kairui .
Now you said that you want I transferred to A Province as a governor ,I can give you the green light . Wang Kairui pointing to Zhang Zijian .Counterattack . Received the first point of interest ,you help me to have just the thing to do .
Want the horse to run ,have to feed the full a Zi Jian said ,Wang Kairui gawks at . I am here to be good to you ,give you feed Timberland Euro Hiker Boots,you to draw me a piece of cake . Feng Donghao then passed to Zhang Zijian said to have guests looking for him .
When He Baoguo came in, to see so many people ,he took two men came in ,saw Zhang Zijian ,rushed forward to shake hands .A face smile to let a person look very false . Feng director ,arrange the no .
Zhang Zijian walks out, also saw five or six cheesecake girl gathered together to speak, see anyone out ,looking at the door . Arrange Feng Donghao smiling down the Zhang Zijian look at the girls .
First arrangement where the director and the guests to sit down .I here also said that conversation . Then ,with Wang Kairui walk into another room .Wang Kairui came in to see Hou Liguo and Feng Donghao have two boys go .
Zhang Zijian said : how to get a rotating field ,accompany me ,what, a big room ,everyone happy ,a bunch of guys .Light eat a little, you on that point ,if there is something else ,let say ,let them wait .
Zhang Zijian was listening to Wang Kairui meaning ,feeling also want to look for a specific company North Face Denali Hoodie Sale,see the yard of those girls ,leading heart sank on ah smiled and nodded ,to Feng Donghao said: the leadership of the instructions to understand nothing for a big room .
It is Feng director to toss .Say he really happy to do .We sat down, the girl is really just .One side of A .He Baoguo to Zhang Zijian on the side of the two men, open a trading company ,see Zhang Zijian nutrition liquid fire, TV ads exist everywhere ,want to proxy .
Unfortunately did not share, find the shooting He Baoguo to let him get some share, He Baoguo the kickbacks ,help people do live wire main black .Will promise ,learned that Zhang Zijian in the capital, who is about to meet .
This is a total ,this is yang . He Baoguo introduces . What we now state cadre .The mayor knew ? Zhang Zijian stood up and shook hands after the general yang .Said .People are introduced .
Food is all .Liquor begins six wine ,this is Hou Li national down rules Northface Men's Denali Hoodie Sale,girl drinking beer at . Are you really the mayor . Zhang Zijian girl whispered to Zhang Zijian said . Grace Zhang Zijian glanced at .
For such a company girl also guest channel speech speech ,did not think much . I have seen you are the youngest officer ,not ,in addition to our village . The girl smiled and said ,and looked at Zhang Zijian and said: so young official ,is not tired .
Ahem . Zhang Zijian dry cough twice ,do not know how to say .The girl is slightly naive point .Zhang Zijian opposite the General Yang watched Zhang Zijian held the cup and said: had long wanted to visit Zhang Zhen long, has been unable to find a way .
With this wine ,offered you a cup . Who ,ah ah six haven finished ?Will be . Wang Kairui also took the cup to Zhang Zijian and the General Yang said ,Zhengda big table all eyes looked at him .
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