Chu Feiyang not know how to feel

December 31 [Mon], 2012, 18:13
"Wow, Chu brother just handsome good type cool Oh, Do Chu brother used to be mixed triad do." Sitting in the Ferrari sports car inside, the Ye Zhiya on shaking Chu Feiyang arm was very excited and asked, did did not feel before the face of danger so feeling. "Chi Ya girl pretty smart, how to not feel surprised ah, is not that I am terrible ah Chu brother." Chu Feiyang talking all the time, also deliberately dress out of a hideous face out . "I'm not afraid of it, Chu brother is always a brother Chi Ya Chu, even if the grandfather said Chu brother is the world's Hitman Chi Ya Chu brother or Chi Ya Chu brother." Ye Zhiya Accompanied Chu Feiyang arm leaning Chufei Yang biceps where Sweet said, do not know the anthomaniac it, or really Chufei Yang onto the own heart. But Chu Feiyang hear Ye Zhiya said he is Hitman when the psychological really could not help but look at GeDeng, said the woman's intuition is very terrible, now regarded as insight into. "You're not afraid of Chu brother you to sell, you girl silly Leng Leng Boyd helped the number." Said Chu Feiyang joking, the direction of the car has also been moving in their own villa area open in the past, as to behind the three Mazda, in turn was a tacit agreement in a different direction to leave the birds. Chu brother was not it, even grandfather would, Chu brother will not. "Ye Zhiya confidently said, Chu brother, Chi Ya, but always remember when Chu brother gave Chi Ya Xu under commitment Oh! "amount ... thing." Chu Feiyang really is a bit not remember things at the time, but carefully think about it, if it would not be impossible, after all that time of the Ye Zhiya it with own death the Valley which met Jiangjun months is about the same. "Well, brother Chu man big tofu can not lie," Ye Zhiya suddenly straightened himself and muttering mouth said, if let her fans know Ye Zhiya but there are still so one side of the case, do not know how many otaku would awesomeness it, "and the Chu brother but facing the stars in the sky and Chi Ya right promise, Chu brother definitely can not forget!" amount ... seems a little impression, either Chi Ya Tell me first, and perhaps just Chu brother, things are a bit busy, only a little can not remember it, maybe Chi Ya girl lift, also remembered it! "" ah, the first brother Chu is so right! ! future as long as the place of the stars, Xiaoya also Chu brother around, Chu brother would have accompanied Xiaoya look at the stars. "Ye Zhiya imitate Chufei Yang's voice said," It's a little to remember it! "ah like said Chufei Yang face red gas does not breathe the said fact, my heart really have forgotten almost bird "second too!" is, Xiaoya if later met Chu brother, only need to remember and say to Chu brother sing a song, Chu Chi Ya had a birthday brother will accompany Ye Zhiya a little lost, said, "But Chu brother has two are not accompany Chi Ya birthday too! "amount ... Chu brother and it was not in a foreign country when there is no time to come back Well, Xiaoya you the truth now, as long as you say how many songs to sing Chu brother, the future regardless of Chu brother how busy Chu brother will give Xiaoya Qingsheng, please! "" I calculate, ah, like until now, Xiaoya for Chu brother singing twenty-five songs now. " Ye Zhiya began to recall and then sit there straight fingers, said, "In other words, from this year onwards, brother Chu need to Xiaoya continuous over twenty-five birthday Oh, Chu brother, you really can do this!" amount ... is twenty-five birthday Well, rest assured, even Chu brother after the End of the World, Xiaoya Cape Chu brother had to for taking the time out to Xiaoya Qingsheng, so Xiaoya happy. "Chu Feiyang looked a little weird, do these words really said to myself, but see Ye Zhiya that delicate and charming expression when, Chu Feiyang really give birth to an even wrong that must be the feeling of their own errors out. "Mmm, Xiaoya also singing, after singing should Chu brother, I'm going to give Chu brother to sing at least one hundred songs, Chu brother gave Xiaoya birthday in the next life Canada Goose Palliser Coat Discount." Ye Zhiya Lark as has been generally pleased, said, "Xiao Ya Chu brother not deceive Xiaoya, right ah, Chu brother ..." "... on ... Chu brother was not deceive Xiaoya Chufei Yang face collapse contingent, you would think there certainly is this girl to put out one ah, but think before this girl, she was required because of the moves that he has done, but also is a year remember her birthday only own a big man even that things do not, it is not people very disappointed of thing. New Street villa area on the 18th when Chufei Yang entered the Ferrari in the garage of his villa, when Chu Feiyang knocking inside the villa there is not even a person, want to come must be reading the reading, go to work to work, but let Chu Feiyang a little surprised, and Su the voiceless turned not at home. "Anna, you are now the class was over, at noon home to dinner." Chu Feiyang quickly called the autumn Anna's phone will. "Today, inside the school debate tournament, our homes inside the Han language classes Debate Competition with the Law, Law School inside Oh, the the Purple Spirit sister and Freeze sister there big beautiful autumn Anna for being one of the debaters Oh, we need in here at noon to eat, and then discuss the way to familiarize yourself with the process and rhetoric afternoon the autumn Anna was very pleased Chu Feiyang able to call her, "how, Chu Hunks you not think that should have come to us sisters want to join in, ah! "debate contest, so boring activities and you go to the, ah, thought you were to attend a campus beauty pageant. Chufei Yang took out the key to open the door into Yezhi Ya closely ground Chufei Yang side. "Wow, Chu brother, do not see your nest so clean and beautiful it Yezhi Ya jump directly bounced on the sofa, said pleased. "Hey, just what sounds Do Chu Hunks and abduction of a home is not a decent girl!!" The sound of the autumn Anna decibels increased. "Ahem Canada Goose Reversible, I have you put it so unbearable thing." Chu Feiyang very dissatisfied with the said, "You are there to participate in the game, come back at night when we go out poly a meal" dinner, dinner why, do you want to bribe me with Freeze sister, you do not worry about the purple Ling sister sad. "the autumn Anna's tone became somewhat agitated. "Why only, Freeze, voiceless sister and Stuart static that big mouth, where they get to Qula Chu Feiyang course, from the mouth of the autumn Anna keen to listen to the trace of strange, as CHAN Suet Lan Angela Chan Lai Kwan, Chu Feiyang of course, do not need to ask, Chan Lai Kwan going to class CHAN Suet Lan Angela to go to work, after all Shoudexia so big promise a restaurant. "Oh, you said Stuart sister and voiceless sister, after you go out, they called the police Longfei to picked up, seems to bring voiceless sister went to see what important people, and today will not come back to live it. "autumn Anna suddenly suddenly said," and so on and so on, I said Chu big guy, you should not go to the Huanghua Airport pick that Yezhi Ya big star yet, how now suddenly to go home! "have received it, just the sound you hear is not that Yezhi Ya that girl's voice myself." said Chu Feiyang Straight, "how, Chu Brother this is not to force ah, not only want to give you to the signature of the album, but also directly to people gave ye have brought back too! "not bragging that you will not die. autumn Anna very bluntly said," to say you are fat you really breathe it, if I go back and really see Ye Zhiya then today, I ... I Timberland Euro Sprint Sale... I nose to drink a bottle of beer to go! "Come on, that time is not my Chu suffer big guy to carry you back." Chufei Yang said dismissively, "Since you something, then to the house at night to say it, I just also arrange evening activities!" evening activities at night so what activities, evening activities really!! "Autumn Heart Yi's tone once again ran high up, "Chu big guy, you melon head is finally open orifices ah" "Why do not you open scoop it." Chu Feiyang very helpless, said, knew not as a direct hit cloud Purple Spirit of the phone, "I'm not saying it at night to go out with poly seats, introduce a friend to get to know you!" We go ktv Chu, Big Brother, since I came in and studied here, but also did not go over here ktv, but for a long time did not sing the song of the Yezhi Ya I will be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to good to go to play to play, allowing you to experience this autumn Anna version of Ye Zhiya very very powerful! "Chufei Yang could not help but quirky here looked over tummy Search Television Yezhi Ya, and then think of autumn Anna in ktv inside cover of Ye Zhiya singing them in front of Ye Zhiya the scene, and perhaps also a good choice. It go ktv right, just me to introduce you to this friend is like singing. "Chu Feiyang Xiemei laughed," then by the time I'm on the direct first arranged to go and then we'll start from home together myself! "Oh, this is truly handsome Chu Hunks cool thing I like." the autumn Anna Taitailielie of said, "would be the first such Kazakhstan side Zhuge teacher and that shit Wang told us past to say thing back to see Ha! "listening to the beep of the phone inside, Chu Feiyang not know how to feel, to be honest, although Chu Feiyang school at Central South University, seemingly so long since he understanding inside the Central South University teacher, with one hand the number over, remove the addition to the principals, and then there is their beautiful English class guided Zhuge Jin, and one is that Wang teacher. "Chu brother, xiaoya hungry Oh, did not eat ah." Sofa above Yezhi Ya heard Chufei Yang off the phone, immediately bounced asked. "You did not eat this, do not noon it." Chu Feiyang asked, a bit puzzled, and now looks like the treatment of some aircraft above is fine Well, when see Ye Zhiya shaking his head Chu Feiyang this Interface said, "I do give you something to eat, just after eating the rest of the evening, and then we went out to sing, it really do!" "I have to help with the cooking, a fried two dishes really do, Chu brother. "Ye Zhiya hear showcase their culinary cook immediately thought,
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