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February 03 [Sun], 2013, 10:35
The ancient flying in the snow among the flight, he showed the eight step, step three, forty feet, like the blinking as above the thick snow rushed over Canada Goose Calgary Jacket, did not leave any traces.Behind him, two of every nine days the magical power as two Avision, quick chase.On the ground, a flash across, in the glare of the snow, the place visited, snow and ice all melted.The sky, an old man, a foot jade Ruyi, through body white clouds, across the void, forward flight.Nine days of magical power, the body quickly, not in the ancient flying eight pole, goofy want to get behind the two tails, it seems impossible.Realm, Goofy and between nine heavy day monk gap, only the realm.This is impassable gap, each realm, there is different understanding, the realm of heaven and earth is higher, more deep feeling, can control the power will become.The promotion of the realm, the repair is the ability to raise the overall, spiritual, physical, strength, degree......All increases along with the promotion of the realm.With the removal of all four days of the monks, no one can be on, and put on a par with the ancient flying, even off every eight days monk, also cannot.North Hall months, would have been far off, she has a refined eight days to fix for, but she did not catch the fly, can not catch up with the two old people, this is the gap.The eight step, the king, but this is not at the same level, between the fighting, nine days a degree, especially for good magical power, and all the four days of the ancient flying, difficult to get rid of.Of course, this does not indicate, eight step is the ancient flying when cast out, is the history of limit.Along with fix for promotion, his this ancient works show the degree, will also upgrade.The two old man, there is a powerful monk can control the spirit to fly in the void, it is because of the old man's existence, the ancient Feicai difficult to get rid of the old master to kill two.People in the air, open field of vision, but also in the snow-capped mountains, few obstacles occlusion."The two old man......"The ancient flying induction to powerful breath behind that two shares all over, can not help but incapable of action.He had been behind the two North Church home old master lock, except in the inner world of their own, otherwise, difficult to get rid of.However, to enter the inner world of their own, but need time to prepare, behind the two old people, is absolutely not allow him time to open their own inner world.The ancient flying now repair, difficult to heaven and earth in an instant open."Shua!", "shua!", "shua!"......The ancient flying every step, will leave a didn't dissipate afterimage in situ, was surging vitality, overflow in vitro, forming gas awn colorful.Just like a colorful rainbow God, flit in the white reflective snow, snow rushed straight to the depths of.At this time Canada Goose Calgary Cheap, but to get rid of the ancient flying behind that of two North Church home of the older generation of master, and snow depths in any danger, but he did not want."The ancient flying, to death, we may be able to save you a whole corpse!"The air, came a hoarse voice, drive jade Ruyi old people.'.Here, far from the monks gathered in the region, they have no scruples.The two old men, from the North Hall month mouth already know the ancient flying status, ancient fly must die, there is no doubt, they cannot make the fly and Bernice. Let people know too nose.The ancient fly alive, on the North Church family, is an absolute evil.North Church family, while also practicing community tradition for thousands of years the big family, family very profound, but, even so, they also do not want to offend the door.The three gates of the same breath and branches, alienated too, it is against the door, practitioners, not the practice of family, to have to contend with the strength of the door Air Max 91 Discount."The ancient flying, dare to stop a war, I a person enough to destroy you!"On the ground that the old man also said, although the voice to speak, but his attitude is nothing slow down.
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