in yourself the merit sake

January 12 [Sat], 2013, 14:29
Walk out the door, Hu Fei was somewhat perturbed, the old man a hand, play 'mode be why ambiguous, make Hu Fei can choose some elusive feeling within the system, these cadres and officials, thinking it too complicated, they simply do not forecast through this is why Hu Fei did not choose to go an underlying cause in in this regard, Hu Fei still know one's limitations of his a few jins a few Canada Goose Womens Dawson Parkas, he can see clearly then, whispered: "Dad, what are you...?"Hu Jiawang now is heavy track: "wait, in front of Tian Kee, you gotta say don't during the working hours, do not exaggerate things, seek truth from facts." this words meaning, have clear, Hu Jiawang has determined life opportunity. Now, they have is still in his fifties, only three or four years, it is almost sixty years old man who is dying to go all out in work, he is completely hopeless if, can put Nie Zhenbang down, though, may not be able to attain the highest level in one step as mayor, vice ministerial-level official indirect entered the ranks, but, in yourself the merit sake, Tian Xujiang had to give them some comfort, a member of the Standing Committee of places, I'm afraid is little not it back into the National People's Congress or, second is the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, hanging a cadre of deputy ministry class retires, is also good perfect Hu Fei heart a happy, inwardly are in curses, Jiang if Hin, I'd like to have a look, you got a Nie Zhenbang?When Nie Zhenbang stepped down, you this, also is not to come into my arms?Hu Fei hearts of the dirty thoughts, Hu Jiawang is not known, watching his son with a smile Canada Goose Snow Mantra Outlet, Hu Jiawang frowned, dissatisfaction: "what do want?Next, in front of Tian Kee, you can't like this, "Hu Fei now, good mood, where there will be these things...Is nodded: "was, is, Dad, you may rest assured that I will pay attention to" out of the yard...His two was to open the door to sit in, at this moment, Hu Fei is smiling to say: "father, directly to the field down there?"At this moment Hu Jiawang is waving said: "wait", Hu Jiawang is out of the mobile phone, open municipal Party committee mail list, find the Tian Xujiang's mobile phone number...Call in the past, telephone beep two times, but came a female voice: "Hello, hello" this one does not measure, let Hu Jiawang in some surprise, say, Tian Xujiang also has some shady things?This time, it was eight more quickly nine at the St Li Sha still holding mobile phone 'is not normally in accordance with the truth, each by the end of the day, this work mobile phone Timberland Womens 14 Inch...Is a must to lead his back which is a way to make provision against a rainy day, is afraid of anything urgent, can in the first time to find the leadership I immediately, Hu Wang adjusted the mentality, very politely: "section Li, you are my hu Wong ah, field down in it?"Today, Li Sha is called to the home field notes, discuss some work done hear Hu Wang's words, Li Sha is holding a microphone...The sofa field Xujiang: "remember, the government there, Hu Wang's phone, you...?"Hear this word, but Tian Xujiang turned his gaze, heart also in that...Hu Jiawang the man, always follow Nie Zhenbang ass run, city hall is the Nie Zhenbang operation was beautifully rashly, suddenly a telephone, myself, really a bit do not adapt to the feeling with Feng, Tian Xujiang nodded, took over the phone: "Hu long?I'm Tian Xujiang "really, really together. Look, after this, he was able to pay more attention, and, if there is Tian Kee recommendation, the central level there, will certainly consider Tian Xujiang's opinion, they attain the highest level in one step is not impossible heart of thinking, but, on the surface, Hu Jiawang it is very respectful done quite a party to remember to respect to manifest" record, so late, you don't have to rest to disturb you really feel shy "Hu Jiawang laugh says it paused, Hu Jiawang also smiled said:" remember, always, work is quite busy, no chance for your report on the work, this is not, this time, a little quiet a little, I think, to you in the past about don't know you have the time?
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