Life between heaven and earth

December 30 [Tue], 2014, 11:41
Early winter morning, the end is some thin cool, a cup of tea, and looked at the petals in the water stretch, the heart began to become warmer, even the slow down of time, also in a song like melody, become light and flat.
Time, always will be the most wonderful thing and practice it in person, it gave me the usual fireworks, secular life, let I can quietly and likes things to keep their sense of alienation, enjoy the pleasing beautiful; let me have a simple heart, see the mountain scenery in the emergency fleeting is a mountain, see water is water, enjoying a life of joy and warmth.
In fact, the best attitude, is peaceful, stable, take it leisurely and unoppressively; the best way is to go with the flow of life. Perhaps the end of life can not do be spotlessly clean, but the heart but can be clear and transparent, because simple, can touch to the appropriate in the earthly fireworks that warm.
Life, do not need to live a more exciting, just put the life and well-being, to travel, with a common heart, through years of flat Zeze, to understand, experience of life's ups and downs, the sun, has been very bright, the sky far away, as if a hand, he can hold a blue. The sunny window, there are flowers tours, have books to read, it is the good life, even homely fare, also must let the rich inner life, to get rid of surface similarity.
Some met beautiful, is stunning is a luxury, heart to experience, or forgotten, is enough, just remember, today's good, now warm. Raise a flower flower, although some lonely, somewhat clean and clear cooling themselves are like appearance, with a simple and pure heart, of sunshine feeling and meaning, that all the world back to the original is concise, but also in abundance.
An old song, always with a heart, a old words, write a past. Life water from high mountains, from the initial Xianyinuma, to inscribe a silver bowl of snow free access, how much scenery, Yan Liu Bridge painting, curtains green, the scenery is beautiful, happy also just moment, thousands of downtown, not the end against the inner free and easy.
Away for so long, the end is learned and the time for meditation, will be raging like a storm, as spring water gurgling, was not disturbed, the heart is also with.
The time of the letterhead, always imperceptibly, was painted with a watermark from the vicissitudes of life, see all the flourishing to plain, is a return to the simple process. When you are young, like boiled a pot of soup, just want to put all kinds of spices, hating can not make the taste of evil to goods, wait until the old, just want to cook a pot of vegetable soup, it is best to pollution-free wild herbs soup, do not deliberately put condiment, only clear light is good.
Life, no matter how busy after, in the end, just want to keep the water of the time, will be the day white boiling water taste. Yesterday the window to see the early bud, today the bed number of white hair, the flowers bloom, the more they read, the enemy but a far time.
Although, there are some things doing tired; some road walk tired; some heart, by relying on the far away; some people, walk is lost, but I still believe that good, believe that after the bustling, there will be a Ning for my Yangxin; believe the thorn all over, there will be an warm for my health; believe there will be a full moon, and later, as I believe that clear - windows; the end of hills and rivers, there will be dense willow trees and bright flowers with me.
Even if the world more complex, less forever, I am glad that, in this world of mortals, tossing, I didn't lose that their initial.
In the world, the most important is to practice your heart, let it become strong, so, whether the wind rain, tide to surge, wouldn't it played all a hideous mess. How can the world of mortals are pure land, can not dye beautiful journey, in the deepest despair, meet the scenery, is the most beautiful scenery.
If life is a painting, the main color must be I like golden yellow, not only because it is the mature color fall, because it had the smell of the sun. Always believe that, everything in the world, will be the most beautiful gesture to show, but occasionally there will be not perfect, will therefore touch the life real cute.
Go on the road looking for the sun, look at all the good in the road to bloom, remember those who gave us a warm, thank you every little bit, a leaf, let the heart is full of sunshine and rain, with the attitude of be most willing to, to reconcile oneself to one's situation in life, as long as the heart has the spring, no matter when, can bloom the most beautiful smile.
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