January 21 [Mon], 2008, 23:38
and lastly.. music! *o*

even thought im supposed to be learning: plans are always made!

well as for the main project dark cherry: due to the educational problems of the bassist the work is on hold at the mo and will be for at least the further 2 weeks. even though now he is on his way! so no worry, no worry

as for t21cb: the anniversary is nearing so most likely there will be something new again. yet unknown what is it gonna be. but certainly it is gonna be some sort of music XDDDDD
and most likely experimental type as dark cherry is aiming a bit more mainstream (somewhere i gotta scream anyways)

i was sad to read that a fellow japanese-lover and inspired band called kyoufu no saakasu decided upon breaking up while i was on my trip. the reason seems to be inner problems but no info mentioned so i won't start tipping any more

on the other hand modernslave seems to be activating himself after a year or so in a band of his old friend. or what is certain so far that he attended to some bandmeets and practises

and for japanese music i listen? nowdays (as well as forever) im obsessed with oshare kei! watashime is on my plate with their debuting mini (i couldn't listen to their new single yet) as well as bands of the singer io (ichigo69 and pashya)

out of oshare: tokio's songs has been found again on my ipod such as sorafune, seisyun and the theme song of the dorama 'mukodono 2003'

thats all i guess

skiin 2 

January 21 [Mon], 2008, 23:28
it was great! honestly.. and the weather! the sun was shining in the 1st days like a dream! all the routes were clear and unovercrowded... no better word sorry. so there were many other people and skii schools (also bro and mum attended to one) but everyone had enough space to skii as fast as possible! only bro got a fever on sunday night >o<" but luckily within days he was back in {右:img20080121_4_p.jpg} his usual form! mum worried but that was all! but still those routes *o* i even tried out the black ones 1st in my life and honestly! incredibly cool can be! though i must get better in technics to enjoy it more.. so next time i'll also attend to a school XD just maybe not with kids!

in the last few days it snowed again making the skiin more extreme for the sake of booty-san (me)!!!! fog+snow on black routes *v*

and now im home learnin for my last exam >o<"""""


January 21 [Mon], 2008, 23:09
hiyaz im back!! ^^

as the bloggie was off yesterday for 3 full hours, i was unable to post >o<
nevertheless now i do it!

soo im back from a week-long-skii tour from austria and in short it was splendid! i luved it! but honestly im a bit tired now!

the journey was darn long!!! >o< more than 800 kms waited for us and all by car!!! though we had plenty of music so.. XD
haha btw it turned out that my little bro is aint the fan of dir en grey. or maybe showing the whole wacken live 07 was ain't the best start..? even parents seemed to be more obsessed with my song. i mean the alert's reverse version. i was kinda shocked that i haven't shown them so far. baka booty >o<"

oh yeah, we also stopped by for a few mins in wien so that i could by a cd from cinema bizarre!!! {左:img20080121_2_p.jpg} it's their debut album: final attraction! and i must say i like it. even though i don't have the faintest idea what "ipop" means. BUT they are the 1st band in this genre, so im not thaaaaat stupid. just a bit behind i guess..
ah anyways its glamrock whatever they say. and they are prety good :-D
btw the best part of the journey was the last 10 kms! {右:img20080121_3_p.jpg} it took us like one and a half hour to finish it as it started to rain... then gettin higher it snowed on the icy road! there were several times when the car was unable to move forward... but not only us, quite a few other so it was funny.. XD also the address which was on the official letter of the hotel (also i must write it down here that they have been awarded as the best skiin place 5 times a row but) does not exist O_O; we thought the gps had some problems claiming that the given address does not exist but no... the hitel is really on the other side of the river >o> god bless them!

but the place indeed turned out to be great! even my little bro' managed to find himself a great hiding place (^.~)
and the mountains?

random thoughts 

January 11 [Fri], 2008, 6:12
..but this blog is just still kawaii *o* (even if i cannot read katakana a/o hiragana....nor kanji nor etc XD)
back XD
primary this blog would be my ideal post-wannabe place for bandstuffs im recently playing in
erm.. in very short
name: Dark Cherry
members: vo - Oshare Booty (dats me ^.^), gu - Jigsaw, ba - Kyoki
band concept: Visual Electro (sounds cool, ne?)
startin: 2008.03.28 (a year after the idea of this band was born, though we couldn't start that time as i was pretty ill, unluckily with voice and throat problems)

this link is a pre-song: a reverse side of an upcomin songie. it has been recorded at home so ain't great resolution though hell far better than my fellow bands' demo around my town and within my friendship. dunno, we are computer fanatics in a way, thats why we did our best to learn how to record at home
anyways... try it out, and i'd glad if u even comment it, if not.. well no... XD


look i bought this a few days ago (on the very last days of the past year)
super cool ne? or maybe its only me to luv this armbands and stuffz! :D

oh yeah, what u see below is my management stuffs.. as im learnin economics at the uni for over 1 and a half years now. it can be darn boring *sheeesh*
but the degree is supposed to be good for nothin so pleasure to learn there :D

and a little surprise! the unshaven and dead gloomy oshare booty right after sleeping! (^o^)v
that is me.. or rarely and every morning :D

ah anyways later on i will make proper pics etc ^^
but now.. only this one as im off for a week skiing and will only post by the end of january!

till then: be bad!


January 11 [Fri], 2008, 5:51
わたし わ おしゃれ 簿落ち。

haha i speak no japanese sry >o<"
so then y to open a blog on a japanese site? cause i just luv this page~!
the skin is sooooo lovly! as well as the stlye and all and all and *sigh*

ah nevertheless! i luv writin and i wanna be a bad@ss blogger as well so ganbatte~!

as for pic.. hm.. later on i will post one, if we've taken some bandshoots

and the title! the 1st song i've ever composed along with my pal was 'Eat my butterfly'
so so does my blog~!

byebye, later
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