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August 05 [Mon], 2013, 16:56
() Five hundred grams of caviar in the end how much? Many people may not concepts. Think, five hundred grams which is a pound of it, to have the number? In fact, many people do not understand, caviar generally cook it, all done by the gram, which is five hundred to caviar in the end how much? Nearly a Fanpen it. This is definitely not a lie. When looking at the canteen before playing waiter holding a big tub of soup in front of Lee and strong, when Lee and a strong heart completely dead, lying inside cook caviar. Although the use of this high-end caviar cook to describe the food a little bad, but he really is bull. A man wearing a chef uniforms stood and said, "we will give you produce caviar sushi, hope you like it if you do not need it, but you said.", "Caviar sushi, but also as" Zhao nodded steel Beng, said, "This caviar is a bit more." "Yes ah," Lee and looked strong pot of caviar, we definitely wanted to eat so much, a person eat wait a minute I go back to my father and mother packed eat it, no, no, can not say to the father and mother to eat, it's too ashamed, he said to his family and the dog ate Li Qiang, then just brewing a good word, Zhao steel Beng is said, "and strong, so much, wait a minute do not eat finished, the time you take home to eat aunts and uncles, expensive things, can not be wasted. "" What did you say Nima ah ah you say, I still do not know how you pack ah pack something to take home is the most humiliating thing I can not say do not, I'm packing to go back to my dog ​​eat? "Lee and the strong side of the heart howling mouth is said," No, this thing, my parents often eat, packaged back useless. "" Then I packed it, "Zhao steel Beng immediately interjected," So eat on the body is not good, and strong, you say? "" Nima ah, you are a hanging wire, how dare you pack This is on the ten thousand one hundred grams of caviar ah ah you say when it is packaged flavored pork I can not pack on the pack, pack your balls ah "Lee and the strong heart ran a ten thousand mud horse, but his mouth was only said, "Well, wait a minute you want to pack on the pack, anyway, I eat, not worth some money." Then, Li Qiang secretly resolved, wait a minute he must eat a little, at least eat eighty-two, expensive things to eat into his stomach, no loss in Li and Qiang is finished determination after Zhao steel Beng is said, "So what, waiters, so many could not eat, put here easily broken, you first I packed it up for a let four people, wait a minute there are also ice cream you can eat beef, two hundred grams on the first to leave a bar,North Face Pink Ribbon Sale, and the remaining three hundred grams packaged, sweet, you say? "" ah, eat a lot of this stuff Niwai, two hundred grams more than enough, and Miss Jin Changji, how much you want to eat? "Han asked sweetly. "I do not like to eat caviar," Kim Chang Ji smiled and shook his head. "Nima ah, you do not like to eat you just do not say it," Lee and the strong simply unable Tucao. "Then pack three hundred fifty bar, a chance to eat enough," Han sweet closed road. "Yes, madam." Waiter nodded his head, and then move through a person inside the basin of a large portion of caviar packed up and then away. "Eat something that can not be wasted," Zhao steel Beng said smiling, "I never seen the world, the family head who is also, just take this opportunity to take back to their taste." "Oh, try, try both. "Lee and the strong mouth twitched, want to laugh, but did not. Next, an appetizer on the road up, it Jinchang Kyi eaten for a while, then got up and said to go to the bathroom. Zhao steel Beng also said that he got up to go to the bathroom, and then one after the two men walked into the men's restroom inside. Zhao steel Beng positive pee, suddenly heard a faint sound coming from the sidelines. Zhao steel Beng is a very good ear, he quickly finished the urine, slide down and shook, and then leans over the wall. Sound more clearly, is that the sound I saw Jinchang Jinchang Kyi Kyi while moaning, while said, "Oh, right, you installed something beneath me so I too can not stand, to die, I want to remove." " Ha ha ha, "a man's laughter in the toilet door, Zhao steel Beng quickly found a compartment to hide inside. Only to hear a man's voice in the bathroom outside. "Chang Ji, there did not feel very exciting," "Oh, right, you too bad, is not your rì I like to play this" Kim Chang Ji sound a bit small, but Zhao steel Beng or heard. "Yo West, Jinchang Kyi, although you are now someone else's girlfriend, but you do not forget, that I put you prop up, or else you can not shoot in the Divine advertising, you will feel at ease with that thing right, I will process videotaped, as my next piece of AV, rest assured that I will fight mosaic "," my grass, too domineering it, "Zhao steel Beng sitting on the toilet, listening to the man outside to say, really I think rì bunkers, and even get a Korean actress to shoot AV scripts, although the actress is just a second-rate star. "Yo West,Men's North Face Nuptse Clearance, Jinchang Kyi, wait a minute you finish you accompany that idiot boyfriend, they came across the Royal Hotel 808 looking for me, I'll wait for you, I have to carry whipping whipping you," the man finished outside, hung the phone left the men's room. Zhao steel Beng That out of the bathroom, and then in the sink to wash his hands that, looked at the ladies room, walked back to the Han sweet side. Sometime later, the little pink Jinchang Kyi faces sè the back. "How?" Lee and Kim Chang Ji Qiang looking face, asked, "Is it not feeling well." "A little," Kim Chang Ji Hey nodded his head, then the body is shaking a bit. Zhao steel Beng even that little bit of a shock to hear the sound. "Then go back and rest after eating it," Li Qiang said. "Ah" Although Lee and the meal was strong this pit hundreds of thousands, but this does not prevent the loading force bragging Li Qiang, eat amazing meal an hour, was only things on the table to eat almost four when that ice cream came out, Lee and a strong heart though in the blood, but blood and tears his mouth only eat together. "Well, a very pleasant dinner,Men's North Face Apex Clearance," Lee said with a smile and strong, "In the future there is a chance, before they eat" "Yes, I am very much looking forward" Zhao steel Beng carrying a bag of caviar, said. "Ah" Lee and Qiang Zhao saw a steel Beng hand bags, wished he could take it over, but his face is too maintained a graceful smile. When the pay, Li Qiang sincerely appreciate and what is called Xinrudaoge. A total of three hundred and one thousand meals to eat, it is necessary to close one hundred fifty thousand four chocolate, "I send you back," Kim Chang Hee Lee and strong looking, uneven heart wants to wait into the bed of power, but it Jinchang Ji is said, "No, I have to go to a friend" Then, Jinchang Kyi walked out of the hotel. "I do not know there is one thing that should not have said" Zhao steel Beng Lee and looked strong, hesitated. (International Women's Day today, although most of the book we see a man, but there are also some lesbian, so today plus more. Fourth more time is 13:00.)
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