daytime also got some news

January 07 [Mon], 2013, 18:06
Every likelihood that the room is in sealing performance is at dead of night leaves climate change cancellation Jane threw in the door, the sound is big.All while the rest, but did not leave, all know that night with two individuals in the study of man talk, is quite concerned about.Now, big and small, almost all are gathered here, their eyes are revealed to strange light.The old lady looked at the people gathered, although not too clear study which gave birth to something, but you can expect to the inside of the situation is certainly not too happy, otherwise wouldn't have made so much noise."Boss, second, there are small Shen, the three of you stay, others go rest!"Hesitated a moment later the old lady looked at his son."Yunshan, you go to make a pot of tea, bring two cups over, of a little faster."Ma Yunshan shared it is trotting to tea Canada Goose Thompson Jacket.Not for two minutes, he saw Ma Yunshan holding tray to run over.But he is also very attention, do not let the tea water out of it, but also some asthma come after the tray over to the mother's hand.This time, the second is whether their brother-in-law, any person not only comfort in, not inside the two individuals, but will make the situation worse, but his mother might be better off.For the father, and who is so small Canada Goose Livigno Parka.The old lady with a tea tray, but also some helpless sigh, she knew her husband tonight with the said quietly, daytime also got some news, she is also a bit worried, do not think this case is really gave birth to, ah, this is how to get ah!But the old lady did not immediately pushed the door, but a knock at the door, and then pushed out the door, but the door when he was just some doubts, the door does not close so strict, but the old woman this time has not pay attention to these situations.Through the study and a small living room, is not very great, the old lady did not attend to his own son and son-in-law, mood, directly put the door shut; and then to go study the before.By hand pushing, direct the doors open, watching the situation inside the house, almost all in their expected.Say nothing, direct put the tray on the desk, personally pour two cups of tea, a cup to his old man Women's Canada Goose Mystique."Heavenly dry air is easy to suffer from heat, have a cup of tea to eliminate a disappear immediately picked up another cup of tea to Shen Lang, here come, Shen Lang hesitated, or stood up, took his hands had handed over the cup of tea," thank you grandma "well, you are not small, to understand and know it, not too young, not your body any good, don't leave anything wrong, you know?"He later also did not understand the things on the ground.Straight out of the den, the door to shut, looked at his two sons and his son-in-law, also did not say which is was going, "well, the old man with the said things, you don't care.The rest rest!"Then later, didn't bother them, alone and walked away, leaving three people being at a loss what to do, get intoxicated is sorry at two wife, "I really don't know what should be said, the more you see me more feel the face do not hang!"The horse is net and Shen Lang two tension, but because the old lady's arrival has eased, the two are respectively hold the cup in thinking, but the horse is net only single holding cups, and Shen Lang's hands holding the cup, relative view Shen Lang more relaxed, but this it is a kind of surface condition."Of, use this to threaten me, you have violated my cool, you know your brother is our home all the object of attention.I put my expectations were placed on his body.And as far as I know, you spend on him to don't seem less than me how, you feel you can endure, or said to have acceptable?."No, endure, even less so to accept, this is only my grandpa you with two people now discuss a chip. Grandpa, you and I both know we who can accept my brother go down the results, but relatively speaking I seemed more to take advantage of some, at least I give grandpa you give no, this is my advantage.Since they have mutual falling out.Then what is the what to say, when Grandpa you go above the neck sleeve when the noose.
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