ICDL 1 -as a reader- 

August 22 [Wed], 2007, 0:09
English digital library is good , but most Japanese one is not good because, for example, National Library of Japan (including for children) is difficult to use for people. I felt it is made for government although it is made for commons, of course. (Of course there are good points also both of them.)

Some technical point of the Internationa Children's Digital Library (ICDL) is good for children because they can enjoy to use its system. For example, searching books, turning pages, selecting many ganre, and so on.
On the other hand, it is difficult to use and read for children also. The purpose of the ICDL is to support educational and to understand many countries' culture, language and society where they live. However, some children may be not able to read any other countries' languages. Language is the most important to read and study for them, but they can not read without teaching or helping from someone. Is it out of contents of ICDL?


August 08 [Tue], 2006, 10:09
i havent written this english blog for a long time...

maybe when i write this blog, i have something wrong i think.

i have no idea what can i do now because
i have a dream what i want to go graduate school.

i wanna study especially intercultural communication
and any other human(?) thought including advatizement
i was thinking before,

but it cannot narrow my purpose.
it is faiarly wrong.

it may narrow it a little, but my parent said that
"what do you wanna do in the future?"


i cannot link my purpose why i want to go graduate school
and my job.
this is a big problem for me.

i was thinking at first
"maybe i will find my job that i want to do"
but it is not easy.

it is difficult to write my gradate theses too.
i want to talk with P but i cannot show present me like this..haha

im sunk in apathy.

i have to hurry up...


May 23 [Tue], 2006, 0:31
People make me happy
when they said me "Thank you".

I want to say to them "Thank you", too.

☆1st Anniversary☆ 

April 29 [Sat], 2006, 0:00
Today!!(in actually, I wrote this diary 30)
this web page Padda et Fatum is
1st anniversary☆☆☆

Thank you very much.
I want to say thank all of you reading my blogs.

I hope to read more of you
this English Padda et Fatum and
Japanese Padda etFatum.II.

Nice Proffessor Three Times 

April 22 [Sat], 2006, 15:07
Today I met Mr.P after school !!!

I don't have his class in this year, and there is not my seminar class
so I haven't met him for a long time.><
I went to his room before with Yu, but he isn't there.

However!! I could meet him at breezeway.
I was really lucky.
In suddenly, I said "Ohhhh Mr.P!!!!"

like this → <太>v(≧▽)人(▽≦)v

(It may be strange situation because it is not gesture between college student and Proffessor...)

I went into his room.
He listened my talking many times, and he answered about this.
He gave me much information....w
You are nice!!

and,,,I haven't updated Padda et Fatum; this page(in English)...
I heard that my teacher knows it, and he cannot read Japanese a little,
so I was thinking "I have to write this page soon...".
Then, he looked Padda et Fatum.II (in Japanese),
and he already had known my recent situation..

"Mago〜me-san, you had many things!"

Yes sir, I had too many things in my supring vacation.

In addittion I could not write my blogs for a month.
Er,,,he is nice, but I was very surprized at.

After our talking, I heard Mr.P and Mr.A will go to coffee shop,
so chica-chan and me followed them.
I was bad girl...

In the coffee shop
I had looked Mr.P smoked!!!!Σ( ̄□ ̄‖)
I was very surprised at this thing because
I had never seen it....This was a first time.
Oh...your GAP is nice...

we were bad(?) girls but Mr.A....!!!!!!
I'm sorry and Thank you very much...
I had no idea..

It was very nice after school.

Midnight call 

January 29 [Sun], 2006, 21:03
When I noticed,
it was 4:17pm.

I was putting my ear to a telephone more than 2 hours.

Although it will dawn soon,
I cared phone charge.
I couldn't finish my calling because
I was happy to listen his voice.
Maybe I disturbed him.

I couldn't talk with him for a long time, so
I had many contents to talk.
I confided in him all of things and my thoughts.

He said me
"I will take a positive slant on your thoughts."

It was rare because we didn't sleep and
talked seriously, and again
his sermon started.

I was helped this his sermon.

My eyelid is hot, I was emothional.
He scoled me many many times,
hurted my feeling unconcerned and
sometimes used abusive language.

I thought he is the worst person.
I would knock him if he was in front of me...

However, I wsa helped him again.

I was not complacent, but
I wanted someone to be admited because
I did my best everyday.

Although I did many things for me,
I wanted someone to be admited.
i noticed "I did hard in my own conceit".
I'm worst person.

However, when his sermon finished,
I thought my thoughts was small things absurdly,
and I want to do my best again.

He is warm every time.

Between Hastily and Lengthy 

January 28 [Sat], 2006, 20:04
I like Tomohisa Yamashita
because I watched "Produce Nobuta" on TV.
I like Shingo Katori
because I watched "Bera-Bera Station" on TV.
I like Joh Odagiri
because I watched "Shinsen-gumi" on TV.
I like Kenta Kiritani
because I watched "Dyast of Minami" on TV.
It is not the reason why he is similar to HIM...

I have to submit Mr.K's report untill Jan.30th.
I have to submit Mr.P's report untill Feb.6th.
I have a Mrs.M's test on Feb. 1st.

It was good to submit Mr.K's report on Jan.30th,
but my commutation ticket finish on Jan.25th,
so I turned in it on 25th to Mr.K.
I don't want to pay fare and go to school for only report..
Maybe I hurried to write the report,
so I had many mistakes in it...
I corrected the mistakes by pen on the train.....

I told him about that,
and he got my report as he are laughing...
Thank you very much.

I'm going to go to school the next time is Feb.1st,
so I wanto to finish and submit Mr.P's report that day...!!
It is very reckless plan for me.

I had classes only 16 days from this year, but I was tired...
It was very hard life.

There is no classes now, so
I flatten rubber looooonger while I go to school,
I let lose my hold of rubber suddenly.
This is my present situation.

Although I decided the theme of graduate theises 

January 23 [Mon], 2006, 1:06

Mr.K said
the poster which
we used made for our presentation
will be hang in our school!!!

I heared about that, so I don't need to surprise...

I thought the talk was joke when it came up,
and I didn't care.

I'm very shame but happy!!!! (///▽///)

After we finished the class,
I went to his room, and I said some preblem about the poster.
Then, I said him
"I want to reserch something.
There were many contents we want to put on it,
but we was talking that
we had to make some pamphlet not poster...hahaha."

"Will you try?"


Me:"What??! but maybe
my groupe member don't want to make pamphlets..."
Mr.:"no no no
You can make only you, not groupe"


I was also talking other things, but finally he said
"You can write your graduate theises
about this contents. hahaha!"

I submited my outline!
I decided my contents with Mr.P!!

Please don't confuse me!!!!

Love Worry 〜Koi Wazurai〜 

January 21 [Sat], 2006, 0:47
The fortune said

"The person who you are waiting will come late."

I get this fortune every year makes a hit in Nigatsudo in Nara.

I don't know
wether he who I'm waiting now
or who haven't met me yet......

The future is interesting, disturbing, happy or
thrust despair to people.

I think people depend on the fortune
if they wroyy about something.
Mee too...

Love is guilt because I cannot forget something
even if I want to forget.
I cannot control my mind because
my reason and feel is breaking up extremely...

"I love you." and "Do you marry me?"

I sometimes recollect the words, and
makes me sad.
I don't have any times to think like that...

I have to find new love...

Flow of Time 

January 19 [Thu], 2006, 23:59
Recently,,, what is the world coming to
Especially from Monday 15th.

I was surprised at the news which
compulusion investigation to Livedoor.
I watched spot news on TV.

I had to do many things like reprts or test at home
from this week, so I was studying as I watched TV.
I wanted to update about many news with my comments,
but when I face to the computer,
I concentrate reports, so I couldn't write my blogs.

the problem of earthquake-proof construction forgery.
I was watching the witness summons to Mr.Ojima
who is the boss of Huzer(?) on TV.
"there may be detective impeach〜…"
He answered that except only one thing
from the question of Komei party.
I cannot believe his mind.
I changed the channel of TV because
I thought that his answer will be the same all the time.
The news in the evening said
the frequency of denial was 31 times,
and he asked his assistant 30 times.
What guiness??

Unfortunately, I couldn't watch the live coverage of Soken today.
It seems to be strange.

That's too bad for people
who works earnestly.