this space is so gray can not create a good environment

January 14 [Mon], 2013, 15:04
Although, as the presence of the kind of positions of power. Very people readily and excitement. But Zhang windless know at the moment is not his pleasure, a lot of things to enjoy those vanity. Still need his hands to deal with. Practice because suddenly only half of the origin of the power metal sheets no wind can not be sure that these will not cause the child bad affect other reasons because the origin of the power of the fire attribute. No wind a little worried. Their children can normally draw congenital incomplete origin of the power after all Mens Timberland Earthkeepers Cupsole, is now the source of power has been completely grown up on the refinery. So. No wind is definitely that person to go and ask Zhang Siheng no way this kid who let this kid some of it more powerful than their own strength! But before that. Also some things no wind decided to go do what. That is, let not a cloud in the sky and Ma Tian Han first level the forbidden domain space peripheral mysterious yellow gas part to try to see how there practicing. Good decision, no wind, good to see the city revealed the figure suddenly has a teleport directly. Appear in Ma Tian Han and Zhang cloud-free practice venue. The two men remained in a practice hall to practice. Together include flute Figure cold odd man these people are not separate into practice the Chamber of Secrets. In fact, in this non-wind ring space Chamber of Secrets guardian matrix method. Are totally unnecessary. The windless appear naturally attracted the attention of these people a slight bow toward Zhang no wind saluted and Gong Sheng said: "the under see Shenghuang." So concerted an audience with no wind making Chang also very satisfied nodded slightly waving ended these people should live the kneeling action of no wind lightly smiles: "You continue to practice I come under cloudless and Tian Han. you do not have to be big to those etiquette What usual nothing we are all relatives to the real number applied so time., is the relationship of the upper and lower bit to say all are well-intentioned laugh. Also rude we are all cooked and then cooked. Are smiled and bowed saluted just keep practicing together. Ma Tian Han and Zhang's not a cloud in the sky all stood up and came to the front of Zhang windless. "How a brother?" Zhang asked, not a cloud in the sky. "No wind there is anything we need help?" Ma Tian Han asked. "Well I'll take you to go to a place to practice look at look I estimated that there are no wrong should be better than here." Zhang said no wind. Ma Tian Han and Zhang's not a cloud in the sky is a hi. Zhang no wind generally will not do nothing to grasp things that they are very clearly. No of what hesitation both of them some excitement fiercely nodded his head. Although both men practicing very hard very hard but also lower gods realm with median god, have not achieved. Today. Practice to place faster. The two are certainly very happy. After all, in this space. They saw a strong increase of the strong light * armor magic weapon. Has lost a big advantage in particular is a huge difference between God, the king and the gods they occasionally a competition with others. Deeply felt this during a huge gap. Therefore become stronger has great expectations. "Do not get too place is Longhu a local ring which just some special may also be some danger if they can not practice, you will immediately back to but a little psychological preparation." Zhang windless see two look of excitement the appearance of Hsin Tao also did not enhance the state so excited you need it! But think about two avid eyes of to see yourself repair skyrocketing degrees associate their original disparity contrast and the strength of God Trillium Canada Goose, the king suddenly they will be just the right places for two people to mind quite accurate. Can understand without wind naturally indifferent smile. "You say to the place must be good as long as it is able to practice good than here we are naturally pleased with practice finally catch up with you to the spirit world. Chosen you to enhance the strength so fast ... really crack down on the people, ah!" Ma Tian Han sighed. "Than he is and he is a monster." Zhang cloud-free laughs. Ma Tian Han nodded enthusiastically. Agrees Zhang cloudless. Zhang chuckled windless. Hand light hand wave trio suddenly disappeared in the space in front. The next moment forbidden domain outer space while stirring Cheung's not a cloud in the sky, no wind, Zhang and Ma Tian Han trio suddenly appear in here. Feel no wind, the mysterious yellow gas gradually rich seems like a very powerful very spiritual moment hearts some excitement. Try to draw no wind so mysterious yellow gas Zhang stunned now that the origin of the power of the five elements of their own body turned up the operation Baby's Canada Goose Elijah. "Sure enough, you can practice before thin do not think is now even really can absorb the physique of the two of them just do not know?" Zhang wind Hsin Tao suddenly look back to see not a cloud in the sky and Ma Tian Han. Ma Tian Han is keeping a close eye wander the mysterious yellow gas eyes stare too much. Seems incredible. Ma Tian Han has a memory of Maronite heritage flowing. Know something is definitely better than Zhang the multiple wind know no wind or understand. See Ma Tian Han so sheets no wind stunned and asked: "profile for this what let you so surprised?" "Something. Windless. You really do not know what's what this mysterious yellow of gas you do not know? This mysterious yellow of gas. Is the world of the early open origin forces a time when there were no gas is the origin of the yin and yang Xuan Huang qi ah! "Ma Tian Han said excitedly. Not a cloud in the sky looked silly Ma Tian Han. Though he could not understand what the Xuan Huang gas but know this stuff so Ma Tian Han suddenly excited so excited. The two can not want and no wind practicing degree growth is secretly competing with each other the realm of practice. Ma Tian Han excitement. Represents this stuff. Absolutely enhance practice! "Mysterious Huang gas? Origin of the gas? Early opening of the origin of the power of heaven and earth?" Zhang windless Ma Tian Han saying to panic a bit. Suddenly cursed loudly "I * I went so far do not know here to produce the breath of the Xuan Huang also said something unexpectedly can add five elements of the origin of the force's pole run? No wonder!" Hearts thinking sheets no wind, but would like to understand the this mysterious yellow of gas and the relationship between the origin of the five elements of the force. Xuan Huang qi is the world of the early opening also is not divided into yin and yang of the origin of the gas and five elements origin of the power. Is initially divided into the origin of the power of the yin and yang, the five elements. Xuan Huang principle of gas initially embryos. The five elements origin of the power after evolved essentially pure energy. With such a idea. No wind suddenly will understand why Ma Tian Han so excited. Once they can practice some mysterious yellow gas then either the spirit or the flesh. Will enhance the incredible realm! Xuan Huang gas Do just practicing out easily? No wind, some doubts. Looked Ma Tian Han Tao: "can practice?" ". Takes time but a little more difficult but certainly good to see the city practicing fast thousand times more than than in" Ma Tian Han said with certainty. Zhang's not a cloud in the sky a horse profile for words suddenly very excited and said: "Brother in the end where? Is not ring spatially core part? I see at the gray." "Ah, almost so this place called forbidden domain is four large source of power to stay. radius of miles of the core of which is the origin of force is forbidden domain million miles away behind you. there do not go your practice. enough places. "Zhang said no wind. . "Know of no wind, you may rest assured I feel the power and energy behind the distant horror here to practice, then we are not fools Where will be free to run around! That produce the gas in place of the mysterious yellow. Bloodshed everywhere you charged me also warned cloudless. "Ma Tian Han said. "Ah, do not have life-threatening? Practicing these mysterious yellow gas will not cause life-threatening, right?" No wind, some do not trust asked. "No. But by some tortured is inevitable but definitely not life-threatening in fact, as long as seven spirit is able to practice Xuan Huang qi mention real dragon saver memories among the Maronite heritage to "Ma Tian Han said. Zhang spirit Sunrex know the real dragon saver but an extreme Maronite strong personal after the death of the great left no wind. Therefore this way memory is not what strange, after all, some of the positions of hundreds of hundreds of billions of years to age know the way things can be said and more unimaginable know nothing strange land. "Can practice more than seven perverted the Xuan Huang gas coming out I'm afraid people done this thing. Maybe that is left of those long ago sanctification would not necessarily derivative operators seems to line ... heart random thought it did not reach any results. no wind nor investigated for this data is how to as long as it is good practice information. looked under space Xuan Huang qi horse rain and Ying-Ying Li also seems to expand some or no wind thought did you get here to practice after all, Ma Tianyu perverted the same eight rather Ying-Ying Li perverted the nine terror spirit can come here and practice of Lanyu carry it may not be suitable for practicing other more suitable practice inverse Heaven blood god of life and death decision so no wind Zhang would not decide the Lanyu come here. course, the two men did not visit. important their wishes so the idea Zhang windless nodded: "ah Well since seven perverted above can practice then I let the rainy weather and Yingying also come. However, this space is so gray can not create a good environment, I have set the radius of thousands of miles to ban them. You want to go back to the third layer good time to see the city directly to the hearts meditate send back. These mysterious yellow of the gas between, "said Zhang no wind waved. Directly to five elements of the origin of the force combined arrangement of a layer of prohibition. Course is also for safety reasons proscribed Zhang no clouds sometimes naughty run out ...... then Zhang no wind mind a move and return to the good, see City see Ying-Ying Li and Ma Tianyu when both boudoir accompanied Lanyu chat. Lanyu Zhang in Xuanyin Hill, no wind for three years but not sheets no wind to go there to see the city after the first return to the good, and Ying-Ying Li people together to practice live together after all, a man alone is always some lonely the Lanyu With God offerings infants essentially full character strong 'people' naturally lonely. saw all three of them do not hide in the sheets no wind present. smiled sitting the boudoir of Hong bed, then the next level said they put the the Xuan Huang gas and the first layer of domain-ban peripheral space. really very interested in this horse rain and Ying-Ying Li performance will decided to go to practice to try and Lanyu, then they can only be one person silently stay here to take care of the unborn baby but fortunately Yu Shaohua, often with red mandarin duck Mingfeng over Ouyang the salsa and Tokgo Hanxiang often come to play play therefore not too lonely and as long as Lanyu think occasionally to practice what baby's not the time practicing nor will it cause any bad impact this decision sheets no wind Shunpian Dai Lanyu four together again in the Xuan Huang qi Miles range. can not wait to see Ma Tian Han and Zhang's not a cloud in the sky in practice. Zhang windless smiled and confessed some things. lays down the heart. then with the Lanyu came third the level space Xuanyin Hill looked at Lanyu on the appearance seems shy Zhang gentle wind smiled and said: "Do not be shy first husband Lanyu go take a look to see if there is anything wrong or anything unusual husband out of us again good affectionate. The sake of the children, let's have a good pay it! "No wind slightly flirting tone makes Lanyu Qiaolian crimson." And also the so shy Lanyu change change is really big ah God offerings infants Guards things when almost Niangqin. Looks like a really powerful. "Zhang windless Hsin Tao suddenly turned into a blur and we bang will disappear in Lanyu body.
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