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January 22 [Fri], 2010, 15:49
To display a title in your Honor monument, you need to achieve a specific rank in that title track.

To view achievements in another monument stage, you must first unlock the stage.guild wars gold Unlock your monuments with one of the four Monumental Tapestries, earned by completing key plot points in the Eye of the North storyline.

Things to See, People to Meet

The Hall of Monuments plays an important role in the Eye wow gold of the North storyline, and you can use the Scrying Pool inside to review story-specific visions and cinematics. As you play, watch for the Call of the Eye icon, which lets you know when the Scrying Pool has new visions.guild wars gold Key Eye of the North story characters also appear, so you can speak with Gwen, Vekk, and Ogden Stonehealer for additional story-specific information and quests.

You can also talk to Kimmes the Historian, who will help you:

Switch between displaying your character or your account accomplishments

Secure Your Legacy

For you future-thinking players, remember that someday you'll be able cheap wow gold to send the accomplishments you've displayed in the Hall of Monuments to Guild Wars 2, which will give your Guild Wars 2 characters exclusive rewards. What does that mean, exactly?guild wars gold It means to get your rewards you have to both:

Meet the appropriate requirements in Guild Wars
Send your monument information to Guild Wars 2
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