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December 25 [Tue], 2012, 13:04
In January 17th, after a week of rest, the Premier League Liverpool reignite war, against Tottenham Hotspur, results of the Yang Cheng team in the away game 1:1 tie with tottenham.Cause a tie for two reasons, a midfielder, disorder, with not enough understanding to each other, two, lack of the Hyypia effect by L ù Canada Goose Expedition Cheap; out, Carragher and Agger are not the kind of people to call at centre-back, at least temporarily not.But for Liverpool, a good news is the north face, United's surprise defeat by Wolverhampton Wanderers, resulting in Arsenal top reversal of United, Liverpool and Manchester United will catch up, 1, by Bermingham Chelsea 0:0 home draw, began to fall team signs.After the 22 round, the League shut down, cup was mentioned schedule of centre of gravity.In January 20th, the League Cup semi-final, Liverpool host Aston Villa, Yang Cheng as main force sent out, 5:2 at home to take the match, as the tournament players, Ronaldo in this field a good game, but left the Luo Benhe striker Drogba was Yang Cheng arrangement of wheel rests, the injury of Kuyt carries forward.To such result with Aston Villa, Liverpool can almost say one foot in the final UGG Bailey I Do Boots.Another game, Arsenal in their season with a 1:0 home win over Middlesbrough, Wenger this game also is a main half substitute squad for the game, very difficult, the Gunners bench has been criticized.In January 24th, 32 of the FA Cup knockout, Liverpool away Bei'an Southampton, is still the most bench to squad for Liverpool, smooth and clean away the 3:0 victory Bei'an Southampton, a smooth round of 16.The England cup, Yang Cheng is not very seriously, he even thought that, if not in and Steve? Haiwei downtown contradiction, he can arrange more youth team players to play the cup, let them have more opportunities to meet the occupation competition atmosphere, this to their growth has great the benefits of.Reserve team Tiaotai Liang, the main force lineup is in the second half of the League for, they focus on the league and League cup.The two battlefield was Yang Cheng close attention!He came to Europe, won the cup winners' Cup, Super Cup, the Champions League and the world cup, but there is no won the League Cup, this is more or less makes him a bit of regret, if we can get the League Cup, then he is European Championship Grand Slam.In January 28th, the League Cup semi-final, win Liverpool arranged for the reserve team, except the goalkeeper is former main besides Dudek, other position is clearly a s è bench and young players, they result in Vera Park lost a 1:2, but ultimately with a total score of 6:4, enters the finals smoothly.While A Senna is away 2:1 took Middlesbrough, Liverpool and convergence of finals.If before everybody does not take the cup, then once reached the semi final key, who will not be ignored, after all, can get a champion, at least can guarantee to avoid this season of crops, so Wenger on the League Cup is also determined, moreover, the opponent or the title rivals liverpool.At Liverpool to the league cup with a very special feeling, love and hate.In Houllier's Liverpool, Liverpool in 01 years and 03 years have won the League Cup, 01 years had won the League Cup, the League Cup, FA Cup and the new season the FA Community Shield, known as the four crown, is in the European Super Cup defeat to Yang Cheng led the international Milan.But look at this Houllier proud four cup champion, no one is committed to the pursuit of the giants.The League Cup was already not the negative influence, the League Cup and the FA Cup is reduced, the community shield effect is more like a warm-up match, so the four cup champion fundamental is only Liverpool get the League fig leaf.That year a number of Liverpool ball m í said, would prefer to use all the cups, a league championship!From this point it is not difficult to see that, at Liverpool were League champions diligently pursuit.........................In Liverpool, but the mention of Sutton wine, there can be no people do not know.
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