but when my parents left

January 09 [Wed], 2013, 12:22
Little green at the NV people laughed, since she is not too ashamed, she also cable x ì ng speaks mandarin Timberland Euro Dub!"Aunt, you say that no shame?I am four years old started to help your brother, five years old started to learn to wash clothes, six years old started to burn a large family meals, you what to eat, I eat what!Yes, you raise me up, but when my parents left the money?Twenty years before the twenty thousand block is a concept of what?I got a minute?"Just when it comes to this, very J ī, from first to last, however, she did not shed a tear!Perhaps she felt in these so-called relatives before, her tears have drained off!The NV haven't just words and convergence to some, on the contrary, she said: "just as more have no shame, and your mom and dad died, then g f ǔ gave twenty thousand dollars, and have buried your parents, and give the old lady Hu ā money, also have to support you when you are young, appetite is big, not easy to tell us your opinion, you raised, you want to get married, I want some betrothal gifts money do you have?Your mother is not in, I this aunt naturally like a mother to you with the dowry!"Just a glance without looking aunt put one's foot down, said: "I do not like you, I will come back today, not because you want to have a look, but n ǎ in ǎ i!I told you!I was lucky not to be sold to a brothel, where, from then on, our life will never have any Ji ā o!"Just say so is beckoning to say, it is small when suffered too much and too much!Ouyang Chenhui looked at two people fighting with his mouth, and said nothing, until two people live in the mouth.3 now 35686688 Ouyang Chenhui smiled, looked to the Xiaoqing aunt: "little green since with me, I shall not be so easily take her, at least her small, you did not take her away in the wilderness.This is a bit of conscience, blunt this a little, the betrothal gifts money, I must!"Ouyang Chenhui is so generous, not that he really think they should get the money, for whom these addicts, to the more money is nothing but let them suck more smoky!He is willing to pay for, a green face.He was lavish, the surrounding neighbors would know just looking for a good man!Second, some of his s ī heart.The legendary s è Cai Town, he wanted to know more about, for example, they use drugs far than those city addicts are much more, however, their body side reaction is not so heavy!This is a drug use compared with intensive town, but."The domain name please familiar" along the way, Ouyang Chenhui has seen many ten year old home on a hill climb!Although they seem to become as emaciated as a fowl, although his eyes met with Ouyang Chenhui addict as lax!Perhaps their quality of life is as drugs and reduce a lot of!But a bit can be determined, that is.Drug use and not to let their deadly!It is in Ouyang Chenhui's best interests!According to Xiao said, several of her uncles smoking opium has more than 20 years of history, but they in addition to look thin, but canada goose outlet store, look, m í, it seems that the body is fine Canada Goose Mens Lodge Jacket Sale!Therefore, it has an unknown deep problems!This is Ouyang Chenhui's most interested in!So, he would give a sum of money.Then followed several uncles do a good job, in order to open the breach!Ouyang.You're crazy!There is no bottom D ò ng!You can't give them the money!"Just as some J ī move quickly, Ouyang Chenhui for her.She knew, but she could not let him throw money into the bottomless D ò ng!"Okay, listen to me!"Ouyang Chenhui patted down the green hand, turned to smile at her two uncles: "two uncle, thank you to raise the Xiaoqing, you say a number!"Ouyang Chenhui's words let some of them be overjoyed, they never think of Xiaoqing could still come back alive, but also brought a god of wealth come back!They immediately Ji ā o head lug began to talk up!After a long time!They seemed to be finally good talk!Green little uncle looked at Ouyang Chenhui, slowly held up five fingers!Fifty thousand.Ouyang Morninghope asked.They nodded!Ouyang Chenhui laughed, they still have a conscience, and did not open one's mouth wide!
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» but when my parents left (2013年07月25日)